Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“This is going to be your husband.” I see a little girl and a lady with light brown hair and I see a very handsome young boy all shy but he approaches her and the little girl backs away and he bows.

“Don’t be afraid.” He whispers and the little girl looks at him and gives him her hand and he kisses the top of it.

The girl giggles, “You’re funny.” She makes the little boy blush.

“She will be the perfect bride.” The two ladies say and they walk away.

I notice the boy seems a little older than the girl maybe 10 years older. The boy has bright grey eyes and he seems so charming.


I open my eyes slowly and smile big. My first good dream. I stretch and sit up, I look at my room and it just keeps getting bigger to me and I am in love. I feel like a princess.

We shall see how long that princess last….

I frown as that thought comes into my head. I look at the time and it’s 9 in the morning on a saturday. First day of the job.

I get up and get dressed and I make my way downstairs to find Julius and Hazel and Venus.

“Good morning.” I smile.

“Morning, well we saw her and now we are off.” One of the twins say and they both get up and walk out the door.

“Don’t worry about them, they naturally stay at school. They actually like the boarding school and it’s rare because they never really liked school until recently.” He chuckles.

“Maybe found a boyfriend.” I wink at him and he laughs.

“Maybe, keep them occupied at least but the twins aren’t up yet if you want to get them up.” He points to their wing.

“Um, what time do they naturally wake up?” I ask him.

“Well since at school they wake up early, I just let them sleep in.” He explains and he gets up and opens the chair next to him and lets me sit and pushes me in.

“Thank you, so they get dressed by themselves right?” I take a muffin.

“Yes, they are old enough to dress themselves but maybe just check on then I guess. Look Kamaria….”

“Just call me Kam.” I smile cutting him off.

“Kam,” He smiles big making me laugh, “Your job is pretty simple, you literally get them up if you need to, you check on them, play with them, keep them occupied and if they are hungry make them food, also tuck them in at night. They love it.”

“Sounds simple enough but knowing me I’m going to take it way to complicate it.” I make him laugh.

“Well try not to. The house is big enough for you guys to play whatever you want, just please respect the other rooms and careful in the top hallway all those doors are closed for good reasons.” He points to the middle stairs.

“Your room is up there as well right?” I ask curiously and he nods, “Okay. Um what do they like to do?”

“Literally anything active, only at night they like reading before bed but please let me know if they give you a hard time, especially Paige. They are young and don’t really understand much that goes on in this house. Plus Paige really misses the sisters because she wants that mother figure and the twins are never here so..” So they are adopted and then why adopt children if you aren’t going to care for them?

Well they obviously have enough money and room for children but still poor Paige and Philip.

“Penny for your thoughts.” Julius interrupts me.

“Sorry I was just thinking where are your parents?”

“Oh well my father isn’t in the picture often, he leaves and comes back. I mean he isn’t a horrible person just doesn’t know when to stop and he gets carried away and makes everyone here in a bad mood. In fact he adopted Paige and Philip but I was the one to be in charge of them like everyone else in this house.”

“I see, that must be a handful.” I give him apologizing

“It’s not that hard except Evan brings me a lot of trouble and can’t really control himself with raging emotions he has built up. So I’d try to avoid him as much as possible and if he doesn’t talk to you it’s really not a big deal. You will learn he’s a bit of….”

“Talking about me brother?” Evan walks in and he stares at Julius and then looks at me with predatory eyes, like if he just saw something he wants to hunt down and he licks his lips and I am intimidated very quickly.

“Don’t worry Julius I wont do anything to the little princess here unless she wants me to. Play a little?” He winks at me and I make a disgust face but I can’t think of anything to say back.

“Evan!” Julius glares at his brother but he doesn’t take his dark grey eyes off of me.

“What, this place has gotten a bit boring but I think I found something exciting yet again.” He eyes darken and I get chills and goosebumps.

“I’m not a toy.” I glare back at him showing that he isn’t effecting me at all but it’s the total opposite.

He laughs a very cynical laugh and walks over to me and grabs my shoulders and I shiver and he smirks feeling me shive under his touch and he leans down into my ear and whispers, “You will be whatever I want you to be.”

