Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

“Ready?” Julie looks at me as we end up in the middle of the forest in the dark and it’s snowing..

“Kind of.” I’m nervous because the worst thing is they find out Julie is a witch and they hurt her and the best thing that can happen is that I get my memory back and find a way to find my brother..

“Okay so I put a shield around us so no one can see us nor locate us..” Julie smiles and Gray looks worried.

“If you feel like you can’t do it Julie just stop.” Gray informs her and Julie nods.

“I got this Gray, Kam just lay down and relax and clear your mind, you are going to fall asleep and dream about somethings and I can’t control what you are going to find out okay and I also don’t know what you are going to feel so be careful..” Julie warns me and I take a deep breath and I lay down in a circle.

“Good luck..” Gray smiles softly but that’s not helping I’m nervous as heck!

“Okay, shh. Just relax and listen carefully to your surrounding and close your eyes..” Julie starts saying something in a different language and I feel myself floating in the air and I can’t move anymore, I feel paralyzed.

I open my eyes and I’m in a room and I start walking around and its empty a barely lit. I hear a women screaming and crying. I open the door and I see my mother laying on a bed with some maids by her side. She’s giving birth.

“Almost there Celine! Almost!” One of them says and then she gives one last push and I hear crying.

“My baby!” My mom starts crying and they give her the baby and she hugs the baby tightly, “Her name will be Kamaria.. My precious jewel.” She cries.

“Mom?” I turn to see the little boy, my brother!

“Look Caspian, she’s your sister.” He looks at me and smiles big.

“She’s pretty! What’s her name?” He asks.


“Kam.” He grins but then frowns, “Father is coming..”

“Celine! Let me see her!” My father yells walking into the room.

“Careful Lucifer. She our baby.” My mother warns him and he grabs me and stares intently at me. 

“I’ll take her to get blessed and I’ll be back.” He walks away with me in his hands.

“NO! LUCIFER DON’T HARM HER! DON’T TOUCH HER!” My mother is held down by some guards.

I follow him and he takes me into a room and there’s a witch there ready for a ritual.

“Set her down..” She points to the star in a circle and he puts me down and I start crying.

She starts the ritual and pulls out a gold dagger and cuts my hand and I feel it burning my hand, I look at my hand and it’s bleeding.

The witch starts saying some things and then cuts my leg and I feel the blood dripping.

“Stop it!” I scream but it doesn’t help I’m in a dream they won’t hear me. She finally cuts Lucifers hand and she mixes the blood and starts screaming and looking up at the roof and everything goes dark and all I hear is the baby crying..

“This dagger is the only thing to kill you, you must hide it.. destroy it and you will never be able to die.” The witch hands the dagger to my father.

“The curse is set correct?” My father asks.

“Yes, it is set. Good luck Lord Kuro.”

“No! You are not aloud to hurt him! I won’t let you hurt him! I hear my mother screaming and I run to the living room and see my father and mother fighting and my mother uses her powers to freeze him and she runs and grabs my brother.

“I’m sorry Caspian this is for your own good..” She covers him up, “Caspian I need you to go with aunt Luna..” She sends him running.

“Where is he?” My father screams at my mother.

“I sent him with Luna. You aren’t going to hurt him.” He hits her and she starts bleeding.

“You know it’s for the best!” He screams and hits her again and he starts dragging her and throws her into a dark closed in room and slams the door.

“No! Stop it!” My mother bangs on the door and she starts crying.

My father walks out of the house and leaves my mother in there..

I see myself older maybe around 3 now and I’m walking around and playing with Caspian.

“Kam come here!” He yells at me.

“I’m coming..” I speed to him and he points to a rabbit.

“Hunt it..” Caspian whispers in my ear.


“You have to eat..” Caspian says strongly.

“I can’t Evan..Where’s father?” I look around.

“He’s not here, he’s with mother. Now hunt it Kamaria!” He points at the rabbit.

“I can’t!” I scream and he speeds to it and rips it’s head off and throws it at me covering me in blood, “Caspian! No!” I cry but I smell the blood and grab the body of the rabbit and start sucking its blood.

“See sister you need to be aggressive. Us vampires aren’t supposed to be scared to hurt any animal.. We were made to destroy and cause fear.”

“We are monsters..” I wipe the blood off my face.

“No my daughter you aren’t. Humans are monsters that will kill us with no hesitation.” I run to my dad and he picks me up I wasn’t afraid of him.

“Is mommy coming out today?”

“If she behaves herself then yes..” He licks the blood off my hands.

“Good job Caspian. That’s my boy!” He pats Caspian’s head.

“Mommy!” I yell as she runs to me and hugs me she looks sick and pale.

“Kamaria! Caspian!” She hugs us both and kisses us.

“Can you read us books tonight?” Caspian asks her.

“Ofcourse.” She grabs our hands and walks us into the room.

“Are you better mommy?” I ask looking up to her and she picks me up and sits me on her lap and I wipe a tear away from her face.

