Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 53

The Wedding Part 3

“Well it’s not everyday my only son gets married to the most powerful vampire in the world.” Jayro points at me, “By the way can you please tell your shadows to let me go…” I nod at the shadows and they do but stand behind him.

“You aren’t welcomed here. You tried to kill my wife..”

“Well I was doing it for Lucifer but I am proud to see that you have finally decided to take back the family name.”

“I took it back to clear the name for my mother.”

“Well let me say, I’m doing as well and I want your forgiveness.”

“What do you mean?” I finally speak out.

“Well you see, the union found me and gave me a place to work and clear my name.”

“You’re working for the union?” I ask confused.

“Yes and I can see that you will rule all of us one day and let me say I can’t wait for your head.” He smirks, what does that mean?

“Excuse me?” I start walking towards him but Evan pulls me back.

“Look you will never have my forgiveness, you tried to kill me for that ******* and for yourself! Now get out of my house before I make you.” Evan growls.

“Well even though you may not like me. I promise you I will get your heart back.” His father says and I roll my eyes, “I also came for another reason..” He looks at me.

“What is that?”

“Hunters..” Evan freezes, “Hunters are targeting your family, ever since they found out about Kamaria they have been planning and we can’t seem to make a mends with them. They want her dead because if she decides to kill one day she will kill us all.”

“Why the family?”

“Well she is protected by purebloods and very powerful vampires and if she becomes head of the union she can lead an army and lets not forget she has the underworld as well.”

“That’s why we don’t worry about her or her future because we will not let anyone hurt her.” Evan sneers.

“Yes but remember these hunters are wanting her head and if that’s what they want they will not stop until they get it and I believe I heard they are getting some witches involved.” **** if witches are involved we can’t fight against them, they are strong.

“Kamaria is the strongest vampire I have ever seen or has ever been written about, I trust her to rule in greatness and if the hunters want a fight.. A fight they shall get because no one will harm my family..”

“Well I warned you. Good luck and congratulations I plan on seeing you both soon.” He walks away. Hunters? Grayson warned me about them.

“Come on.” Evan grabs my hand and we walk back to the party and they look at us.

“Where have you guys been?!” Hazel snaps at us.

“Walking.” I state.

“Well it’s time for your first dance as royalty..” ROYALTY?

“Alright.” Evan says to shut her up and she runs to the dj and he puts on a slow song and Evan kneels down to me and I smile big and hand him my hand and he kisses it and we walk to the dance floor and we slow dance to the music.

“What’s wrong?” He whispers in my head.

Hunter! That means I put your family in danger yet again. I just bring danger everywhere.

“They are your family too now and Kam we are vampires we are being hunted down every single day and now more than ever will I never let anything happen to you and my family. “

Don’t worry because I will fight for our family and no one will harm us.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” We both lean in and kiss and everyone claps and people start slow dancing too and I hear a heart beat and Evan stops and grabs me and twirls me around.

“Ugh I can’t believe this!” He yells and I laugh as everyone looks at us, “Sorry I’m just too happy.” He chuckles and we stop and grab glasses of wine and just watch.

“You told him huh?” Julius comes up to us and Evan hugs me.

“No he heard it.” I smile.

“Well I wish you luck on your family.” He cheers and we all clink our glasses and I sip a little but frown as I see the shadows walking in the dark.

“Why are you frowning?”

“Nothing.” I try to lie but he shakes his head.

“I have a surprise for you.” He stands up from the table and grabs my hand.

“Another surprise?”

“Hey the first one I wasn’t planning on him being here, plus isn’t a wedding full of family drama?” We start walking into the house.

“Not really. A wedding is filled with joy.”

“Sure it is but consider this a wedding gift.” He smiles and we walk up the middles stairs and reach a locked door and he pulls out the key and opens it and we enter the room and it’s a normal bedroom with navy blue walls and grey carpet.

“What? Is this our family room?” I raise a brow as he walks over to the computer and he laughs.

“No, like we talked about it you will be moving into my room.”

“Wait no we didn’t and why your room? I like my room!”

“My room is bigger.”

“I doubt it.” I snort and he starts typing something in the computer, “What are you doing?” I walk up to him but jump as I hear something in the room shaking and moving. What the ****?

