By @Mclay


By @Mclay

One-Shot. Thought of it while watching Castle in the Sky.

Inspired by:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Initialization code: Authorized.

Member of Royal Family identified: Crystal Bearer.

Diagnostics: 5/8ths of left arm: non-functioning.

Right foot: non-functioning.

Weapons and targeting: Fully functional

Moving to protect crystal bearer: Primary Objective.

Detecting fault……recovering……compensating for loss of right foot.

Potential hostiles detected.

Hostiles confirmed. Hostiles calling for assistance.

Exit too narrow. Deploy cutting laser.

Venting excess heat.

Calculating……calculating…..continuing to Primary Objective.

Projectile weapons detected. Exit being sealed. Deploy main weapon.

Venting excess heat from molten steel.

Crystal Bearer identified. Crystal bearer in distress. Deploy cutting laser, calibrate for cellulose structure.

Primary Objective. Deploy flight membranes.

Fire boosters.

Detecting impact with stone…..second impact.

Firing boosters….third impact.

Retracting flight membranes. Attempt to secure crystal bearer: Failure.

Pursuit in progress.

Way to crystal bearer too narrow. Making wider.

Receiving pulse from crystal. Verified: True Descendant.

Detecting large frontal impact. Chassis is damaged.


Reboot successful. Defend True Descendant. Hostile force needed.

Descendant secure; defend.

Removing threats.

Descendant’s order “Stop it! You’re destroying everything! Please stop!”


Attempting to remove Descendant from line of fire.

Small aircraft detected. Relief detected from Descendant. Aircraft is friendly.

Descendant’s order “Please, put me down!” Acknowledged.

Large frontal impact detected. Serious internal damage.

Unable to compensate…..

Primary objective will fail…….


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  1. Foxx

    Are you the one from figment? If not, I love how you gave the machine thought. I enjoy Ghibli also. Thanks for writing this, I highly enjoyed this.

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    Reply 1 Reply Mar 3, 2020
    1. Mclay

      Indeed, I am the one from Figment. I’m honestly surprised that people still remember me from there…

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      Reply 1 Reply Apr 4, 2020
      1. Foxx

        There are quite a few figment members here. Although some changes their usernames. Anyways thanks again.

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        Reply 0 Replies Apr 4, 2020

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