Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

“Kamaria! Stop being so dramatic and talk to us!” Gray yells grabbing my arm.

“Look I’m not being dramatic okay, I just saws half my life and I was worse than I am now! I use to kill with no limits and my brother is alive and my father knows where he is and that I’m using a witch to help me and he isn’t happy with any of this!”

“So what your running away like a little damsel in distress because your father isn’t happy?” He gives me a glare.

“You don’t understand what I’m feeling, my father is a strong, powerful man and he is going to hurt somebody because of me! I need to find a way to stop him before anybody else gets hurt..”

“Well lets relax and go back to the dorm and talk about it because being by yourself will only drive you insane.. Stop over thinking everything…” He grabs my hand and leads me back to julie and she stopped her bleeding.

“You okay?” I ask her and she nods and we head back to our dorm.

“So what did you see?” Julie asks as we sit down in the room.

“I saw my mother giving birth to me and my father grabbed me and took me to a witch and put the curse on me..”

“So you saw everything you already knew?” Gray raises his brow, smartass.

“No I saw the weapon that can kill him..”

“What was it!” They both ask in sync.

“A dagger, it was gold and it had an Amethyst on the top.”

“Do you know where it’s at?” Julie asks quickly.

“No but Julie until we find out where it is please! Please be careful..” I have a horrible feeling but I can’t shake it off.

“Did you see something?” Julie asks scared.

“I saw a lot of things Julie but for now on I need you to stay with Nyx both of you stay together and I will try to convince her to switch me rooms so you two aren’t alone..”

“Did you see Julie getting hurt?” Gray is starting to get worried.

“Lucifer warned me he was going to hurt somebody I love and he showed me many people and Julie and Nyx were one of them.” I look down.

“Son of a *****! See Julie this is why I told you to stay put!” Gray slams the chair on the wall.

“Hey both of you calm down! He want’s us to get all scared but I can handle everything myself!” Julie scolds us.

“I have to go home on friday but I’ll be back Saturday for a ball and after the ball I will come back here but until then you and Nyx need to stay together.”

“I agree, I promised you I would go talk to mom and dad on Saturday so as soon as I get answers I will come back as well because we are not letting that ******* hurt you guys..” Gray reassures.

“Okay, that sounds fine and until then I will be very careful. I promise.” Julie says sincerely.

“Good..” I sigh and lay on the bed.

“What else did you see? Where is your brother?” Julie asks me and Gray lifts my head and places my head on his lap and starts massaging my head and I smile big and look at him and he kisses my forehead.

“He’s alive but my mother did something to save him.. “

“Like what?” Gray asks confused.

“She switched his body, she got this witch to switch his body and erase all his memories and gave him new ones.”

“That must have been a very strong witch. I heard witches are very limited to things.” Gray is still massaging my head and it feels very pleasant.

“Witches can grow with time, I mean all you need to do is keep practicing and there has only been a handful of witches who can do that but these don’t sound like regular witches..”

“There’s different types of witches?”

“Yes, their are Gardnerian witches, I’m one of them but there are these stronger witches called Druid witches and they aren’t bad nor good they just do what they please.. I believe these types of witches helped your parents. I mean maybe I can find one and she can help us if one of them helped your parents maybe she can help you.” Julie explains.

“What if I look for the witch that helped my mother..”

“Good luck with that we witches do age you know but maybe since Druid witches do as they please and are very powerful they decide if they want to age or not..”

“How is that possible?” I ask confused.

“Druid witches can drink Vampire blood and stay forever young other witches can not. So probably the only reason why these witches helped your parents was because they offered their blood to them..” That makes a lot of sense.

“I see so possibility the witch is alive is non to slim..” I close my eyes, great!

“So how can we find one?” Gray asks her.

“Um I can probably go to the witch huts and ask around but it’s rare I haven’t heard of any Druid witches around and trust me us witches are meant to keep up on them.” Julie lays on her bed and sighs, “If there is a witch that can help she will do it in return of your blood.”

“I’m willing to do anything at the moment..”

“I’ll see what I can do, maybe take Nyx with me on saturday to the huts.” I raise a brow at her , “Don’t worry I’ll keep it on the down low. Nyx will not find out about anything.” She promises and I wink at her.

We end up talking until morning and I fell asleep for a minute as I heard Julie’s alarm clock go off. She ends up getting up and changing to her uniform and leaves to class and Gray and I are going to walk around and talk after he took a shower and got ready.

I got into my uniform and walked to the coffee shop and get coffee but someone pulls me away as I get out of line.

“Hey Arias!” I smile big.

“Hey, here you go..Coffee with a little kick.” He winks at me handing me a coffee cup but it didn’t have coffee in it.

“Thank you.” I hug him.

“No problem so you’re coming home with us today right?” He smirks.

“Yes I am, plus I might have to go to a dress shop to buy a dress for tomorrow. Do you think you can take me?”

“Why don’t you ask your boyfriend.”

“He isn’t my boyfriend..” I shake my head.

“Well excuse me last time I seen you two were all cuddly and having sex and acting like a couple.” He says loudly and I smack him.

