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Confessions Of The Wildy Insane

By @Jkleinbohl

There Is A DIfference Between Being Alive And Living.

Alright, This is going to be a free-flowing, loose, open writing.. When I was younger I asked my doctor what you are suppose to do if it is your mind that is sick..and before I could say anymore he responded with “get a pen and some paper”

So I did just that. Writing has always been a form of coping for me.. I’ve had some blogs before, diaries, journals.. I ramble.. I use to do it verbally..to anyone and everyone..I use to beg people to listen because I needed to talk..but now I don’t tend to say anything that doesn’t necessarily need to be said.. I write instead.. So that’s what this is..a safe place for me to ramble and to fulfill my need to just get it out..

I have this brain, these thoughts, this knowledge.. My mind is a contradictive place, full of darkness surrounded by light..and this, this writing, this “book” as Its called is a map.. A map that will cover every single road, every dark corner and crevice..

This writing will serve as a window into my life, my being, my soul.. This is where I stop living and start being alive. You’re welcome to come along with me, to take the map in your hands and to explore the beautiful and ugly things that make me, me.

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