Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 45

Chapter 45

“Please stop!” I hear someone begging and I walk behind the barn and see Gray pointing a gun at somebody.


“Make him stop!” The girl begs and its a teen.

“Grayson! What are you doing?” I try to stop him but he shoots her in the head and I yell and gasp.

“She was turning into a vampire.. I have to hunt them down..” He whisper and points the gun towards me..

“Gray?” I walk backwards and he walks forward.

“Sorry Kam, you are one too.” He shrugs.

“You wouldn’t!” I sneer at him.

“Oh but he would..” I hear a dark voice…lucifer.

“Would you?” I ask him and I see Lucifer behind him and he whispers something in his ear and Grayson pulls the trigger and shoots me in the stomach.

“Do you really think he wouldn’t?” The scene changes and now I’m in a dark graveyard.

“Do you like hanging around graveyards?” I sit on a tomb stone.

“You seem to not be phased by me anymore.”

“Not really..Too much of anything can get boring.” I cross my arms.

“Then let me get to the chase..”

“Please do..”

“Come with me Kamaria.”


“That isn’t a request anymore Kamaria, come with me and I will spare your friends..”

“You can’t touch them..”

“Want to bet on that? I mean I know you aren’t with Evanador any more but why? Did you fall for Grayson?” He laughs.

“This had nothing to do with you..”

“It was all me Kamaria, I made you two fall for each other just I didn’t think you would be willing to give him a chance, I thought you would be sick and hate him but you seem to be more like me everyday..”

“I am nothing like you and after all its all legal and okay with it..”

“So do you really love Grayson more? Or is it my powers making you choose him?”

“What do you mean?”

“Have you ever asked Grayson what he dreams?”


“You should, maybe I have something to do with him loving you..” I just stare at him as he walks around kicking dirt around, ” Kamaria I’m getting tired of playing games here, I am asking you nicely one more time. Come with me.”

“And I will tell you the same thing every time, never in my life will I leave with you.” I spit at him and he grabs me by the neck and I don’t flinch at all because I want him to see he doesn’t bother me anymore.

“You will come to me by yourself you will see.”

“I will never be with you by my will. It stings you that I love somebody else and not you!” I slap him and he drops me.

“We will see Kamaria.. Now when you wake up you will see red and until you come towards me you will never be able to see right again..”

“You have no power over me, like you said the curse was removed. “

“And who said it was the curse? Don’t you get it Kamaria we are still connected by blood and since you died and was reborn as a demon you belong to me and I can control you so if I wanted I could make you beg for me but I want you to come on your own.”

“I never will.. Take me eye sight or anything you want but if you hurt anybody else I will never be with you.” I give him a death stare.

“We are done here!” He disappears..


I gasp as I wake up and I look around and see red, he was right! ****!

“Hey are you okay?” I look over and I jump as I can’t see right, the person’s face is a red blob..

“My eye sight is blurred.” I touch their face and I know it’s Gray.

“Your eyes are red.. I’ll go get Julius.” He gets up and walks away. I look around the room but all I see is a blurry sofa and blood stained walls. My hands look staticy..

“Hey how are you feeling?” I stare up at Julius and he looks at me and check my eyes out.

“I feel fine but I just can’t see right and my eyes burn a little.”

“Well naturally we get red eyes if we hunt or fight but yours are different.” He stares at them.

“What color are they exactly?” I ask.

“They are blood red but naturally a vampire has bright red and its all glowing from the scleral but its just your iris that’s blood red.” Julius is confused.

“I think it’s hot..” I look up at Arias and shake my head.

“He’s right it doesn’t look bad.” Julius shrugs.

“Yea it might not look bad but I can’t really see clearly.”

“What do you see?” Julius asks.

“Um blurry, staticy.. The walls are also bloody.” I whisper looking around.

“How aren’t you freaking out?” Arias asks confused.

“Um my father told me I would..” I simply state.

“And you seem so cool about it.” Gray snorts.

“Well he talks to me in my dreams… What can I do?” I snap back at him.

“So did he tell you what it is?” He asks me mad.

“He just said he was punishing me for not paying attention to him…” I whisper looking down closing my eyes.

“And what does he want you to do?” Gray is now glaring at me.

