By @riordanm


By @riordanm

This poem is filled with anticipation and takes you on a roller coaster of emotions.

Chapter 1


The light encompasses him

It fills every nook and cranny

The light engulfs him

It occupies his mind, his heart

The light overtakes him

But then it began to evaporate

It slowly faded

Bit by bit

He couldn’t hold onto it

He couldn’t get a firm grip

It was slipping away

He felt it one second

Then it was gone

The dark

He feels the dark

It shuts him in

And holds him captive

He can see the light

He’s almost reached it

And it’s dissolved

Out of reach

Descending into the black hole

Swallowing him

He is once again consumed

By darkness

And the light has been defeated

For eternity

Never to come again

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