“Shut up..” I say through my teeth, “No, we aren’t a thing. At least for now plus I don’t want him to see me in the dress and you can so I kinda need you and your opinion.”

“Wow I became a dress stylist! My dream is complete.” He laughs and says sarcastically, “Why don’t you ask the girl?”

He’s right! There is Hazel and Venus, I totally forgot about them. I just never see them nor talk to them that I forgot but maybe they can!

“You’re right..I’ll ask them if I see them because I never do.”

“Well they should be coming home tonight because they want to get ready at home for the ball so yes you will for once..”

“But tonight! Arias I need a dress before the shops close.”

“Oh right, okay fine I’ll take you after we get home because you still have training this morning..”

“Right but after that I can go home with you.”

“Maybe with your little toy.” He winks and walks away. He’s not my toy… I drink my secret coffee and walk to meet Gray.

“Hey. Coffee?” He asks handing me a cup, I don’t want to be rude and not accept it.

“Thank you.” I smile grabbing the cup and we start walking around the academy.

“How was the man?” He asks.

“What man?”

“The man that you saw walk in the room?”

“Oh him, he was well built seemed very intimidating, um maybe around his lat 30’s. I couldn’t really see his face because I only saw his dark figure..”

“That doesn’t help.” Gray laughs taking a sip of his drink.

“Can I ask you something?”


“How do you drink blood?” My curiousity got to me.

“I hunt.”He shrugs like nothing.

“It doesn’t bother you?”

“It did at the beginning but then I noticed it was either an animal or a human and that wouldn’t have been a good choice. Why you don’t hunt?”

“No.. Julius always gets me it. I don’t want to hunt really. It’s not something I would want but I know later on I will need to but for now I can hold it back..” I never really thought of hunting and Julius never pushed me into hunting.. I think back to my memory of my brother forcing me to do it..

How could he be so cruel? I was just a little girl for crying out loud and he just hunted like nothing…. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be a killer. I don’t like the idea of hurting anything but if I have to I will, I think.

“Hey you there?” Gray pinches me and I jump.

“Sorry I was thinking about my past.”

“Ah and what else did you see?” He drinks his coffee.

“I saw my older brother hunting and trying to teach me how to hunt and my father actually took care of us as he held my mom captive.” I frown.

“Hey it’s all over now..” He caresses my cheek and I nod.

“It is but the worse is yet to come.”

“We will face it together. You have me.” He stares into my eyes and I feel warm inside.

“And you have me if anything ever happens.” I repeat to him and he chuckles, so I grab his face and stare into his eyes, “I mean it Grayson. I love you and care for you I will always be here for you.”

He leans down to kiss me but I’m hesitant. I can’t… but I find myself leaning in and we kiss softly. I love him but not like I love Evan..

“Thank you.” He breaks away from me and I hug him.

We end up just talking about random things and meet the girls for lunch and before I have to go to training.

“So what are you doing this weekend babe?” Nyx asks me.

“I’m actually going to a ball with Evan.”

“Ooo the hottie.” She winks and both Julie and Gray roll their eyes.

“So what are you guys doing?” I change the subject.

“Well Julie is going to take me around the town and show me around and maybe shop a little. Too bad you can’t join us.” Nyx frowns.

“Yea, maybe next weekend though but I was thinking what if tomorrow we all sleep in my room and have like this huge sleepover.”

“I have never actually had a sleepover.” Julie adds and that excites Nyx even more.

“Oh hell yea that is a must! So while we are out in town we can buy food and snacks and get everything ready for you to come back.” Nyx is already planning everything.

“Sounds like a plan but I have to leave for my class and I will see you guys tomorrow night.” I get up and kiss Gray on the cheek and hug the girls and walk away.

“Good morning head master.” I greet Julius and he smiles.

“Good morning, Today we are actually going to fight.” He smirks.

“Great…” I fake smile and stretch.

“Hello..” Evan and Arias walk in and with some friends.

“Um what’s going on?” I ask confused.

“Today we are going to practice group fights. You have to beat everyone in order to move on to your next lessons which are powers.” Julius explains and I grunt.. Really?!

I first fought Brandon and I beat him easily and then Mia and Emma together but I get them down. Tut and Heath were really good and got me quite a few times but still won them.

Kora and Mathew fought me and they slammed me down so hard I lost my breath but Julius wouldn’t let me rest. So I got mad and knocked them out.

“My turn!” Arias jumps onto the mat. “This is going to be fun!” He smiles devilishly.

We start fighting and he punches me in the face and I fly towards the wall and thank god it’s just foam mat all around.

I run and kick him and he stands up and punches my stomach and I am out of breath again but I will not stop and let him gloat later. I crouch and then swing into his sides and then punch his face and kick his knee making him kneel and he randomly rolls on the floor and grabs a sword and chases me with is and cuts my arm.

“Ouch you *****!” I yell in shock and Julius looks towards the swords on the wall and I run to them and grab one and we start sword fighting and I cut his chest and he gets my thigh and it burns and stings even as it heals.