“Some stupid ****! You aren’t aloud to do that…” I look up and meet these dark grey ones.

“Who asked you to come?” I snap at him.

“What is it that he wants you to do?” Grayson is getting angry.

“Nothing important. “

“It is important.. He wants her to become his wife and run away with him.” Evan is just starring intently at me with anger and I am probably starring at him the same way.

“What the ****!” Grayson yells and I jump, “That isn’t something ******* important?”

“Grayson.” Julius warns him to calm down.

“Oh what you think that is something she should have been hiding?” Grays punches the wall.

“You need to calm down..” Arias grab Gray but Gray pushes him down.

“Evan?” Julius stares at him but he shrugs.

“I understand him, he isn’t wrong to act that way..” Evan glares at me.

“This is none of your business!” I yell at everyone.

“I swear Kamaria don’t make me hit you!” Grayson walks up to me and Evan holds him back.

“No hitting.” Evan states.

“Maybe she needs some sense knocked into her…” Grayson is really angry.

“Bring it *****! I swear if you touch me!” I try getting off the bed but fall to the ground and Evan speeds to me and stares at me worried.

“Are you okay?” He asks worried.

“I just can’t see the floor right so I got dizzy and fell.” I grab onto his forearm. It feels like those fair dizzy walkthroughs.

“Come here.” He carries me back onto the bed.”

“This isn’t good.” Julius walks away.

“If he wants you then he isn’t going to stop until he gets what he wants.” Arias adds.. Thanks.

“He said he wouldn’t hurt anyone..” I say and they stare at me like I’m an idiot.

“Kam this man nearly blinded you and you think he isn’t going to hurt anyone?” Arias says.

“What do we do?” I surrender.

“Well first we need you to learn how to walk and fight like that..” Julius rubs his forehead.

“I can try..” I whisper.

“Good, I’m going to get things to help and figure things out..” Arias and Julius walk out.

“I can’t be here right now, I’ll figure something out Kam I promise..” Gray speeds out.

I look at blurry Evan and I sigh and rub my eyes and keep them closed.

“They’re bugging you?” He asks me.

“Yes..” I open them and he’s sitting in front of me and I can barely see into his eyes and see a light red meaning his eyes are light not dark..

He grabs my hand and squeezes it, “I told you so..”

“**** you.” I roll my eyes.

“Hey if you keep up that attitude you will make me leave too.”

“Doesn’t sound too bad..” I smirk at him and he chuckles and caresses my cheek.

“Those eyes make you seem hot and dangerous..” He winks at me and I giggle and scoot over and pat the empty side next to me and he obeys and sits next to me and covers both of us up with the blanket.

I snuggle up next to him and he hugs me.

“I missed you..” He admits.

“Me too.” I whisper playing with his buttons on his uniform.

“You still aren’t doing it..”

“I know you won’t let me…”

“Good, I have a plan but I still need to figure some things out before.”

“Guess you aren’t going to tell me huh?”

“Nope, your thoughts aren’t safe.” He is telling the truth.

“Don’t worry we have until the winter ball.”

“That isn’t far away. Time to get up and get going..” He stands up grabbing my hands and pulls me up slowly.

“Evan…” I’m worried of falling.

“Don’t worry I got you.” He smiles and I stand slowly and I feel fine and I look up at him and it bugs me so bad that all I see is bright statics. He pulls me forward and I slowly step and I trip and he grabs me quickly and stands me.

“Again.” He looks at me and I nod and I walk and I trip a couple more times but I finally get the hang of it, “Alright lets walk downstairs.”

We walk hand in hand and I am just looking around and everything is either bright red, dark red, and even some wine color. It’s difficult but if you understand things like bright red mean light colors, dark red means semi dark colors, wine means dark colors like black.

“Hey glad to see you walking again!” Brandon runs to us.

“Thank you.” I smile.

“Julius and Arias informed us about everything and we are here if you need us.” They all bow and I roll my eyes.

“Thank you but all I need is to get use to everything around me.” I look around and look at the staticy furniture and mirrors and paintings.

“Well everyone lets get to training!” Julius demands and everyone runs to their stations and Evan and I just walk around and I try grabbing things and speeding but I sped the first time and I ended up hitting a wall so hard that I went through it.

This isn’t easy and I am screwed. 

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