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By @DHudg

I can hear them calling in the night

The Demons, and there is no end in sight

They don’t leave with the morning light

But I guess some are just made to fight


Look closely and you will see the scars I bear

In my bloodshot eyes and pulled out hair

And no I never said that life was fair

But one day you will be like me and not care


I can feel the anger burning deep down inside

The darkness that I sometimes fail to hide

But when you are alone with people by your side

What can you do but just let it reside?


Consumed by the grips of torturous pain

Who is to say that I am still sane

My skin is scorched by the bleeding rain

For my sins know no bane


I remember all the good times past

And how I wish that they would forever last

Instead of ending all too fast

And leaving me at sea with broken mast


The shore never seems to grow near

And it never shall I dreadfully fear

But with all my insides deeply seared

I could never return among my peers


My thoughts are becoming sporadic

And my ideas meddled with static

Maybe I am deathly sick

After no longer hearing my heart tick


All our lives we hear “better men and women” preach

And shudder when our souls they leech

If there is one lesson that I have to teach

It is the Reaper with the longest reach

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