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Collision of Fates (Updated)

By @CollisionOfFates


“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir

Collision of Fates


Millions of stars shone brightly in a sky surrounded by galaxies. A young woman sat by a lake of crystal blue water that shone in the moonlight. Her mysterious robes seemed to reflect the night sky and the calm stillness of the night. Six stars twinkled brighter than the rest in a perfect circle. A light breeze blew softly as she looked up at the sky, murmuring to herself and tracing the starry pattern with her finger. She brushed her long, wavy brown hair away from her face and closed her dark purple eyes in concentration. A vision suddenly engulfed her mind and an image of four other wizards exploded into reality. Her eyes flew open. The figures flashed before her in a fraction of a second before disappearing into the night.   

The young woman stood up and her robes blew around in a sudden gust of wind. She gazed across the water to the future, her eyes filled with hope. A wizard walked over to her, his grey cloak concealing his past.  

“What have you seen, Destiny?” he asked her. Destiny turned and looked at him.

“The elements are awakening, Stone,” she said in a hushed tone. “Our world is about to change forever.” 

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