“Get off me!” I push him off by pushing the chair back and he steps back grinning at me and I turn to Julius, “Thank you for breakfast. I’m going to check up on the twins.” I start walking away and Evan growls and grabs my hand and swings me back and that’s when I get a terrified look on my face because he has a strong grip.

“Evan let her go.” Julius gets up from his chair stopping Evan and he pulls me closer to his face and our eyes don’t break apart one bit until he pulls me into his neck and I can feel his veins pulssing with blood and I feel his breath on my neck and he licks it and I start getting this weird burning sensation in my stomach that I get excited.

“You don’t walk away from me like that.” He moves to my ear and that excitement leaves and I push him off but he won’t budge and he doesn’t even flinch.

“I am done, when I am done.” I pull back to glare at him in the eyes and he smirks.

“Evandor!” Julius yells and he lets me go and I grab my arm.

“This is going to be a fun game.” He smirks starring intently at me. I roll my eyes and start walking away, “Hey princess!” He yells before I leave the dinning room.

“This isn’t over. I say when we are done.” He winks at me and I wanted to flip him off so bad but for Julius hating cussing I just walk away and all of a sudden I start shaking that I don’t even know where I am going and I end up in my own room and I close my door and lock it and I walk to the window and sit on the ledge and open it and it feels so cold and nice.

What the **** is his problem, I didn’t do anything to him and now he’s saying I’m his new little toy….

“Ugh!” I stick my head out the window and just close my eyes and feel the nice breeze hit my face and I feel like it’s helping me breath.

“Hey don’t jump out the window now.” I turn around and smile as I see Julius.

“I won’t.”

“Promise?” I laugh as he sits next to me, “I came to make sure you were okay.”

“Yea I’m fine. Like you said its best not to pay attention to him anyways.”

“Good.” He smiles and he is taken back by me putting my head on his shoulder but he pats my head. Something about Julius brings in a warm and family feeling inside me, almost like a father figure. Sounds weird I know but I feel so close to him, almost like I’ve known him for so long and I can trust him completely.

Maybe it’s his vibe and personality and how he protects me.

“So want to stay home today of go to the school?” Julius asks me and I think about it. Hmm maybe I should go to school and get things started or should I stay home and play with the two little blonde bomb shells.

“What about the twins?” I ask him.

“Well they are still sleeping, so I think they might sleep for a while plus Evan and Arias are going to be here for a little while or you can wait until Monday and take the test there and then get everything settled then but you might feel rushed.” That’s true

“Do those kids sleep in that much?” I ask worried about the twins, normally a child sleeps a lot but that much is not normal.

“Yes, they are very weird and it scared us at one time but we noticed it’s normal for them so we let them sleep as much as they want as long as they feel well and are healthy. So what you say? Want to come with me to the campus?” He asks me smiling and I nod.

“Okay, lets go.” I jump up and he leads me to the car and we get in and I still am really in love with his car.

The trip to the school is litterally going up the forrest in cirlces and lots of turns but once we get there its huge! And it looks like an old school university with stone wall with huge gates and huge stone bridges and stone stairs.

The school is literally stone…I actually love it!

We park in the dirt, I guess there isn’t any parking spaces here and Julius of course opens my door and I get out and look around.

We start walking to the gate and the men who were sitting around immediately shoot up and bow to Julius.

“Head master!” They both say in sync and they look at me and smile politely.

“Hello.” I greet them and we pass the huge gates and the school was semi empty but everyone who was there stop and stare at us…

I am most definitely am not liking this attention. They start whispering things to each other but once we pass them they bow to Julius, wow lots of respect here.

The campus is huge and is beautiful, lots of flowers and trees and I notice there’s two dorms very separate from one another. The different students maybe?

“That huge one on the left is my side.” He points the the castle looking building, it was big and very appealing, “The one to my right is the other side.” I look at it and it look like a cute little tower with very detailed windows very beautiful as well.

