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Cobwebs for Brains

By @RJoAshley

Short Story Chapter 1

Didn’t you hear me? You are making dinner cold, you ‘cobwebs for brains’! Hurry up! said triangle-headed Leonilda with a grimace and a roll of her eyes. Lilly silently and shakily shuffled after her mother to the dinner table as she hadn’t eaten all day. Was it her choice not to eat? If asked, Leonilda would insist that it was her empty-brained daughter’s choice not to eat. However, Lilly knew her own truth; she simply couldn’t refuse the intriguing people, of times past, who beckoned her to join them in word and heart.

If you have sex with one person before marriage that is not enough, and if you have sex with 3 people before marriage then that is too many! Lilly sat at the dinner table silently dumbfounded that her balding, yet otherwise respectable, father would say such things in front of all of her family members. I’m just saying this because we need to keep the lines of communication open. Lilly, in wrinkled pajamas and unkempt golden ringlets, stared off into the distance as she pondered what she had ever done to cause her father to think that the lines of communication were closed; she wasn’t sneaky…well…except for sneaking a few delicious semi-sweet dark chocolate chips out of the cupboards each night. Lilly’s mind wandered off into a momentary reverie wondering what she herself would look like if she turned into a giant blueberry. Wouldn’t that be funny if she really had to roll around on her side like a balloon down the street? Would her arms and legs flay out to the sides?

Why aren’t you saying anything?!? shouted her father. Honey, don’t pay attention to her, she has cobwebs for brains. She can’t even remember what I made for dinner last night. What did I make for dinner last night, Lilly? demanded her mousy brown-haired mother. Lilly sat there wondering what was so important about dinner last night since it didn’t compare to her daily adventures through the past, the present and the future. As Lilly sat there, trying to figure out what she ate for dinner the night before, her face uncontrollably leaked a look of disgust at the thought that it was probably freezer burnt pork chops. To your room now, you are grounded! shouted Leonilda. Lilly up and sauntered away thinking that at least she had her books regardless of how empty her stomach was; she could easily escape the hunger. Not so fast, Lilly! Lights out now, and no reading! Her mother’s words trailed her to her room, but they were no match for Lilly; there was moonlight outside of her window.

Lilly was on high alert, just in case her bedroom door might suddenly swing open, as she read by the moonlight. Fortunately for her, her family forgot about her as she traveled back to 1400’s America full of pure, affectionate, and strong Native American boys bounding playfully across sparkling brooks, flowery meadows, and silently seductive forests in chase of their prized doe-like princesses. Before Lilly knew it, the book came to an end. Lilly always thought that it was such a sad occasion for a book to end as she always wanted to continue dancing, among the silvery wisps of wind and word, with her beloved friends for much longer than a day or two. Just as in real life, making new friends in print was never easy for Lilly; it took at least a whole chapter to get to know each new friend intimately enough to adventure with. Sad as it was for Lilly, starting a new book that night was a much better alternative than having to think about her own life and lack of true friends; never mind boyfriends. So, although it was midnight, she pulled the next library book out of her trusty green backpack.

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