Cracked Universe

By @NanaNanoBite
Cracked Universe

Pandoria a universe. Fairly big but still smaller than Laniakea (The earth universe). But not tiny either. Pandoria is full of planets. Such as Novaria and Mellona. Those are the two big ones. Then Octeria and Plonon. Those are two of the most populated. Then there are trillions more. But, for now, we start on Lovaria. Perhaps the smallest of all the planets. This Planetbis in the Swashian Galaxy. But, This is not a story of space and stars. This is about gods and goddesses. Demigods and Magic

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

MOLLY PIPER CLAY ran through the crowds. She was running from someone. She was running from The love of her life. For the loves of her life. As complicated as that sounds she had no choice. Because to save the two, the one must go. So Molly ran far across the plaza where they He bands played nonstop and the crowds clumped like clouds. She didn’t stop until she was sure that he was gone. She then crouched low to the ground and took the basket from her side. She opened it to find her to little angels lying there silently. “My sweet angels! I fear that I cannot keep you. For your father would not understand. I leave you instead to this home where you will be raised and in time taken to Camp Lovana. The people there will help you on your quest.” Molly continued on into a small town with few people. She left the basket at the doorstep ,as tears ran down her pink cheeks, and ran once again. This time to her death.


10 YEAR OLD MASON watched as the clouds rolled by. He and his Twin sister Mabel had been repainting the white picket fence a nice peachy color. Once they had finished the laid in the grass and watched the sky. Both thinking about the same thing but saying nothing. Mabel broke the peace with one question “When do you think they will come?” She asked the sky

“Who?” Mason pondered in reply

“Our parents? Or someone who wants us?” Mabel replied. St. Marie’s Orphanage was a nice place as far as the come, but however, it was not home. They never felt 100% safe there ever since their arrival 9 years ago. The nearest thing to a home they had, besides each other, was Eva. She was the woman that had brought them to the orphanage. She came to visit nearly everyday. She told them stories of great heroes and other world. Of course, they all knew there was other planets. And life on each one. But not everyone is aloud to travel the universe. Well anyone could but, not everyone did. 

“I don’t know Mabel…” Mason sighed. “Maybe someday.” He hugged his sister close to him.


12 YEAR OLD MABEL awoke by a shake. She saw Eva shaking her and Mason awake. “Wake up Wake up! It’s time to go now.” She had said. Mabel sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as her brother mirrored her. 

“Why?” They both inqiered at the same time. 

“Because it’s not safe here anymore” The woman had said. “We are under stack.”

Mabel looked around for the other kids and found them all sleeping. “What about the other children Ma’dam Eva?” Eva smiled at the little girl and helped them dress.

“They are not important as you my little angels. They will be saved by the gods hands. You two however must be taken somewhere else. Somewhere safe for you.” Eva then grabbed their hands and marched with them out the door. “Let’s go before they smell us.”

“Before who smell us Ma’dam?” Mason wondered as he followed the woman and his sister through the dark cold night. “Surely we would be safe if we went to the police?”

“No! The police are not like you! They would not believe us.” Eva took the children into the woods. 

“Ma’dam? Ma’dam Eva I’m scared!” Mabel cried. “Who is gonna get us?” Mabel reached out to her brother but Eva moved to fast. 

“Monsters, little heroes. Like the ones from my stories. They wish to keep you as their own. But ma’dam Eva will not let that happen. You are safe with me. Young heroes, as long as I shall live I shall protect you. For that is my sacred duty!” She had brought the children to a cave. Inside there was multiple objects, such as spears bows and all types of different weaponry and armory. She had set out two little dots for the children. “Sleep little heroes, for tomorrow ignights a new day.” She said. The two children drifted off to sleep.


THE CHILDREN awoke to voices. One sounded horrific and grizzly. One craggy and witch-like. The last voice was Ma’dam Eva’s voice. They we talking of the children. Then the first voice screamed in agony and the children raced to She that the other voices had not belonged to people, but to horrid monsters! The one that was connected to the first voice was bleeding out silver ink. The other was shocked. Stood there for a minute before yelling that Eva would pay and made a large shrieking sound. More monsters like her came. Eva put up an amazing fight! She took down monsters by herself. Dozens of them. Like she had been doing it for eternity. One by one the monsters fell. And Eva prevailed. But there were too many. Eva couldnt do it alone. She was tiring. Getting weaker. Her confidence shrinking. And the monsters were growing angrier. Then out of the darkness from beyond the cave approached 2 new people. They were human. They started attacking the monsters as well. Eva now had a confidence boost and fought hard. When nearly all the monsters were powder Eva bagan to loosen up again. The 2 others killed of the rest. But then another, one who was hissing in the shadows came out and lunges at Eva. The monster died by the sword of its victim. But it’s victim didn’t live either. The children ran to the woman who was the closest thing to a mom they had and cried. The 2 Other people walked towards the children. More of the monsters were coming. They needed to get out of there. The two older males lifted up the children even through their resisting and carried them away. They carried them to a near by camp. Not anything permanent but the children immediately felt safer. The older men brought them into a tent.

