Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“So how are the classes so far?” Julie asks me as we walk into the Cafeteria.

“Not bad at all, expect everyone keeps starring at me which bugs but its fine, I’ll get use to it and so will they.” I smile and we get our food and Julie starts walking towards Grayson and I really don’t want to meet with his rudeness.

“Hey Gray can we sit.” Julie asks him and his eyes stare at me.

“I rather not sit with a Night…” He frowns at me.

“Well don’t worry I don’t want to sit with an ******* who thinks he can judge people without knowing them either..” I snap at him and he looks dumb founded and everyone stares at me, “Oh and by the way ******* I’m not a Night, I’m a Kuro!” I slam my try on the table and everyone jumps even Julie and Grayson is just starring at me.

I walk away as people move out of my way and even some people from the other campus are just starring at me.

“Move!” I snap at some of them and they just move out of my way. I walk out to the park of the campus and I sit under a tree trying to cool myself off.

Who does he think he is to be judging me in that way, he doesn’t know me! He just thinks I’ll be some snobby rich girl because I live with the Nights plus they are actually nice people except one of them but still!

I hear a whistle next to me and I roll me eyes, “That was some show. Glad to know you can defend yourself.”

“Ugh please leave me alone Evan…” I sigh

“Hey I’m just making sure that you’re okay.” He walks up to me and sits next to me and everyone starts starring at us.

“Why is everyone starring?” I ask him and he chuckles.

“They are starring because they know I don’t just sit with just anybody. Your welcome.”

“Ugh **** off.” I rub my head.

“Hey I’m trying to be nice here since I saw the West guy wasn’t being nice.”

“Well I have no clue what the water has here because everyone are a bunch of *******s.”

“Ouch that hurt little princess.” He chuckles.

“Don’t you have friends?” I ask him because he’s starring to annoy me.

“Yes in fact they are standing right over there starring as well.” He points to the group of very nice looking guys about maybe 4 guys and two very beautiful girls.

“Nice you have guards too?” I say sarcastically and I look at him and his eyes look like he were craving me… He leans closer and I don’t mover either his eyes are hypnotizing me to not move and my breath hitches and his eyes turn dark again and he grunts and gets up and got mad?

“Hey!” I yell at him and he turns to look at me.

“Thanks.” I say sincerely and he is shocked but acts cool and shrugs and walks off.

Why do I feel like he is probably going to go back to being a *****? I mean he did something nice for once but then he got all mad. Why?

“Hey, there you are!” I turn to see Julie and she smiles at me.

“Hi.” I giggle as she throws herself down to the ground.

“Well at least now we know that you aren’t one to be messed with.” She nudges me.

“Well I don’t like that he just assumed I’m some type of ***** or a bad person. He doesn’t even know me.”

“Well don’t get him wrong, he has his reason why and you will understand later on. Don’t hate him either, he’s a really great guy just takes things to the heart but you telling him off is a really good thing. You showed the school you don’t **** around and set your reputation here.” She leans onto me.

“Great now I have the reputation of the school *****…” I whine.

“Noth even if anything you took the reputation of being the bad *****! People are going to love you.” She jumps up and down.

“Or fear me..”

“Maybe but lets not let it get to you because soon enough people will find out by themselves that you are a really great person.” She winks.

“Thanks, anywho curfew is in a little bit lets go get your books and head to our dorm.” She gets up and we head the the bookstore and get the books I need and we head back to the dorm and I set everything in place.

“So why do we have curfew?” I ask her and she looks at me confused.

“You don’t know?”

“Know what?”

“You live with them but yet you know nothing…” She’s really surprised.

“What must I know about the Nights?” I ask her.

“What exactly are you doing with them?”

“I’m just a babysitter for the kids and coming to the academy was one of the terms I need to come to it.”

“How nice of them but at the same time he is the headmaster so..” She shrugs and puts on her nightwear.

“Yea but why do we have curfew?” I ask her again.

