Death's Answers

By @SoMuchHope
Death's Answers

a series of poems written by Death; in these poems, Death answers questions asked by those on their deathbeds…each answer Death gives refers back to their love for Life. before someone is taken, they are allowed to ask Death one question. these ten questions are Death’s favorite to answer.

Chapter 1

What do you remember?

what do I remember,

oh sinner, the stories I wish I could tell you,

but the past is naught but a blur to me,

a storm cloud that I can never escape

I fear my memories are cleverly trapped

however, I must admit,

there are moments when the light cuts through

it barely obliterates the storm cloud and in it,

even if it’s just for a moment,

I see a sight so remarkable,

so vivid, everything else quickly washes away

in these memories, I see Her

only ever Her, nothing else

I see how the light danced with Her hair,

how Her smile made the waves crash,

how Her laugh was visible in every shake of the trees,

and how Her love was alive in every creature

oh, I cannot explain how it felt to be full of Her love,

it seemed neverending so I took to much

and sinner, that was my first mistake

I fear I was only basking in all that was Her

so now, I’m only left with the memories

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