“Come on.” Evan walks over to the now opened floor that leads down to a dark room.

“Evan you aren’t going to kill me right?” I ask.

“Not yet.” He winks at me and I glare at him and I walk behind him and the room is cement and very dark and cold.

“Where are we going?” I hear this weird motor and a blue light from afar.

“Almost there.” He whispers and he stops and I walk and stop beside him when I see a dark blue casket and my heart drop and I gasp.

“Is….is…tha..that Grayson?” I stutter and he doesn’t say anything and walks over to the casket and I walk slowly to it and I peak into it and I see his pale face and he’s dressed in his tux from the ball. “Grayson!” I hug him and I cry a little.

“He isn’t dead huh?” I turn to Evan and he shakes his head.

“No he isn’t. He’s asleep.”

“Tell me everything that happened that night.” I stare at him.

“I knew there was a way to stop your father without killing you but I found something that meant you’d have to sleep for until who knows when so I got a witch and we started looking through everything and she said the spell needed a bond, a connection of family blood and Grayson was your brother.” So instead of me he got Grayson to do it.

“I got Grayson and I told him what I had found and he agreed because he knew there was no need for him to be alive, he was hurt about his adopted family and he was hurting from falling in love with you. So the witch gave us an enchanted dagger where I had to stab Grayson because once he stabbed your father with the other dagger which connected you two, your father would enter Grayson’s body.”

“Right because my father wasn’t killable.”

“Correct, so the witch told us that is Grayson killed him he could probably overshadow your father and send him deep down where he can never return but in order for that he had to be stabbed with this dagger and he is to sleep until you really, truly need him. “

“So he won’t wake up until he has finished taking my father down and until I need him the most?” I ask trying to put all this together.

“Yes, he will come back one day like he told you. He will probably be here to take care of you if something ever happens to me.”

I turn to stare at Evan and I run and hug him, “Don’t say that! Nothing will ever happen to you.” He tilts my chin up.

“If but I want you to not worry about him because he will come back one day it is written in his destiny.” He smiles and I hug him.

“Thank you, this is a beautiful gift.” I wipe my tear away, “Can he hear us?”

“I don’t know. You can talk to him and maybe one day he will tell you.” He smiles and I grab his hand and walk over to Grayson.

“Hey Gray, We got married today and I just wanted to let you know you are going to be an uncle. I’m pregnant.” I blush, “And don’t worry because I will be here waiting for you to come back one day..” I kiss his cheek and turn to Evan and he smiles so big.

“I’m going to be a father..” His eye are filled with joy and excitement, “I’ve been knowing all this time but hearing it from you just makes it seem so real! I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!” He yells and I laugh as he hugs me and kisses me.

“See let these hunters come because no one is going to mess with our family. I promise to protect you guys with all my strength.” He whispers as we walk back outside on the balcony and just watch the snow fall on the fairy lights.

“I know, I will never let anything happen to you.” I rub my belly and I lean into Evan and we just sit on the ledge quietly.

“I want a boy..” Evan states.

“And what if it’s a girl?” I raise my brow.

“Well I’ll love her too but I can’t be mean to a girl….actually? No my baby girl will kick ass just like her mom.” He says proudly.

“Bet she will. What about baby names?” I look up at him.

“If a boy I want…. Spiro.”

“Spiro? “

“Yea Spiro Night.”

“That’s an ugly name..”

“That what name do you like?”


“And you think mine is ugly…”

“SHUT UP! It’s not ugly.”

“I have never heard of such name.”

“Oh but you’ve heard of Spiro?”

“It’s a cool name.” He shrugs.

“It’s a ridiculous name.”

“Fine what about the girl?” He asks.


“What? Sorry it sounded like you choked on something.”

“You are so mean!” I punch him.

“Babe that’s a horrible name!”

“I mixed our mother’s names okay.”

“Well they should stay separate.” He laughs and I shake my head.

“Fine *******! What about you?”

“I like Scarlette.” He smiles.

“That isn’t bad.” I smile.

“Better than yours.”

“Ugh I hate you!”

“I love you.” He kisses my cheek and I turn and kiss him.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue we are made to fight and love but death comes to us all, we tend to do great and grow big in order to live but we seem to forget what we have to lose.


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