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Currently Unnamed Fantasy Satire Novel

By @dt_chun


(Are we rolling? Yeah? Good. Okay.)

(How do I start this? … That might work.)

There are many, many situations people find conforting.

For some, it may be slowly falling asleep to rain sounds and the delicate sound of thunder. For others, it may be sitting in a nice chair around a fireplace, covered by a blanket and reading a good book (which you may be doing right now).

These situations are rather soothing. But, at the same time, are incredibly hard to achieve. When was the last time you found a book, went to the living room, lit the fireplace, started to relax, and them something interrupts you? Maybe it was your dog that had to go out for a walk. Maybe your parents were calling you for dinner. Or maybe, oh no, you need to study for a test tomorrow.

You get my point.

On the other hand, situations that are less than comforting, or even dangerous, are much easier to achieve. Like, say, running to your bus stop because it’ll arrive any second, or accidentally dropping a glass on the floor while doing the dishes. These situations, you can get into very easily.

However, there are also dangerous situations that are hard to get into.

For example, say, falling out of a tenth story window.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly where teenager Danny Smith found himself on the afternoon of September 1st, 20XX.

Maybe I should explain.

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