Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 42

Chapter 42

“How sweet..” I open my eyes and I see Evan is asleep and the room is dark, “You guys are so cute it’s sickening..” I turn to see him.

“What are you doing here?” I stand up quickly and I just stare at Evan making sure he doesn’t wake up.

“Don’t worry he can’t hear us and won’t.” I look and I’m sleeping next to him.. What? , “You and I can talk without being seen.”


“The connection we have.”

“You mean the curse you put over me?”

“Oh dear you still think the curse is on you? Look at you you haven’t been dreaming or anything.” He laughs.

“Then why?”

“You and I are one..”

“No.. No we aren’t.” I stutter and he walks towards me but I just stand straight.

“You saw when you died..” He whispers and I gasp, he killed me when I was born..

“You’re lying..” He touches my chest and feels my heart beat.

“You aren’t what you think.. Let me give you a trick to prove it.” He starts walking around me, “You can’t use your powers because you need to release them.” Tell me something I didn’t know.

“How?” I whisper.

“Well the next time you train with Julius think about pain and dark thoughts. Feel anger rush through your veins.. Think about hunting an animal and you will unleash it all..”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I sent you some motivation and it will be up to you to save everyone for now..”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I need you to grow stronger or else you aren’t any use to me but if I tell you what to do you will understand me more and why I want you..”

I hear Evan stirring and I look back and he’s gone..


“Hey..” I turn to see Evan smiling at me.

“Hi.” I caress his face and give him a peck.

“What’s wrong?” He can read my face so quickly.

“How do you know that something is always wrong with me?”

“I sense it. Your heart beat changes..”

“Well **** I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fall for anyone else..” I pout and he chuckles and yanks me under him and I laugh.

“Don’t you ever think of that.. You are mine.” His eyes are playful but yet dominant.

“Vampires are very possessive..” I keep playing.

“We are, what’s ours is ours. We don’t like sharing, after you drink our blood or we drink yours there will be this possession that you two are meant to stick together forever.”

“Well I should be frightened because you literally just said I’d be with you forever but that actually excites me..” I kiss his cheek and he looks shocked but yet playful again.

“I really love you.” He starts kissing my face and we both start laughing.

“I love you so much more every time because after that story then I know it must have hurt you to share me with Gray…”

“Well I mean technically I wasn’t because you loved me more, but like I said before I wanted to kill him so many times but I couldn’t do that to you. I knew I’d lose you forever..” He shrugs and I shake my head.

“But yet why didn’t you before hand? You guys never liked each other..” Evan gets off of me and goes to his closet and grabs his uniform.

“We wouldn’t mess with each other, I knew he was a hunter and all but he made arrangement with Julius that we wouldn’t mess with each other. I mean we would still fight, once we fought pretty bad that Julius had to lock me in my room and Gray was sent home..

“Really?” I sit up and admire his nice fit torso and how his muscles flex with every movement.

“I mean with my history with hunters I didn’t go well with anyone and he thought since he was a hunter he was the ****..” He shrugs.

“Gray? He’s quite..”

“Okay.. maybe I would treat him bad but he didn’t like me either so we messed with each other and one day Julius called him over to the dorms and I bumped into him and he tried acting tough and we both ended up destroying so much property and I was ready to kill him but he had hunter weapons so he hurt me pretty bad and Julius had to use his powers to stop us and everyone was terrified.” He grabs a towel and head to his bathroom.

“You guys are bad.” I laugh.

“Not as bad as us.” He winks, “You can join me if you want..” He smirks and turns on his shower and I speed to my room and grab my red uniform and lock his door and I hear him showering and I undress myself and walk in and he has his eyes closed and the room is steamed up and my heart is racing but feel amazing.

I walk in the shower and touch his back and he tenses but then relaxes and turn to look at me and he has that fire and playful look in his eyes and he kisses me and we are under the water and our make out turns into hunger for each other.

I bite his lip hard and he moans and picks me up and I wrap my legs around him and he pushes me against the shower wall and my body is filled with pleasure and a burning passion..

“Ready for the day?” Evan chuckles as I glare at him as I put on my heels and he’s putting on his button up.

“Getting beat up is not really something I look forward too.” I make my tie and I brush my hair.

“Well just relax and fight back.” He puts on his jacket and he looks incredible, “Can you stop starring at me like that?”

“Why?” I say in a seductive tone and his eyes turn really playful again.

“Because we are never going to leave this room if you continue..” I grab his tie and put it around his neck and bring him closer to me.

“I’m okay with that..” I kiss him.

