Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 47

Chapter 47

“So what are you going to do about your father?” I stop as I walk in the mansion.

“Excuse me?” I look at Julius father.

“I see my boys working trying to find something to fight that evil man but here you are walking around like nothing..” He’s getting on my nerves and I’m going to bust if he keeps going.

“Um I am doing as much as I can but the boys don’t really tell me much about it.”

“Why didn’t you take my advice and leave? You know you still have time. Why don’t you just go off and I can say you left on your own will.” Is he saying he’s going to force me to leave?

“Why don’t you say it?” I glare at him and my blood is boiling.

“My son Evan doesn’t deserve a demon girl like you, you are beautiful, jaw dropping in fact but you are a monster..” Keep talking old man I’m about to show you what a monster is.

My fist my hands and dig my nails in them and I feel wetness, “And what exactly are you going to do? Last time I checked you weren’t his real father.”

“Don’t act innocent you know **** well he’s going to get hurt.”

“You seem to not know me, I would never let anything happen to him.”

“Then leave before..”

“Before what? You make me?” He looks frightened.

“You don’t belong in this family. You are a disgrace for us and I’ll be ****** if I let you date my son!” I tries acting tough but I smirk.

“Don’t worry your son and I aren’t dating but let me say we both are deeply in love with each other and whether you give me your blessing or not I don’t give a ****! But instead of bothering me and telling me to do something how about you get off my ass and go and take care of the twins!” I speed up to him and jumps.

“You monster! You are exactly like your father.” He says in a shaky voice.

“I can much worse than my father if you **** me off and I try to be a good, polite girl with you but you have just lost my last bit of patience I had with you. And let me tell you if I were my father I would have ripped you to pieces a long time ago but I am nothing like that man but keep pushing me and you will see something worse than him! “

“What’s going on here?” I turn and see Julius eyeballing me and Arias is right behind him.

“Nothing, just talking to your father.” I smile.

“About what?” Arias asks worried.

“Oh nothing, just about how I thought he would be different from what he is now. I thought he’d be more…more um.” I look at the wimpy man and smirk, “Intimidating. “

“Really?” Julius asks surprised.

“Yes but if you excuse me I am going up to my room now.” I bow to Julius and Arias and smile innocently.

I shower and I dress up in a night gown. I walk outside and nobody is here except Arias he’s playing the piano and I walk up to his room and knock.

“Yes dear?” He jokes around and I giggle.

“Can I listen? It’s been a while since I hear you play.” I whisper and he nods and I go and sit next to him and he starts playing sweet melodies.

“So you told my dad off huh?” He stops playing and looks at me and I blush.

“I’m sorry..”

“You shouldn’t be my dad can get very aggressive but at least we know he’s just scared of you.” He chuckles.

“I don’t know what happened, he was just bugging me and saying these things to **** me off and I couldn’t control my mouth anymore.”

“Well that happens to everyone, we all have our limits and since you stood up to him he probably won’t bother you again in fact he went to visit the twins like you sent him to do.”

“Really he obeyed me?”

“You are very powerful and apparently you are very demanding and intimidating.” I laugh.

“Yea sure it’s more like fear.”

“Probably but once he notices who you really are then he will calm down a little.” Arias shrugs.

“Yea, so did you guys figure something out?” Evan has been investigating everything really, he told us to be very aware of our surroundings and be very careful with what we do. He doesn’t want us telling you his plans though, until the day of course.”

“I know, he says my mind isn’t safe and he isn’t wrong.”

“Well how about I continue to play?”

“Yes please.” I lay my head on his shoulders but then stare at him again, “Wait!”


“Promise me you will stay with Nyx the whole time. No matter what is going on I need you to stay with her and protect her.”

“Of course as you wish.” He nods and I kiss his cheek and he is shocked but blushes.

“I owe you guys big time.”

“No you don’t. You are part of the family and this is what we do for each other.”

“I really appreciate it.” I snuggle up to his arm and he starts playing the piano and I just close my eyes.

I see black but then I start seeing the woods and I look around what the hell?

I see Evan walking with Gray, What are they doing together?

“Hand me the dagger.” Evan stop and stares at Gray.

