Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

“Mom!” I yell as I see my mom cleaning the flower shop.

“Hi honey, what’s wrong?” She touches my face and I hug her.

“I miss you.”

“Well then I missed you too.” She laughs and I start crying.

“Honey why are you crying?”

“I just really miss you, these are tears of joy.” I wipe them away.

“Well you don’t have to miss me honey, I’ll always be right by your side.”

“I know but all this was my fault.”

“Don’t start Kamaria! You know all this was destiny and fate. But we will meet again one day but right now I need you to be my strong girl and live for me!” She grabs my hands really strong and I start crying again.

“I will.”

“Promise me Kamaria!”

“I promise mom!” I smile big


I open my eyes to see Evan smiling thoughtfully at me.

“Thank you..” I whisper to him and he gets a panicked look on his face but then calms down.

“For what?” He asks me.

“Staying with me. I didn’t have a nightmare.” I sit up and wipe away my tears.

“Then why are you crying?”

“Because it was beautiful..” I smile softly.

“Anything to make you feel better princess.” He just stares at me, “I’ll see you downstairs.” He gets up and walks away closing the door behind him and I just sit there and look around.

“Love you mom….” I look up and sigh.

I get up and take a warm shower and it felt amazing. I get out and change and head downstairs.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” Arias asks me.

“Better.” I smile.

“Good, hungry?” He asks me and I look at the food and frown.

“Not really, where’s everybody else?” As I notice it’s only him here.

“Evan and Julius are talking, the Twins are in the academy like we said they never leave that place and the mini twins are outside playing in the garden but if you want to go back up to your room and relax you can.. I’ll take care of the twins today.” Arias stands up and I smile at him.

“Um actually do you think I can walk around the forest?”

“Yea, just please be careful.” He smiles.

“Okay, I just need some fresh air.” I go outside and I am greeted with the cool breeze of autumn.

I get my phone and dial Nyx’s number.

“Well look who finally remembered me.” She laughs and her voice brings so much joy to me..


“Kam is something wrong?” She asks worried and I didn’t know I was crying.

“Um..” I laugh nervously and sniff, “Yea, I just really miss you.”

“I miss you too but did something happen? Are they treating you right over there?” Great she’s worried now!

“Of course, I feel part of the family its just I had a dream about my mom and I miss at least a part of my old life…” I sniff.

“Oh Kam..I’m sorry. I really do wish I was over there but I am glad to hear you are better over there.”

“I am, I met these nice people at the Academy and we are starting to be really good friends except no one can replace you.”

“Of course because no one is as cool and beautiful and amazing like me.” She boost herself up and I giggle.

“Ugh hopefully I can see you one day, how’s everything over there?” I pick at a pine tree and I look up and it seems familiar…

“Its been good, fought the old hag again and……” I ignore her and stare intently at the path in front of me..

“Follow me..” I hear the Angelic voice.

“Hello? Hello? Kam?” I remeber that Nyx was talking.

“Hey Nyx I’ll call you later..”

“Wait! Why?” I hang up on her and slowly go up the path.

“Come…” The voice leads me.

I walk up to see a twitching rabbit. It’s bleeding out. I smell the blood and I’m hypnotic to the smell and the color..

I crouch down and just stare at the dark wine blood just flowing out the pure innocent creature. What did you do little buddy? I pet it and I get blood on my hand I look at my hand moving my head side to side trying to control my urges to taste it.

Something inside my body is begging for this blood. It looks so much more better than the food at the table.

I notice my hand is slowly coming up to my lips and I stop myself, how can I not manage to control myself..I get this burning sensation in my throat. Its dry and I’m thirsty.

I put my finger in my mouth and I taste the blood and I get gag reflexes and I stand up and run to a bush and throw up.. That was disgusting! I throw up even more and I hold onto a tree and wipe my lips.

What the **** is wrong you me? I literally just tried blood? I’m going insane!

I walk back to the house and I walk in.

“Hey how you feeling?” Julius ask me but I just walk past him.

“I…I. I’ll be in my room.” I stutter and he gives me a weird face.

“What’s wrong with her?” Hazel pops out of the dinning room.

I lock my door and I go and wash my hands and I throw water onto my face and I look at my reflection and I look closer and I see my eyes have a slight red in them. I close my eyes and breath in and out.

Calm down Kamaria. Calm down. I open my eyes and jump as a see my eyes bright red and I have fangs and blood all over my face. I close my eyes again and open them and I looked normal…

What is wrong with me? I look in the room and see I have a bag to put away. I grab it and something falls out of it.

I look down and it’s the rose… I don’t remember packing it. I grab it and smell it, it smells fresh. I grab a glass and fill it with water and I put in on my desk and my window bust open and a huge gush of wind come into the room and I jump.

I walk over to the window and I throw myself down as something flies into my room. I look up to see a barn owl but those don’t live here….

I stare at it and it’s breathtaking….It’s feathers are snow white from the face and chest and the back is a mix of gold and white..

“What are you doing here?” It looks at me with it’s big black eyes like if it’s listening to me. I sit on my bed and it flies and lands on my bed, I am frozen.

“Hi…” What do I say to a bloody bird? It’s just starring at me, it slowly starts moving towards me and my breath hitches and I can’t breath because I’m scared to scare it off.

It hoots and I jump.

“What are you doing here?” I ask it pecks my hand, “Ow.” What the heck? It goes under my hand and I pet it and it starts purring?

Do owls pur? What the? I’m shocked…scared…excited…nervous…anxious… probably every emotion there is..

I slowly start calming down and it jumps on my knee and I just stare at it and it stares back at me and I see a spark in its eyes and I pet the chest.

“Are you a girl?” I ask it and it just tilts its head. “Are you a boy?” and it hoots.. This bird did not just answer me. I am seriously going insane right now.

“Can you understand me?” I feel like an idiot! It hoots again and my mouth drops and I am flabbergasted.

“Fine I’ll give a name. And you tell me if you like it or not.” I smile as it hoots.

“Um…Oh I know Nakir!” I say proudly and he hoots. Yes!

“I know you will be my Angel.” I smile and then he just flies away….hm.

I get up and close my window and sigh, time to sleep but I can’t. I grab a book and I start reading and eventually I fall asleep. 

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