Creatures in the Midst

By @Tiggisherewithyou

Creatures in the Midst

By @Tiggisherewithyou

Jack is an ordinary kid who goes to an ordinary school. The only thing is... he has blue eyes. The government keeps track of Jack, watching his every move. Go with Jack and read about his big adventure.

Chapter 1


The bell rings, echoing throughout the whole school. Jack lets his head fall to his desk creating a soft bang. His golden yellow hair covers his face shielding his face from the bright light that spews into the classroom. Jack raises one of his hands to the top of his head softly itching. He quietly lets out a huff as he pulls himself up from his desk, watching his desk slowly decrease in size. As he wobbly walks to the door he glances down to his teacher “Have a good day Mrs.” He says not making eye contact with her. As quickly as he can he leaves shutting the door behind him, before his teacher could talk back to him. The strong scent of the odd gupe served at the cafeteria leaves his nostrils as he listens to the front doors of the schools slam shut behind him. Jack keeps his eyes fixed on his white and gray shoes as he pads along the gravel path moving away from the school, making his way to his log and brick house. He shuts his eyes ignoring the laughs, whispers, and pointing fingers from the other kids in the school.

“Hi…” says a kid as she waves at Jack. He stops and looks at her, she smiles nicely to him as he looks behind her at a short and stubby boy slowly walking up.

“Um…I got to go…” He says as the boy gets closer. Jack turns the other way, his pace quickening to a slow jog. The boy comes up to Jack’s side staying there for a moment then roughly pushing him in the shoulder. Jack falls to the ground looking around the dark gray ally that the boy has pushed him into.

“Hay Blue Eyes!” says the boy as he looks at Jack snickering and poping his knuckles. The boy eyes Jack and laughs as he looks at Jack’s blue eyes. Jack narrows his eyes as two other boys come out from behind the first.

“Leave me alone Benny…” Says Jack as he tries to get up, putting his hands on the coarse gravel. The boy waves his hand and the other two come up. One kicks Jack in the side as a loud crunch occurs on his side. Jack winces in pain, his eyes tearing up.

“Leave you alone? Mhm and what are you going to do about Blue Eyes?” Says the boy as he starts to snicker with the other two. “Show him a lesson guys. Never talk back to Benny and his gang!” The other boys start to kick Jack’s sides again. Quickly Jack covers his face and head with his hands and his arms making it easier for the boys to kick his sides. He winces in pain his eyes watering more and his face turning cherry red.

“Ya what are you going to do about it Blue eyes!” yells the boys between breaths as they proceed in kicking his sides. Jack holds his head and rolls over, his back facing upwards and his belly down. The harsh feeling of the boys big feet on his back make him yelp in pain as the boys laugh again. “Better be quiet or we’ll kick ya even harder!”

“Leave…Me…Alone…” Says Jack between deep breaths. He watches as one of the boys picks up his foot again coming in for another kick. Jack quickly grabs the boy’s foot. The boy’s eyes widen with horror as Jack positions his palm onto the soul of the shoe. He pushes with all his strength, shoving the boy skidding on his back across the gravel. The boy yells in pain as he gets up holding his back. Jack looks at his hands then at the boys back, speckled with blood. He stares at the other boy as he backs away slowly then turns running away and out of the ally.

“You should not have dont that Blue eyes!” yells Benny as Jack pulls himself up from the ground, holding the wall for support. Benny pulls his fist up and back getting ready for a punch as Jack looks around the ally for a way to get out of the situation. In a flash Benny punches, a loud cry of pain echoed through the alley and the sound of a loud crack of a boan. Benny’s eyes tear up as he looks to his side to see Jack standing there, his eyes wide with surprise. Jack looks at Benny’s fist, hanging at a angle and a small dent in the bricks of a small house. Jack quickly turns his eyes open wide with surprise and worry as he bolts out of the ally and away from the school. He bolts to his house not worrying about the pain in his side. He tries to forget about the kids in the ally and his eyes droop with sadness.

