By @DHudg


By @DHudg

Dreams can get lost beneath the water. if you let them.

Chapter 1

We all take refuge in a single current

Within which our hopes reside.

So it comes to no surprise

When thoughts such as these collide.


At times, the two merge and become

Something far greater than one alone.

But at others, one demolishes the other

As if it had the right to effortlessly condone


One’s dreams into the shadows of the abyss,

Never again to see the light of day.

Because once you are enveloped in darkness,

How can you be expected to find your way?


The current stays true while at its bottom you reside, 

For you are not the only soul lost in its chasm.

Time is far too superior and grand

For it to ever be able to notice and fathom


The fate that you have been sentenced to.

For you dared to hold onto your beliefs, 

But when you were not strong enough to nurture them

You were entrapped in the ocean’s darkest reefs.


It is at this moment that you open your eyes

Only to witness as the encroaching darkness creeps in.

It intertwines with your shattered essence

And so the loss of your sanity would begin.


What you would give to see the stars

That you wished to one day reside beyond.

But just as with anything else lost in the current,

This foolish, simple desire is long gone.

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