Dear Molly

By @LadyJ

Chapter 1


I wake up in my room, drenched in cold sweat, and instead of the warm, happy feeling, I get in the morning all I can feel is dread, for whatever is coming as I walk to my door and open it and walking into the kitchen, and seeing a man that’s not my father, brother or cousin and seeing him, even more, sweat rolled down my face, soaking my shirt. Who is he and what is he doing here?”Ah; good, your awake I see,” he said in an Irish accent. ” Be ready to go in fifteen minutes” he continued not looking up from his cold plate of pizza”Excuse me, but I’m not going any ware with someone who just broke into my house wale I was sleeping and alone.”” 1.I didn’t brake in, I picked the lock, and 2. I didn’t JUST brake in, I’ve been here for hours”” Even worse!””Just go get your stuff “No””It Wasn’t Optional!” His voice rising as he was rising to his feet, that’s when I knowest that that probably a mistake since he was very muscler, a human hulk. And his cold blue eyes and pale skin didn’t help.”Wares dad? And Even?”The man looked down and sad, twitching his fingers”There was a mistake made,” he said when he looked up ” And your the only one that can save them”Then all motion in his hands stopped

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