Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I open my eyes as I can’t sleep and I look at the time and it’s 2 in the morning and I have school. Maybe if I go get some water I can sleep.

I open my door slowly and walk downstairs to the kitchen and I get a glass and drink the water and I fill it up again and start making my way up….

“So you’re telling me for some weird reason it slowed down?” I hear Arias say and I know I shouldn’t be eavesdropping but something is telling me its about me..

“Yes..I can feel it. It was sped up and now its stopped..” Julius says.

“What about her brother?” Arias asks. Oh it’s not about me I have no brother.

“The same..” He sighs and I just walk away. Not about me, I go to my room and I go back to bed.

In the morning I get dressed in my uniform and help Paige and Philip get dressed and we make it downstairs and I see the boys dressed in different colors.

Evan was wearing black uniform pants with a fitted, black button up with a dark red blazer with the university logo on it and a silk red tie….he looks amazingly delicious.

Arias was actually wearing a dark red, cotton, long sleeve, V neck, sweater with the university long on it and it actually really suited him. Black uniform pants.

“You look good. Ready?” Arias asks me and I smile and nod.

“Yes and you look good too.” I wink at him and he blushes.

“Oh stop it.” He pushes me and we both laugh.

“Alright lets go.” Evan grabs my arm but I pull away.

“What?” I ask confused.

“You are going to ride with me.” Evan states and I look at Arias.

“Um Thanks but I’ll catch a ride with Arias.” I smile and he gets mad.

“Fine whatever.” And he walks out and speeds off in a really nice Dark blue fancy car.

“What kind of car is that?” I ask out loud and Arias laughs.

“It’s an Aston Martin.” Either way I have no clue what brand that is but it looks nice.

“Suits him!” I say.

“Yea my brother is a show off.” He smiles he opens the door for me and he has a very nice pearl white Lincoln mkz.

“Yea he’s a show off.” I poke him as he gets in his car and he laughs and we get to the school.

“Good luck! If you need anything just look for me even though we are seperated I’ll check up on you okay.” He reassures me as we enter the gates and everyone stares at us..

“Um why are they starring at me.” I ask him and he looks at me and smirks.

“They aren’t starring at me.Good luck.” He walks away and it’s true they all are starring at me…Great!

I go to my room and I knock and nobody answer and I walk in to see that Kiri is gone, I know that’s her last name so it sounds funny to me.

I look around and see my bed is all made up for me to stay here tonight and probably all year and to be quite honest I feel funny and I still feel funny and I look around and I see Kiri has a desk with picture with her and a friend and I smile as I see her smiling big and I start thinking about Nyx…I miss her so bad but I just haven’t been able to talk to her, we only just text.

“Oh hey.” I jump to see Kiri enter the room.

“Hi.” I smile.

“That uniform fits you really well, Navy is your color.” She winks at me and she starts getting changed in front of me like nothing and I look away because its new for me.

“So Kiri, quick question..” I look at the wall and she turns around and waits for the question,” Um here do we all just say our last names?”

“Oh no we only talk to the headmasters or the professors with our last names, so technically only the headmasters and professors but other than that no. Us students can say our first names mine is Julie by the way.” She is only her bra and skirt and she extends her hand and I smile.

“I see and you must be very comfortable with your body to just change in front of me like that. My name is Kamaria.” I giggle as she scrunches her nose.

“People call me Kam.”

“Ah that sounds better. So guess you are ready to be the new toy of the Academy.”

“Academy?” I ask

“Yes, this is an academy.” Mhm.

“Well as I saw people are going to be starring a lot.” I shrug.

“Yes, well it’s rare when we actually get a new student we have all been here for so long that we naturally don’t get new kids.” She explains looking at herself in the mirror.

“What? You mean you guys have been here since you finished high school?” I’m really confused but hey maybe she can explain everything to me.

“How about I explain it to you as we go to our first class.” She smiles grabbing my hand and I follow her and everyone is just starring at me. I hate it!

“This is first period.” She smiles.

“Big.” I look at the room with seats stacked up on each other.

“Yes, you can come and sit next to me.” She pulls me close to her.

“So explain to me how you guys are an Academy that rarely gets new students.”

“Well this town is a very small town, we all know each other. Once this school opened the whole town sent their kids to it and ever since then every child after high school comes here really, we eventually get one or two new students but they are thrown into the spoiled side and plus this school is only aloud 100 students so if you want to join you have to either wait or you can’t enter but since you are with the headmaster guess you’re an exception.” She eyeballs me.

“Is that why everyone is looking at me?” I whisper to her.

“Pretty much. You remind me of someone..” She adds and I give her a weird look and she giggles.

The bell rings and the class starts filling up and like always they just stare at me like I was a pest and some were actually scared of me. Why?

My eyes meet these dark brown, red eyes and my heart skipped a beat, he stops and is starring intently at me with Hazel brown hair, I look at his body and it was in an amazing shape. I go back to his eyes and he is still starring at me.

“Who’s that?” I ask Julie and she turns to look at the boy and she smiles with a big smile.

“That’s Grayson West.” She smirks looking at my face.

“Ah.” Is all I can get out.

“Hey gray.” Julie smiles as he passes by and he hugs her but he still won’t take his eyes off of me but I don’t want him too either.

“Hey.” His voice is deep and seductive and so soothing.

“This is….”

“Yea I know who she is Kamaria Kuro, you live with the Nights.” He says rudely and I give him a frown and he walks away.

“Right, sorry but I wouldn’t look at him. He kinda hates your family..” Julie explains trying to not sound hurtful but I mean why does he hate the Nights so much?” 

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