Formative Years

By @Daniela26

Formative Years

By @Daniela26

This is my collection of poetry, written sporadically beginning in November 2015 to now. I'll be adding things to it; hopefully, more frequently than when I first began. :)

Chapter 5


He is this.

He looks like this when he’s working out in the gym.

He is, but not exclusively, this.

He pretends he is this when someone hurts him,

But sometimes he can’t be this.

His girlfriend thinks he’s this all the time,

But that’s because she doesn’t see him when he feels the opposite of this

When he is alone, when he’s not obligated to be this.

Everyone thinks he is this,

But he is the only one that knows he has never been this.

Because it is socially unacceptable for him to be anything but


//November 2015//

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