Deepest soul with darkest secret

By @Jaya
Deepest soul with darkest secret

The extreme initial state of affair ever ensued, which precisely made the author to encounter her extreme ferocious side so that the fate got done it's job my hypnotising it's prey.

Chapter 1

The trap

MAY 7TH, 1980 (past) 

Hauling myself in agony and making my way towards the forepart section of an unlit room through a creaky staircase, while being stabbed on the sinistral side with a spearlike, was knocking my self-restraint to rupture into screech myself in pain. 

Moving furthur while groaning in utmost pain, dragging my wounded part and bracing up through each countered wooden structure placed at downside of staircase, finally made me manage to place myself at a corner, beside a disordered study table in an impaired room at midnight.

In the deed of deep regret, my thoughts got shattered and led me bury my countenance between my vertically folded legs with handful of blood stains on the fist, imagining how terrifying was the scenario which occurred in past two hours.

As it’s said that, 


Personally, I felt that, as experiencing it since I got into this complicated web generated by my own erroneous commitments which blemished my existence! 

While sitting at “neck of the woods” and viewing at the clock plock exactly at 12:30 of midnight, driven me weary and exhausted.

My eyes worn out and my fore sight went obscured, as of a abrupt a clamour transpired which made my eye balls broad open while I got startled at the visual, viewing in the mirror, where I discern a wounded disguised man (whom I thought was dead) was “bear down on” me by piercing his nails under the wooden creaks of the floor and rubbing his physique against the surface by leaving his blood traces behind, which was exuding from his lesion part. 

He extended his forearm in a desire to be get rescued which freaked me out, as I endeavour myself to get out of the plight situation. 

I strained myself to stood up by dragging my sinistral part towards the end of the doorway, while the disguised man made up to grasp my ankle and knocked me off to the surface where my head went smashed to the mirror amd the glass got broked into pieces as I lost my control. 

My heart was throbbing heavily out of fear as the man was clambering on top of me and began to press my gullet with his fist while I was choking and gasping for air. 

I was agonizing and making an effort to shove him aside. Meanwhile my fingers sensed the glass chunks of the mirror, out of which I seized the one which was sharp enough and ripped the throat of the man, while the blood got spilled and got into my eyes. 

As anticipated he loosened his fist from my gullet and wrapped his throat in order to cover the heavy bleeding, was agonizing and in a bit of seconds he left his breath while he was on top of me. 

Breathing heavily I shoved the body aside, while I adjusted and dragged myself away from the body towards the wall and started scrubbing my face which was drenched with blood stains.

A few moment’s later I sniveled and crawled towards the corpse and begin to examine in search of the man’s identity by removing his disguised mask which left me “STRANGE “…!

[[Visualizing the years of suffering in a bit which made her realise that these are the situations which made her stood firm even now when her personal site was drenched with blood, spilled by her dear love.]]

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