“Why did I do that…” he thinks sadly. He slowly pads along the gravel path, slowly making his way to his house. He holds his books tight in his arms, tightening his grip. Jack shuts his eyes and they start to water. “WHY DID I DO THAT!” He screams out into the open space around him.

The sound of a heavy weighted man running behind him gets his heart rate pumping quickly. He bolts away quickly looking back to see the huge cop running right behind his heals, batton pulled and whistle in his mouth. Jack swints as the sharp sound of the loud whistle blows, he pumps his arms, his legs going faster than before. He keeps running as the cop drops away putting his hands on his knees huffing and puffing.

Jack smiles “Get in better shape sir…” he thinks as he keeps his pace up until he reaches his log and brick house.

Once there he stops outside, looking at the lonely red, yellow tree outside. “The only tree in the community, just like me…” He looks down at his hands as he takes out the papers that he has worked on in class.

“A, a, a, a…” he softly reads out to himself. “I can’t even do one thing right in this world.” His eyes tear up as he puts the papers away and looks back at the lonely tree. Its branches wave in the wind making a soft rustling sound. The creak of the door to his house takes him out of his dream like trance and his mother comes out to greet him.

“Hello honey, how was your day?” She says looking him in the eyes then looking him over. “Are you ok Jack?” she asks as Jack slowly lowers his head to the ground. “Come, come…” she says as she waves her hand at the door motioning him to go inside. Jack slowly follows her in closing the door behind her with a soft bang.

“Sit.” she says as she pulls two small white chairs from beneath the wooden table. They both sit looking eachother in the eyes. “What happened?” she says as Jack starts to pull up one side of his shirt. His black and blue, blood crusted side shows making his mother gasp in surprise. She bends down and gets a binocular thing from one of the drawers. She puts it over her eyes and looks his side over finding the broken rib lodged in his side.

“I’m fine mother…” Jacks says as he forces his eyes closed as his mother carefully wraps his sides in a white sheet.

“You’re not fine… you’re hurt and I won’t tolerate this with you.” she says in a hoarse voice as her eyes meat with hers. “Whoever did this to you is going to pay. Who was it?”

Jack stairs at the ground not answering her question. She stares at him for a moment then sighs.

“Ok then Jack. Dinner will be ready in a moment.” she says as she switches on the table. It starts to hum softly then shake making a meal for two.

“I’m fine mother… I just want to go to bed.” he says as he looks up to his mother. She sighs again and nods as he gets up and walks down the blank hallway, passing multiple rooms until he gets to his. He swings the door open then shuts it with a soft bang that russell’s his body. Jack lets himself fall to his white bed, covering his face with his arm. The feeling of his long golden yellow hair tickling his neck annoys him making him growl in anger. Hours pass, not letting Jack get even one moment of sleep until twelve o’clock…monster hunting time. He bolts out his room as quietly as he can then to the front door opening it softly and then shutting it. He scans the walk ways for cops or someone that could see him.

Then he bolts. Running at full speed listening to the sound of the rocks rolling down the hill. He keeps the edge of the dome in his sight ignoring the hard pain in his sides. Quickly stopping before he hits the glass dome. He waits there for a moment listening and straining his eyes to see if he can spot anything in the distance. A big creature come out of the mist outside. It raises it beak and starts to purr as hit rubs its gigantic head on the glass. It stops and roars looking out into the forest then flies away making the trees bend in the winds that is wings make.

Hour Later: Jack looks at the clock watching every minute pass by, not being able to get to sleep. The thought of the creature stuck in his mind not leaving. “What was that? Would it have attacked me if I was outside of the dome? Why haven’t I heard of it before?” His thoughts linger inside his mind making him unable to sleep. “Should I go to find out what it is? Or stay?” He looks around the room listening to the small creeks of the house settling. The creaks sooth him and his eyes droop… slowly putting him into a quiet, dream filled sleep..

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