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Collection of Poems

By @unikyky25



Amber, golden, glowing

Streaked across the sky

My mind slowing

Looking up high

On the soft grass

Watching the clouds

My head bowed

Peace at last


Whoosh of the wind in my hair

Zooming down through the air

Lost my breath, gasping hard

If I land, I’ll be in shards

Heart is pounding faster now

I’m falling but I can’t allow

My heart to stop


Gold is the smell of freshly baked bread

Gold is the taste of sweet candy

 Gold is the feel of sequins and glitter

Gold is the sound of coins clinking

Gold looks like joy, shining bright


A fairy giggle

Tinkling, filling the air with joy and magic

A Santa laugh

Making everyone feel right at home

A maniacal guffaw

When people wonder what’s so funny

A happy chortle

That makes everyone want to laugh along

A joyous chuckle

Because there’s so many reasons to be happy


Wonder what’s out there

Beyond my home

Is it really fair

That we can’t roam?

Wonder what I’ll see

If I go a bit further

Than beyond the trees

If I find wonder

And treasures galore

You’ll wish you had wandered

A little bit more

Further out there

Where the skies are blue

Don’t be scared

It’s the truth!


Beauty is the tinkling of a young girl’s laughter

Beauty is a flower growing in the cracks in the sidewalk

Beauty is the way that man sings when no one’s looking

Beauty is when someone you walk past smiles at you

Beauty is the way those leaves fall softly to the ground

Beauty is when a friend hugs you, just because

Beauty is how the sun shines through the clouds

Beauty is remembering our hope through Christ


Just a little heartbeat, was all she was

We think no one sees her, but God sure does

Just a little bump on her mother right now

God’s still caring for her, though we can’t see how

A little life in there, not seen to me and you

But she’s still a person, that much is true

So how can people say, “I don’t want you, child”?

How can they kill one who has not yet smiled?

So let us fight for those who can’t yet fight

Let us remember God gives the unborn His light

Let us pray for those who don’t see the truth

For those who don’t care about those unborn youth

So don’t let anyone treat you with scorn

Just because you fight for God’s unborn


A puddle on the attic floor

Rain streaks on the wooden door

It was a thunderstorm in the attic

Thunderous echoes booming

Lightning flashes looming

It was a thunderstorm in the attic

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