“Here.” Grayson hands him the dagger that can kill my father and Evan starts sharpening it with a rock what are they doing?

“Are you sure the witch said to do this?” Evan asks and Gray starts piling wood together for a fire I’m guessing.

“It’s part of the ritual and she isn’t just any witch she’s my mother have some respect.” Gray snaps at him.

“Well sorry. I saw you and Kamaria talking today.”

“Yea what? Jealous?”

“I would be lying if I said no.” Wow Evan is honest.

“Do you really love her?” Gray starts the fire and he sits down.

“Of course I do. I wouldn’t be doing all this for her if I didn’t.”

“When did you know you loved her?”

“I always had a soft spot for her because I would watch over her.” He smiles to himself, “Julius was the one who told who she was because I caught him watching her once and he told me that I could do it too because our mothers had such great connection and bonded us together and I knew who she was. Julius would only check up on her so without Julius knowing I would watch her and I started liking her but never loved.”

“I thought you hated her.”

“I did reason why I started watching her but as I watched her more and more I fell for her kindness and beauty and when I saw her mom being attacked I had to save her, I knew that if she went there those people would have harmed her and I couldn’t let that happen and when she finally came to the mansion I was rude and angry with her but I did all that trying to contain myself from liking her so much but I couldn’t I eventually started seeing her nightmares and how she would suffer and she would act like nothing was wrong. I fell in love with her not for her beauty but for her strength..” Evan stares at the fire.

“Do you think maybe the connection between you two is because of our mothers?” Evan stares at him.

“Our mother’s bonded us but that bond could have turned into sibling love, her and Julius are bonded together and you and her but yet you can’t feel what she feels or see what she thinks. “

“What did you think when you saw her nightmares and felt it all?”

“I thought of when I was being tortured but Kamaria would scream for help and feel burning and a human can’t contain so much pain as she felt. I would even cry from the pain and I would feel her confusion and fear but she has been tortured so much. She forgets that I can feel her feelings and see her thoughts but lately she has been blocking me out.”


“She does that when she knows I’m not going to let her do it or she doesn’t want me to hear it and I know what she is thinking about.”


“Exactly after you showed up with the dagger I started searching every file, every book, I even risked my life and went to witches huts and asked for help and finally found out but I can’t do it that’s why I need you.”

“Well don’t worry I’ll do anything to save her.”

“Do you seriously love her?” Evan asks him.

“She says that it’s my father who is making up my feelings but I truly do. I know its wrong and all but I fell in love with her but you probably heard what we were talking about huh?”

“No she blocked me out.” Gray smirks.

“Well she loves you more, she loves me but you have something that I don’t that she loves.”

“That’s not true, she knows that siblings can love each other in the vampire world.”

“Yea but you two have this connection and she really needs you but if you hurt her.”

“I won’t but I want you to know that I will protect her but if something ever happens to me I need you to save her. She loves you as well, if anything happens to me I want you to be there for her and protect her and make her fall in love with you and forget about me.” Gray looks confused at Evan.

“You’re willing to lose your life for her and let me live with her?”

“I don’t like you but she does and I want her to be happy that’s it. Now can we stop talking about this girly ****? I mean seriously what’s next you want me to kiss you?” Evan and Gray laugh.

I open my eyes and Arias is playing the piano still and I stare at him confused, what just happened? I didn’t connect with Evan or else he would have felt it. Who did I connect to?

“I thought you fell asleep.” Arias nudges me.

“No, can you connect with animals?” I ask him curiously.

“Um some have the power and some have a guardian animal in which if you concentrate enough you can control and see through their eyes. Like Julius has a guardian animal and Evan can just use animals.”

“So you remember the owl right?”

“Yea, the one that sent Evan’s father flying.”

“Yea can he be my guardian animal.”

“Yes, I believe he is your guardian animal.”



“Well I think I saw through it’s eyes.”

“Well that isn’t impossible, you probably just relaxed with the music and used your connection.” He chuckles

“Right, well I’m tired I’m going to bed. Good night Arias.”

“Good night.”

I walk away and head to my room and close it. What is Evan and Gray doing? 

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