I jump off the wall and kick him against the wall and fling the sword out of his hand and grab him and slam him on the ground and pierce his top shoulder and he yells out in pain and everyone claps.

“Thank!” He stands up as he throws the sword and sits down.

“One last person..” Julius says as Evan walks on the mat and pops his neck and knuckles. I hate this and I’m in so much pain!

We get into position and Evan punches me but I block it with my hand and he i****ing me hard.. Is he mad? He punches me again and I can’t get one punch on him because he is just punching away and really hard. He’s mad! Is he mad at me?

He finally punches me as I was distracted and I groan falling to the floor. He starts walking towards me and I turn around and uppercut him and he stumbles back and I throw my body onto him and he falls on his back.

“Why are you mad at me?” I whisper out of breath.

“You are seriously asking me..” His eyes are just pure black, **** the kiss!

“Look it was just a simple…” He throws me off him and **** he’s going to beat me up and get his anger out on me!

We both stand up and I am not going to let him beat me just because he’s angry at me.. Isn’t that abuse in human world? What the hell?

He throws a punch at me but I grab his hand and knee his stomach two times but he throws me onto the wall. I quickly get up and block his punches and I finally punch him really hard on the face that he flies to the wall. I’m getting sick and tired of him throwing me around like a doll. These people want a fight then lets ******* fight!

He speeds to me and grabs me by the neck and slams me onto the mat and I gasp so loud everyone gasps as well and I can’t feel my lungs anymore.

I compose myself quickly and wrap my legs around his arm and I drop him face first and I start punching his sides so hard I actually hear him gasp and he throws himself up and I jump off and he grabs a sword and cuts my stomach and kicks me into the crowd.

“****..” I inhale and everyone runs as he walks to me and swings but I drop and punch him in the gut and I jump onto the mat again and kick him in the face and he swings and I drop and roll under him and to the swords and grab one and all you hear in the room is the clinking of the swords and our heavy breaths.

I cut him on the arm and he cuts me on the hand and makes me drop my sword and he punches me and I’m on my back and he’s about to stab me when I move out of the way and he stabs next to me and I take the opportunity to kick him again and I quickly get up and punch him in the face and he stumbles and I grab him and knee him and he gasps for air but I punch him in the face and I finally headbut him hard and drop him to the ground and I get a little dagger out of my pocket and I press it against his neck and his eyes widen and I am breathing so hard I feel like I’m about to pass out.

I raise my hand and slam the dagger into his thigh and he yells out of pain.

“*******!” I slam his head on the mat and punch him one more time.

“Okay! Okay! Miss Kuro that’s enough.” Julius touches my shoulder and I get off Evan and walk next to the wall and pant.

“Holy ****!” Arias yells and they all cheer for me.

I feel around my body and my clothes are all cut up.

“That a girl! Jeez you beat the **** out of all of us!”Brandon pats my sore shoulder and I winch.

“Good job Kamaria.” The girls bow.

I stand up and Evan seems good as he limps to sit down.

“Wow with no disrespect and all you beat the **** out of the best.” Heath claps.

“Good job Kamaria I’ll see you tonight.” Julius dismisses all of us and I grab my bag and slowly walk towards the door.

“Kam..” Evan walks up to me but I put a finger up to stop him.

“No..not right now. We will talk about it later just let me..Yea..” I am seriously trying to get my breath back but it’s so hard!

I make it to my dorm and I open it and Julie looks up and her face said it all. I look like ****!

“Holy ****! What happened?” I throw my bags on the bed and stip out of my clothes and look at myself in the mirror and I’m covered in blood so I should shower.

“Stupid training!”

“God they were torturing you..” Julie stares as I wipe the blood off my neck.

“Yea well I have to fight for reals in order to get better and Evan was mad today and I just need a shower..” I walk into the bathroom and close the door.

“Can’t you guys just talk about it instead of killing each other?” She yells behind the door and I shower quickly and change into my regular clothes.

“Well I’m off.” I sit next to Julie.

“Okay. Take care, see you saturday.” She smiles and hugs me.

“Hey, I never thanked you for using your magic and risking your life..” I whisper softly.

“You know I did it to help you. Ever since I met you I knew you were different than all the other vampires plus you need to know that even with my help to find your brother and your father you will in the future keep fighting hunters and other vampires so literally my help is nothing..”

“Are you probably going to be one of those hunters?” That’s maybe why she’s helping me now so I can leave far away until she kills me.

“You are my friend and maybe close to a sister than anyone has ever been and I don’t know if they will send me to kill you in the future but what I’m doing now is because you deserve it and earned it not because I feel bad for killing you in the future but something tells me I won’t be sent. “

“Well either way thank you so much Julie. I seriously love you like a sister and grateful for what you have done for me. Thank you.” I hug her and kiss her cheek.

“No problem I do it because I love you as well but if you want to return the favor all you have to do is survive become the best vampire ever. Also take care of Gray.” She giggles.

“You got it! I promise I will.” I hug her again and she squeezes me and I squeal and jump off her bed.

“See you tomorrow!” I grab my stuff and she waves bye and I walk to the front and find Arias waiting for me. 

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