“Of course I am.” She whispers and I kiss her cheek and hug her.

“Good! You were gone for a while again..” Caspian sets the book on her lap and she starts reading to us.

The scene changes again and I see I’m hugging Caspian and we were like in my dream before hand promising as my mother pulls him away and I follow her.

I follow her into the woods and I see another witch.

“Mom what’s going on?” Caspian asks her.

“Caspian listen to me I am going to turn you into somebody else but in the future you will find Kamaria and protect her. Got it.” My mother tries to make him understand and he just nods.

“Lay him down..” The witch points and Caspian lays next to a dead boy, he has hazel brown hair and he seems the same age as Caspian.

“You will feel slightly odd Caspian but when you wake up you will remember nothing about your past..” The witch informs him.

“I love you Caspian.” My mother closes his eyes and the witch performs the ritual and these winds pick up out of no where and it gets cloudy and the witch starts screaming and thunder starts roaring and I hear whistling from around us and banging and its scarring me.

“Do you have the blood?” The witch says to my mother and she hands her a bottle of blood.

“Yes, it’s my husband’s.”

“With this blood I connect you with your father..” The witch starts saying foreign words and she grabs the same dagger as my father used on me and my father and she slams it onto Caspian’s body and I gasp and cover my mouth.

She killed him! She killed me brother!

My mom is crying, “I’m sorry Caspian.” All of a sudden the little boy who was dead slowly flutters his eyes.

“Take him! Take him far away from here please!” My mother runs away… She transferred his soul… To save him!

“Sorry sir but it seems wolves got to him..” I’m in my father’s office and he slams his fist into the desk and breaks it in half.

“NO!” He yells.

My mother is crying in the corner.

“We must not tell anyone about him! All it leaves is Kamaria.” My father points to my mother.

“Please Lucifer don’t do this…” My mother begs.

“You know what they were made to do..”

“They are you children how can you plan to kill them!” She screams.

“It shall make us stronger.” He slams her on the wall, “Soon Celine she will be ready soon.”

The scene switches again and now I’m 7 and I’m chasing a deer and I catch it and kill it and tear it apart and I’m enjoying it. The feeling is causing my disgust I am a monster!

“Kamaria! What have you done!” I turn to see my father and he’s very handsome. I know I’m not in my past anymore..

“You monster! You know where he is!” I scream at him and he chuckles.

“I’ve always known Kamaria but it’s too late you can’t help what’s coming next…” He slams me into a tree and I yell as the tree pierces my side.

“You poor thing, I told you not to try anything Kamaria!” He pulls the bark out of my side and I scream, “Your friends will suffer for what you have done!” He grabs my neck and looks into my eyes.

He makes me see Nyx begging for help as she is crawling on the bridge she’s weak and helpless.

“Don’t you dare touch her! Let he be!” I scream and he breaks her arm and I scream, “Nyx!” I cry.

“Maybe the witch should suffer!” He yells and I see Julie in his hands and he bite her neck as she tries fighting off.

“Stop it it wasn’t her fault!” I scream and he throws her lifeless body into the cold river, “Julie!” I see her floating.

“Maybe the precious twins…” He blinds me as I am in a stone cave and the twins are lying lifeless together and I kneel down and touch their faces.

“No…You monster! Why! They were helpless!” I can’t stop crying.

“Even easier!” He yells, “I told you Kamaria leave the past on it’s own and now someone has to pay!” He starts piercing this sharp glass into my stomach and I scream of pain.

“I know you shall be punished by losing the people you most love.” He sneers stabbing me again and I cry out.

“Kill me instead! I know you want my powers I won’t fight you but leave them alone!” I stare at them.

“That’s too easy, I want you to suffer and beg for your death like your mother did!” He whispers in my ear and I just feel anger boil in my blood.

“You are so precious Kamaria, I know you are like me! Look at you, you use people and you killed with no regret with no hesitation. Join me.”

“Kill me!” I spit at him and he stabs me again and I squirm and cry more.

“See you soon!” He starts burning my body and I can’t escape the feeling of ice and fire going through my veins and I can’t scream nor wake up anymore.

“WAKE ME UP!” I scream and all I see is pain and blood and hear screaming Nyx and Julie and the twins and I can’t block them out.

“STOP IT!” I scream but it gets worse and I feel knives stabbing my entire body over and over again and my bones breaking slowly one by one and it won’t stop.


“Kamaria!” I hear and I scream and cause everything to break and fall apart around me my body is pain much more than it has ever been.

“Kamaria! Stop! It’s over!” I open my eyes and see Grayson and Julie starring at me and everything around us is broken and burned and thrown around.. Julie was bleeding and I smell her blood and Grayson has tree branches in his body and his uniform is burned.

What did I do, I look at them with horror.

“Are you okay?” Gray stands up and I stand up and back away.

“No stop! I need space!” I just run off. I am a monster.. I’m like him..  

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