We end up heading to the right side building so I can meet the other head master and we go inside and it’s quite but it looks like a little cozy cottage except a huge cottage, wooden stairs one side for the boys and the other side for the girls and a cute little sitting room with a chimney and a tv on top of it.

“You will get the tour later.” Julius informs me so I can keep up with him and I do as I am told and we walk in this empty corridor and finally reach these huge two door room and he knocks on it.

“Come in!” The voice says and Julius walks in and me right behind him, “Julius! And oh a friend I see.” He stares at me but something about this guy is actually giving me the creeps and I am not liking the way he is starring at me.

“Is this?” He points to me.

“This is Kamaria Kuro, she will be starting school here Monday but what did you agree on my position?” Julius sounds serious as heck.

“Well if you believe it should be fine, then yes she can stay in my side. She seems like a good girl.” Gross, something about him is making me feel fear and I am not liking that I’m going to living in his dorms.

“Then it’s settled. Lets get started.” Julius pulls out the chair so I can sit in it and I thank him and he sits next to me and this Headmaster guy is just starring at me like if he knew me for such a long time and was planning something in his head. I really do wish he’d stop.

“Alright I got her schedule done and I can get one of my students to give her the tour unless you want to do it yourself and also what size are you Miss Kuro?” He asks typing things in his computer.

“I’m a medium.” I clear my throat and they both look at me.

“Are you sure? These uniforms are pretty big so we can try small first and then check out the medium.” He informs me.

“Um okay.” I sigh my heart is beating really fast right now and I have no reason why I’m so nervous to be in front of this man, I want it to be comfy and cozy but now I am really hatting the idea of going to school.

“Alright all I need is you to sign these papers and here is your file look it over and tell me if you see anything wrong with it.” He hands me a blue folder file and it has so much information about me even the whole adoption papers but I skip through that and just sign everything and hand it back to him.

“Everything looks fine.” I smile at him.

“Alright, here is your schedule, your room number, the school handbook, the ticket to get your uniform, and the books you will need and we shall see you on Monday and remember I’m here if you need or have any questions.” He smiles at me but no thanks, I will try to avoid coming in here as much as I can.

“Thank you Headmaster.” I bow and shake his hand but he grabs it roughly and runs his other hand on it and I regret it so much. He’s being so creepy!

“I’ll see you around.” He lets my hand go and follows Julius and I to the door.

“Thank you Henry.” Julius shakes his hand.

“Anything, anytime.”

We walk away and I let out my breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“What’s the matter?” Julius asks me.

“I…I nothing.” I smile back up to, it’s probably best to not worry him when he’s doing so much for me already. I might as well keep it to myself and if the guys gets even worse with me I’ll let him know.

“Alright lets go check out your room first and then I’ll show you the whole dorm so you don’t get lost and also show you the outside campus and show you your classes and the cafe and the library.” He informs me and I nod.

Everywhere we went everyone starred but also bowed to Julius and we finally reach my room, number 215.

He knocks because I most likely have a roommate and the door slowly opens and it’s a pink haired girl and her eyes widen really big and quickly opens the door and bows to Julius.

“Headmaster! Welcome.” She says quickly and her gaze doesn’t meet his.

“Hello Miss.Kiri this is Miss Kuro, she will be your new roommate.” He introduces me and her eyes light up and smiles big.

“Hello!” She greets me and I already feel better and happy.

“Hi.” I extend my hand and she pulls me into a hug and squishes me and I can feel my face blushing, lots of hugging here.

“She will start Monday so I expect nothing but positive energy here please.” He points to both of us.

“Yes Headmaster!” Kiri says and he smiles.

“Good, now come along Miss Kuro.” He points to the door.

“Nice meeting you!” I smile and walk away.

“Kuro?” I ask him and he chuckles slightly.

“Sorry but here we have to be only business and none personal because all the students get angry.”

“I see. So I have to call you headmaster now?” I ask him.

“Its the respectful thing to do here so yes.” He states. Oh..okay.

He ends up showing me everything and let me say I feel like I need to work out a lot in order to get use to all the walking I am going to be doing here. The only thing he didn’t show me was his campus because he says it’s off limits to my side.

