Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

It’s been 2 months since everything and my nightmares stopped and I closed up the shop and I just stay in my house…keep to myself the cops didn’t do anything, said maybe it was an assault and kept it as that. Maybe it was but that man that saved me. Who was he?


“Hi Sister Molly.” I smile at her and let her in my house and she looks around sits on the couch.

“Hello dear. How are you doing? Closed up the shop I see.” She looks at me and I grab two mugs and pour some hot coffee in them.

“Coffee?” I ask her and she nods, “Yea. I closed the shop because it was my mom’s and there is no use anymore. The flowers died.” I state and she gives me a weird face of sadness mixed with discourage.

“Thank you dear.” She grabs the coffee as I sit in front of her.

“So, Sister I know you came for something, I’m not really in the mood.” I sigh.

“Well I think you need to leave.” She looks at me seriously.

“Well Sister Molly I have nothing, where do you expect me to leave?” I snap at her.

“Don’t get mad at me, I just think you need a new life..Maybe a new start.” She continues.

“Caught to the chase Sister what exactly are you getting at?” I look at her.

“I know this family and they are looking for a babysitter.”

“You know sister I rather not….”

“Listen to me!” She cuts me off, “They are willing to send you to a university and let you live with them in return you care for their young brother and sister.” She explains and my mind starts spinning.

“Why tell me?” I ask her.

“Because this is a chance for you to get out of this small town and this house and actually do something better in your life. I had already heard about the job but I was going to send one of the sisters but I think it would be best for you.” She tries convincing me.

“How is the family?” I ask her.

“They are very lovely. I met them a couple of times, they donate to the center a lot. I also know you are very hard working young lady so I know you would fit in perfectly.” She got me.

“When do they want me to start?” I ask her and she smiles.

“Well if you want I can get you a plane ticket for tomorrow morning.”

“Wait plane ticket? To where?”

“Alaska.” She drinks her coffee and I choke on mine.

“Alaska!” What the ****.

“Akutan to be exact but you have to fly to Alaska then from there take a train to Egegik and from there you take a boat to Akutan and they are willing to pay for everything.” She informs me.

“Wow, so go across the country to a place I don’t know..with people I don’t know and stay at their house…” I raise my eyebrows at her.

“I know darling it sounds so stupid to just pack your things and leave but maybe that’s what you need..” She gives me a hug.

“Think about it and tomorrow morning I meet you at the airport at 9 am.” She gets her things and walks to the door and I follow her, “Coffee was delicious by the way.” She kisses my cheek and walks away and I close the door.

I grab her cup of coffee and it was full. Delicious alright.

Move to Alaska? Well what else do I have to lose? I have nothing left here, all that comes to me are sad memories and why not.

I grab a suit case and start putting everything in it.

I hear Nyx outside calling my name and I let her in and she sees me making my bags.

“Wait Kam where are you going?” She asks worried.

“I’m leaving…” I put some more things away.

“Where to?” She asks me.


“What the actual ****!? Have you gone ******* insane? What are you going to do over there.” She stops me.

“Sister Molly came today and told me that this family is willing to pay everything for me if I go babysit their kids and I accepted it and I leave tomorrow morning.” I explain and she freezes.

“So your leaving? Wait you haven’t even thought this through….I mean what type of family pays a girl they don’t even know to babysit their kids when they can get a nanny where they live on” She asks and she does have a point on that.

“Look this all sounds crazy but Nyx I can’t take it anymore…I really can’t, this house brings pain, the town, everyone looks at me like if I was a lamb going into slaughter.” I sigh rubbing my head.

“Well everyone looks at me like I’m a ***** and wasn’t it you that told me be the bigger person and don’t pay attention to them?” Nyx tries to convince me but my heart for once is actually telling me to go so I’m going.

“Yes but I want to leave Nyx… Trust me on this.” I state and she lets a tear roll down.

“Fine but I’m going with you..”

“Shut up! You are staying here.” I snap at her.

“No! I will not, I am not little my poor little lamb actually go into a slaughter house..” She stands up.

“Nyx you can not come.”

“Watch me I’m going to talk to Sister Molly.”

“Nyx please stop it.” I sit next to her and she hugs me.

“I don’t want to lose you.” She sniffs.

“You won’t but I just need this change and find out what’s going to happen.” I smile softly to her.

“Okay but I promise you that I will eventually show up there.” She promises and I laugh and we hug and then she starts helping me pack my things.


It was morning and I was at the airport with Sister Molly and Nyx.

“Promise me you will never take this necklace off.” Nyx touches the blood crystal.

“Of Course, I promise.” I smile and we hug for a very long time.

“Bye Sister Molly. Thank you for this.” I hug her and she smiles.

“Have a safe trip dear.” She blesses me.

“I’ll probably see you there in about a month.” Nyx says making me.

“Knowing you, I most likely will but meanwhile I wait I will call you when I get there and call or text you everyday.” I reassure her and she smiles big and she hugs me hard.

“Love you.”

“Love you too Nyx.”

And with that I get on the plane and I am off. Something in me is excited and nervous at the same time. I have no clue what awaits for me, I don’t even know anything about this family only that their last names is Night… 

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