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By @Snake-of-Eden


Funny how the best thinking happens while driving, good practice for my working memory, holding ideas in my head till I can pull over.

This track is still under development but as ideas go, I’m pretty happy with this one too.

Musical notes. 4/4. 4 bars per line, 4 beats per line, key of a minor. 95bpm. Chords: verse progression: F7 C7 F7 D7 chorus regression: Fmj Cmj Fmj Dmj sus4

Bridge chords: Gm7, Am, Gm (f shape at third fret) Am6, D7 and back to an F major.

Alternative main progression 1 4 5 in f major with the same configuration of 6th, 7ths and suspended chords.

You’re my anaesthesia.

For my human condition.

Bring me down to the sky.

Make my demons cry.

I’m crashing!

Down and out to sea.

I’m crashing! 

Put a line in me.

I’m crashing down to earth.

And back down to her!

(Rest resolve tension)

Be my analgesia.

Bring on the amnesia.

Bring my soul back to me.

Push me down to my knees

Coz I’m crashing!

See my heartbeat in lights.


I’ll give up the fight! 

I’m crashing back to shore.

What am I living for!?


Kill it.

Kill the pain.

Bring the shadow.

From the rain.

Gotta keep that,

Pressure down.

Cut me off

And let me drown.

Coz I’m crashing!

(Solo middle 8)

Pre-out to chords differ from main progression.

F7, C7, Fmj, Dm, Dmj

So be my anaesthesia.

Numb the human condition.

Tape up the cracks in my heart.

Before I fall apart.



(Continue main progression for fade out)

(Solo and fade out.)

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