We get my uniform and it was Navy Blue blazer with the university logo and a white form fitting button up and a Navy skirt that seems pretty short but hey as long as we aren’t dressed like nuns. White thigh high socks and they have bows in the front and black small high heels. Also we have ties, white with navy blue.

Yup this is most definitely something I’m going to have to get use to….

We drive back home and it was about 6 in the afternoon and we walk into the house and the twins run up to Julius and hug him.

“Hello.” They both say to me and I smile.

“Hi, I’m going to put my uniform in my room.” I smile at Julius.

“You should probably try it on first, just to make sure they actually fit because if they don’t we can return them and get medium tomorrow. ” Julius says as I am reaching the stairs.

“Right, I’ll be right down then.” I smile at him and he winks at me and Paige gets excited.

“Can I come? I want to help you get dressed!” Paige asks me and I giggle.

“Of course. I think you see your sisters so you might know how.” I wait for her to catch up and Julius mouths thank you to me and I nod at him and Paige pushes me up to my room. She is really excited.

“Can we play dress up?” She asks me and I laugh.

“Sure, you want to do my hair first?” I ask her and she grins and sits me down and to be quite honest she is pretty strong for a little girl.

She does my hair and then she watches me get dressed and I look in the mirror and I look funny but Paige did my hair really well.

She just pinned the front of my hair to the back from both sides and let a few curly strands to frame my face and the uniform fit me perfectly and I mean there is no loose or saggy part anywhere. It fits me like a gloves and the socks are actually really cute.

“You look sexy!” Paige says and my eyes grow wide and she laughs.

“Why thank you.” I bow to her and she laughs and I wink at her, “Come on lets go show Julius.” I extend my hand and she takes it freely but her hands are really cold.

“Are you cold?” I ask her and she shakes her head.

“No, I’m just cold blooded. Come on!” Cold blooded huh, these kids are something special.

I walk down and Paige is already in the living room. I walk in and it wasn’t just Julius there it was Evan and Arias and Julius and the Philip and Paige. They all stop and just stare at me intently.

“Um I think it fits me fine.” I smile looking down but they still don’t say anything.

“Wow, that fits you perfect.” Arias whistles.

“Oh thank god, I thought your silence meant it looked bad.” I smile softly and blush a little, I have never had this much attention…ever!

“No, I think it looks fine. Just we are going to have to be careful with the boys though.” Julius says and I blush even harder but I can’t shake off someones stare and I finally meet up with the dark grey eyes and again he is just starring intently at me and I bite my lip and he slightly opens his mouth like I said something shocking.

“What do you think Evan?” I smirk at him and he gets mad and gives me glare that he wishes to kill me.

“Why does it matter? Even if you look that good in that uniform doesn’t mean you’re good enough for me.” Ouch! But no, not tonight when I’m actually feeling myself.

“Oh but I’m good enough to be your little new toy.” I snap at him and Arias mouth drops and Julius just stares at his brother who’s eyes just turned pitch black.

Evan gets up and walks up to me is standing right in front of me.

“You don’t want to play this dangerous game right now little princess.” He growls at me.

“I’m not scared of you!” I get closer to his face and he is taken back a little but he recovers really quick and he chuckles.

“You do understand you just started something very dangerous for yourself and I am going to enjoy every little bit of you squirming under my grip.” He says in a very scary, dark, menacing voice and it causes fear come over me but also excitement and lust…Lust?

I am too afraid to say anything else so I just stay silent and look at the floor and he smirks, “Thought so, see you around princess.” With that he pushes me out of the way and walks off.

“I don’t think you want to keep playing his little game Kam.” Julius says worried looking at me.

“No, it’s fine. Nobody can scare me off so easily.” I stand my ground.

“Ah that a girl! Plus he got mad because you stood up to him. Keep it up and he will eventually see he can’t break you.” Arias winks at me.

“Arias shut up, you just like seeing them fight.” Julius states.

“Well that’s a bonus, I’ve never seem my brother that mad before.” Arias says and now fear comes into my body again…**** really? He’s never seem him that mad? What did I do? More actually what did I get myself into? 

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