“Well the spoiled kids have night classes on our campus and since we don’t really get along they make us go to bed or at least stay in the dorm at 7.”

“Really?” I put on a my sleepwear.

“Mhm but worry about that, you will get use to it.” She smiles.

“I think I have a lot to get use to.” I sigh

*knock, knock*

“I’ll get it.” Julies runs to the door and I put away my uniform.

“Gray! What are you doing here?” Julie whispers guessing boys aren’t allowed in the girls side and understanding.

“Can I speak to Kamaria…” He asks and I walk behind her and give him a small smile.

“Hi?” I don’t know what to say.

“Can we talk for a minute?” He asks politely.

“Why?” I sk surprised.

“Of course she will! Have fun!” Julie pushes me out the door and closes the door and locks it and when she pushed me I tripped and Grayson grabs me before I fall and he stands me up and I blush.

“Thank you.” I whisper and he clears his throat.

“Want to go to the garden?” He asks me and I smile.

“Lead the way.”

We take some stairs and he opens the door and lets me go first and I gasp, it’s so beautiful! There’s daisies and other types of flowers and its a balcony with a garden on it.

“Guessing you liked it.” He chuckles and he sits down on the ledge and looks down and I join him and I can see the Night students and the breeze hits my face again.

“You aren’t scared of heights?” He asks surprised.

“Why would I be?”

“I don’t know most girls are terrified of looking down.”

“Well I’m not most girls.” I wink at him and he chuckles.

“Look Kamaria I just wanted to say sorry. Julie told me you weren’t a horrible person and wanted me to do it because I was being rude..”

“So you’re only doing it because Julie is making you?” I sound offended.

“****! No I didn’t mean it in that way.. I suck at these stupid things.” He makes me smile big.

“It’s Kam..”


“Call me Kam. Kamaria sounds too proper.” I smile and he smile a really nice and heart warming smile.

“Nice too meet you.” He extends his hand and I take it and we shake hands but I felt something warm and I felt like I knew him already.

He made a face too but he looks at me again, “So what brings you to this Academy?”

“Um, it’s a really long story.” I frown.

“Oh I’m sorry I don’t want to make you say anything you really don’t want to.”

“Maybe some other time.”




“Don’t worry Caspian you two will see each other again!” I hear a feminine voice says and I see a little boy with white hair look at this 3 year old.

“Promise mommy?” The little girl asks as she hold onto the boy’s hand.

“I promise I will see you again sister!” The boy says as he keeps holding her hand.


“Promise!” He yells and the women takes the boy away.

“Brother!” The little girl yells.

“I promise!” The boy yells


I sit up crying because it hurt me to see the sibling break apart but what caused my dream? I look at the time and it was 5 in the morning and I get up and walk into the bathroom and shower.

I feel tired and sad and my head is starting to hurt again. Ugh what was that dream? Caspian? Again I have never heard of that name ever so why even come up.

I get out and get dressed and I grab my dorm key and walk down the stairs and I start walking around the campus.

“Ah Miss Kuro why are you up so early?” I turn and smile.

“Good morning headmaster.”

“So why are you up so early, class doesn’t start until 9.” Julius looks worried.

“I couldn’t sleep anymore. I had this weird dream.”

“Well I am going to get some coffee, would you like to come with me?” He asks me and I nod, maybe coffee is what I need.

He gets me a coffee and we sit down on a bench in front of the pond.

“So would you like to talk about your dream?” He asks me as I sip on the coffee and it warms me up.

“It wasn’t some horrid dream, it was just weird. It was these two siblings being separated and promising they would meet again.” I explain and Julius was just starring at me intensely.

“Maybe you thought of it?” He asks me.

“I don’t know but my head is hurting a little.” I sigh.

“Well if you aren’t feeling well please go home, I don’t want you to get other students sick.” He nudges me and I smile.

“Thanks for caring for me headmaster.” He gets up and walks away.



I hear in my ear and I look around and why are these words so important? 

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