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Dark Flare

By @Mason moon

Chapter 2

 Cairo ended up in front of a strange looking stage this time. The stage was made out of metal and was 2m tall from the ground and was able to climb it with stairs. One unique thing about the stage was that there was a green button and a small screen attached beside the metal stage. 

He looked around but there was no one nearby. He figured out that this is because the stage was located in the corner of downtown where there isn’t much of a population. 

When Cairo was about to press the green button, a voice stopped him.

“Hey you over there! You wanna play?”

Cairo turned around and saw a bunch of boys about his age(9 or 10) standing behind him. It was his first time seeing kids that are his age or asked out if he wanted to participate in something.  Cairo looked at them with his dark black eyes saying nothing, with no movement.

“do you even have a zap?”

said a tall guy with dirty blonde hair.

“w…what’s..Zap?..” muttered Cairo feeling awkward and ashamed.

“Guess you’re new  here aren’t you? Don’t worry I can let you use mine if you’re willing to play”  friendly looking boy with fiery red hair and big green on his face suggested.    

“Hi I’m Jake and here is my Zap. Please be careful with it I got it for my birthday”

The red-haired kid said.

Cario took the zap form Jake and held it  tight. There was a strange feeling inside him spreading all over his body. The blue ball that Cairo was holding, which was an object that Jake referred to as the ‘ZAP’,  started to change its shape and turned into a long spear. Cairo’s heart started pounding  fast. It was the strange weapon that he saw inside the black building. How do these kids have such a thing? he wondered.    

“hey stop acting like you saw that for the first time in your life and fight me!”

Exclaimed the tall blond guy who was holding the same blue weapon that Cairo was holding. Jake pressed the greenbutton and there was a strange sound on the side of the  metal stage. When the sound stopped there was a blue energy filled that was covering the whole stage.  The energy filled was formed making an arc that looked like an igloo, height about 6m. 

Cairo knew that this field was the same kind of filled that he saw in the black building.                                                                             

Cairo steps inside the filled and there was a strong feeling all over again. He felt lighter, felt like he could do anything.

“Ok let’s see how good at this game, new kid” bellowed the tall blond guy. 

he started to run towards Cairo with his spear pointing at Cairo’s head. Instinct told Cairo that he was doing the same game or a ‘fight’ that people were doing in the black building. He must press the button that appeared on the forehead of the blond guy.

He leaped forward with his spear and swung it fast towards the blond guy’s forehead. Crack!

The button on the forehead of the blond guy cracked into half and turned red.  

The energy filled vanished as soon as that happened. 

There was a complete silence. No one dared to say a word.

“you..you use a flare…” the blond guy finally said with a shaking eye.

“H..How did you..only pros can use that” said Jake without a smile. 

Cairo was suddenly afraid. One second these kids were greeting him and now, they were staring at him like he was a monster or something. 

The blond guy glared at him

“You tell me how you can use a flare! You said you didn’t even know what ZAP is! I’m the strongest here!” blond guys shouted.

“Stop June, I will fight him”

A calm voice suddenly interrupted.

Cairo looked at a kid with gray hair and yellow eyes.

“Noah?” Jake said “seriously?”

“It’s not weird that a 10 year old can use a flare. Maybe he was just borned with a strong flare. Like by allot” Noah said, maintaining his calm but warm voice. 

Without saying anything, Noah pressed the green button once again and the energy filled was formed. Noah drew his spear and charged to Cairo saying nothing. 

Cairo dodged it and nearly flew for a second and landed behind Noah

Cairo didn’t understand what was going on but he could feel that weird kid with gray hair in front of him was strong. Without thinking Cairo leaped towards Noha 

There was a black spark.

When Cairo came back to his senses,  Noah was lying down looking like he was injured. Indeed his arm was bleeding and his spear was cut in a half. 

there was another silence 

  “Give back my ZAP!” shouted Jake

Cairo was afraid more than ever. He finally had a chance to do what he wanted to do for the past 7 months and  how did this happen? 

He tossed the ZAP to Jake and ran. He didn’t look back; he just ran straight to his home. 

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