“My name is Dakota Wilco Angelace. This is my friends William.” The shorter one said. The other one nodded.

“I am William James Soulery. We have come to take you to Camp Lovana.” He stood serious and towered over them. He was frightening to the small children. “Get some rest. We leave in the morning.” He spoke before leaving them in the tent with Dakota.

“Sorry…. He’s scary sometimes but, he’s really just a sweet heart!” Dakota smiled and gave the children a bag. “Here. Change into these. They will keep you warm.” Dakota left the tent for them to change. 

“Look!” Mabel pulled out an eskimo-ish outfit. “It’s pretty! And so soft!” She was smiling as she began to change. Not worrying about mason being there because they were twins so they changed and bathed together often. Mason pulled out an outfit that was like what the older two men wore.

“Dakota? Come on… we should sleep as well.” Dakota stopped humming sniffled and stood up.

“Yeah okay let’s go.” DKota stood up and leaned down to whisper goodnight to the children. “We will leave when you wake.” He walked out of the tent with William. Mabel and Mason cuddled into each other and fell into a slumber


MASON WOKE TO HIS SISTER SINGING. Mabel was humming while putting on her shoes. 

“Mabel? Why didn’t you wake me?” He asked groggily

“You looked so peaceful. I’m sorry,” She smiled and went over to hug her brother. “We were waiting for you to wake up so we could leave.” She said and stepped out of the tent. Mason put his shoes on and joined his sister outside. “He’s on his way now.” She said to the other two. 

“Morning.” He said. The others heads snapped twards him

“Morning” William said and walked to the tent

“Where is the other tent?” Mason couldn’t find the other tent anywhere. Not even a tent bag. 

“We put it away.” Dakota said as he followed William and they did something to the tent. The tent popped up and folded itself into a tiny little square that Dakota put into the pack on his back. “Lets go. We have a bit to walk before we can ride back to camp.” And the group set off walking. 


MABEL LOVED THE PEGASI. She thought that they were the prettiest. There were four of them. Two gold and two silver. One of each was smaller. They were abviously children. William walked to the Big silver one, “Ryder. That’s his name.” He said proudly.

“This is Rani! She’s the mom. She is gorgeous!” Dakota said snuggling with the big gold one. “The other two are for you. The Silver is a girl and the gold a boy. They are twins too. Go ahead and pick one, name it, then we will ride.” Dakota fed his horse.

“Okay, you chose first Mabel”Mason declared. Mabel walked to the silver one first. Then to the gold. She decided she liked the gold. And it liked her too! The gold Pegasi nuzzled into her. She’s laughed and hugged it. “I’ll call you Kin!” The Pegasi seemed to love the name as it danced and pranced around Mabel. “It means gold in Japanese!”. 

“Ok. Then I’ll take Gin! That’s silver.” The silver Pegasi pranced to Mason and nuzzled gently into him.

“Alright. Let’s fly.” William said as Dakota lifted Mabel onto her Pegasi then walked over to mason.

“No… I-i got it!” Mason called. He wanted to look cool infront of Mabel and the others. Mostly Mabel though. He tried to hop up. But he struggled. Grunting he hauled himself onto his Pegasi and….. right off the other side. William jogged over and helped him up. 

“Here. Like this.” William rested his hands on Mason and showed him how to get on the Pegasi. Mason blushed, feeling Williams breath on his neck and his voice in his ear. William let him go and went back to his horse. Hopping on and taking off. The others followed. The children didn’t have to do much since their baby Pegasi wanted nothing more that to go after mama.


AFTER WHAT FELT LIKE HOURS, the Pegasi landed infront of a giant arch. William and Dakota hopped off their Pegasi and helped Mabel and Mason down. They walked through the Arch and the world around them shifted from a forest to a beautiful land. It was nothing major. But it was a very pretty camp.

“Welcome To Camp Lovana!” Dakota Smiled. “It’s not much… But Camp is our home. It’s where we belong. And fit in. It’s our place.” Dakota smiled and laughed. “Let’s introduce you to our friends.” Dakota and William took us to a cabin. 

“I’m exited.” Mabel said. Though Mason was nervous. 

“This is it. If we stay here everything changes.” Mason watched his sisters face as she thought about that.

“I’m okay with that.” She smiled. She nodded at Me and I smiled too. 


Dakota opened a door. Not only to the cabin. But to their new life. Full of good things and friendships. But also uncertainty and Shade.

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