“Ugh stop…” He pushes me away and I giggle, “You need to train. Wasn’t the shower enough for you?”

“To be quite honest..” I stare at him seductively and tie his tie, “I never get enough of you..” I pull him in and kiss him and his hands move to my waist and he digs in his fingers trying to control himself.

“Stop..” I never thought he’d be the one to control himself..

“Why?” I kiss his neck and suck on it but he just kisses me forcefully and stares at me.

“I’ll see you later..” He walks out and I huff and sit on the bed.

“Good morning!” Nyx hugs me and I hug her back.

“Good morning.” I smile grabbing a strawberry from her and bite it.

“You seem happy today. Guess you had some fun.” She winks at me and I stare at her.

“No..” I blush.

“Yea sure..” She eats her waffles.

“So what are your plans for today?”

“I don’t know, Arias actually invited me out..”

“What?!” I ask in shocked and excited.

“Yea..” Now it’s her time to blush.

“Ooo!” I jump like a little girl.

“Shut up! We are just going out as friends…”

“Nah!” I make her laugh, “Just careful with him okay..”

“Got it mom.” She winks at me.

“Good, I’ll see you later. Have fun with Arias but not too much.” I point at her and grab my keys.

“Bye!” She yells as I exit the house and I feel someone starring at me but I look around and nothing.

I get in my car and drive off, I park and I get out of the car and feel it again. I feel like someone is just watching me..

“Good morning Miss Kuro.” The security bow.

“Good morning.” I smile and enter the academy and I see the day students just walking around and talking and studying for finals. Some stare at me but I don’t pay them any attention.

I walk into the other dorms and everyone just bow to me.

“Morning lady Kuro!” Brandon says happily.

“Good morning. What are we waiting for?” I ask but all I see is Brandon, Mia, Heath, Tut, Kora, Emma, Mathew sitting in the lobby.

“The Nights.. They are in some meeting.” Tut shrugs. Hm..

“So is it true?” Kora asks me and I stare at her.

“What’s true?”

“They are coming?” Emma says.

“Well I mean we are training for something but while you all are here let me say. I really appreciate it all but I can’t risk you guys getting hurt.”


I cut Heath off, “Listen, I’ve lost so many people and it hurts and knowing that you guys can die doesn’t help.. I want you guys to leave and don’t look back..” I say sternly.

“Well we are here for you but we are also here to show everyone we aren’t some weak vampires..” Kora stands up.

“Yea, I mean why do you blame yourself for everything? It’s our decision, you gave us the freedom to leave but we have decided to fight..” Mathew agrees.

“What if I demand you guys to leave..” I raise a brow and they all look at each other.

“Then we are sorry to disobey you..” Brandon and the rest shrug and I try hiding my smile.

“In all honesty you aren’t the ruler yet..” Mia smirks and I grin and shake my head.

“I know you guys look up to me but I look up to you guys, even after being free to leave you decide to stay and fight. Trust me if anything after this you will all be rewarded by proving to everyone you are stronger than anybody. “

“And we will have a bad ass story!” Brandon yells and we all laugh.

“Kam..” I turn to see Gray and he calls me over.

“Excuse me..” I smile at them and they bow and I hate that!

“Hey what’s going on?” I follow him into Julius office and Arias and Evan and Julius look lost in thought.

“We have to send everyone home..” Julius looks to me.

“I thought we had two weeks until then..”

“Your father is creating an army and is sending them to us..” Arias snaps.

“Well how much time do we have?” I ask.

“Two days… ” Evan sighs.

“Some of the students are foreign they can’t leave within two days…” Gray states.

“We know that..But we don’t have a choice..” Julius looks lost.

“How about we surround the school and fight them off.” I look around they all just don’t have expressions.

“That could help but we need more training for the others.”

“Well we train as much as we can explain them the plan and maybe we can stop them and….” I can talk to him! I look at Evan and he looks angry at me, I’m blocking him out.

“And what?” Evan is sending me daggers.

“And try our best, I mean this is what he wants. He wants to scare us into fleeing and giving him the students. Like you said if we send the students home we will never know if they made it there safely, it’s best to keep them here and make no noise..” I explain and Julius is thinking.

“She’s right, what else is there? Julius we need to protect the students and if they disappear we are going to have major problems with father..” Arias speaks.. Right they all have a adoptive father..

“Problem…” Julius sighs and gets up from his desk, “Father is on his way home..” We all stare at him and Arias and Evan look worried.. Well isn’t this a huge family reunion!! 

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