Chronicles of the Chosen Ones

By @star1714
Chronicles of the Chosen Ones

When two sisters go through a horrible accident they find that they have powers. When unleashing those powers they've unlocked powers of four other girls. They going through horrible accidents as well and together they will take on the world.

Chapter 1

Chapter One: One Awful Birthday


IT was supposed to be a great day. We were suppose to go home and blow out the candles from the cake, then open the presents I got from my family. As you can tell that didn’t happened. What happened was- well I’ll just tell you.

It all started when I woke up to “ Little do you know” playing on my phone. I pressed the stop button and shut my alarm off, I checked the time and it read 5:00AM. I went on my phone (DON’T JUDGE!) since I didn’t need to get ready until 5:50. I know what you’re going to say ‘ why do wake up earlier than you need to?’ well I’ll tell you because one: I’m an early bird and two: because I like to have free time before I start school. Anyways I went and got ready and put on a pretty outfit, then I went and ate breakfast. Did I forget to mention it’s my birthday, that’s basically one of the only reasons why I’m wearing a pretty outfit.

When I arrived at school I was greeted by some of my friends in homeroom. “ Happy birthday Eryn!”, said my friend Katelyn. “ Thanks Katelyn.”, I said tiredly. “ Aww Eryn it’s okay it won’t be that bad,” she said. Okay so I probably should explain, today is my orchestra concert. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE orchestra, but today is my birthday and I really wanted to spend time with my friends and family. Little did I know that I was really going to need that time.” I know Katelyn I just really don’t want to do this on my birthday”, “ Don’t forget I’ll be there”, she said cheerfully.

Of course she’ll be there she’s the lead violin player and no I’m not jealous I’m actually very proud of her. She does other stuff too besides orchestra, she also does ballet and chinese classes. “ I guess that’s better, at least I’ll hang out with you.” we hug, then morning announcements come on.


“ Bye Eryn happy birthday!”

“ Bye Katelyn , thank you!”

After homeroom I go to next period, ugh math. Now don’t get me wrong I love math ‘I know I’m a nerd ‘, but I really don’t like the teacher that much and I don’t feel like having math this early. Anyways where was I, oh yeah math, so class was starting and I was doing my warm-up when


I am going to kill her’.

GRACIEMARIE!”, I yelled to my best friend.


All of a sudden it was like the class just processed what she just said and started started shouting left and right ‘ happy birthday Eryn’.

 “ Happy birthday Eryn.”, my other best friend whispered to me

“ Thanks Jenny”.

Now you see that’s how you do it Gracie, take some notes!’


Next period was interesting to say the least, I had history. I walking in the classroom trying to find the person I was looking for, ‘found her’,

“ Happy birthday Eryn!”, said my sister from another mister ‘I know I’m weird you’re not first to say this’. “ Thanks Ashley”, she grinned

Next thing I know my friend Amealya came with a gift bag in her hand. “ Happy birthday Eryn”, she handed me the bag. “What’s this?” I asked curiously. I opened up to see treats that I’ve never tried before. There was pixie sticks, gushers, candy canes, and honey buns. If I’m being really honest I honestly never even heard of honey buns- * cue dramatic gasps*- until my friend Rayuana mention it and I asked what we they were. She honestly look at me as if I told her I didn’t know what the internet was. Anyways back to subject, I also saw my favorite chocolate and my favorite candy, Hershey’s cookies & creme and Skittles.

“ Oh my god Amealya thank you!”

“ It’s no problem really”

I hugged her and me, Ashley, and Amealya went inside and sat in our seats, which were right next to each other. While we waiting for the teacher to start class Amealya turned to me.

“ So Eryn what time were you actually born?”

“ Um, 10:38… I think”

“So you’re officially turning 14 this period?”

“ Yeah…why’d you ask?”

“ No reason”, she smirked

I knew Amealya was up to something. She started whispering some things to Ashley that I could not hear.

Soon it was 10:38 and Amealya then stood up in front of the whole class.

“Excuse me everyone”, she started

What is she doing?’

“Right now at 10:38 at this time right now in honor of me and Ashley we would like to say our girl Eryn is now officially 14.”

Oh. My. God’

We started laughing so hard that at one point I started crying. It was also times like these that was glad I had brown skin so they couldn’t see my blush of embarrassment. ‘Wait can I even blush?’


The rest of the day calm after that, a few happy birthdays here and there. One especially coordinated one from my other ‘sister’ Carmen

After school I went to doing my homework because I wouldn’t have a lot of time after my concert. Right now was 4:42 and my concert was 7:00, but I had to be there by 6:15.

I start getting ready by 5:30, we leave at 6:00. Once I get there I start practicing with my orchestra team. I spot Katelyn a few minutes later also practicing with her violin. She’s was amazing like always.


-Time skip to after concert-

I walk out of the school with my family, not before I hug my friends goodbye.

“ Eryn puedes poner el cinturón a tu hermano“,(Eryn can you the put the seatbelt on your brother) my mom says

“ sure “, I tell him

I buckle in my little brother Max who just turned 3 in November. The cold December breeze sends me in chills while I hurry to buckle my brother into his car seat.

“ Took you long enough”, my little sister Eloise said

“Well sorry!”, I said sarcastically

“Eryn, Eloise no fighting”, mom says with her hispanic accent

I should explain my family, we are from a country called Peru. It is right next to Brazil, most people without a brain and/ or don’t care never heard of it. Which is funny considering it holds one of the seven wonders of the world; Machu Picchu. Anyways my family and I came to America when I was around 1 and a ½ years old, and yes that means I was born in Peru too. So where was I…

“ Well she started it” , my brat of a 9 year old sister said

“ What?!? I did nothing she’s the one trying to start a fight!”

“ Ya basta, cállense si no voy castigarte!”, (Enough, be quiet if not I’m going to ground you! ), my mom yells

We stay silent, it’s quiet the whole ride except for the sound Max giggling at his tablet. That’s was until-

“ Dad?”, Eloise says

“ Yes baby?”

“ There’s a car near us.”, she whispers with fear

“ It’s probably nothing-”, crash

They hit us in the back pushing me and my siblings forward. Dad starts speeding up while he looks through the rearview mirror. He look at mom with a knowing look.

“ Dad what’s happening?!?”, I ask voice cracking

He doesn’t answer, he actually starts speeding up. We start crossing a bridge, the car still chasing us.

“ Dad…”, my sister tell him warily while looking out the window. He ignores her.

“ Dad.”, she says again with a bit more confidence

“DAD!” , she screams

Next thing I know the car hits us sending making the car start spinning. All I remember is my brother’s cries and my sister’s screams.

Then darknest.


I woke up with the dirt and rubble in my face . I wince when I lift my face off the ground feeling the stinging pain on my cheeks. I saw a pinkish haze surrounding me, I thought I was hallucinating. It soon went away, I then lifted myself up and scanned my surroundings. I spot Eloise laying on the ground with the familiar haze that soon goes away too. “Eloise”, I tell her “ wake up”

I check her pulse ‘good I can feel it , so she’s probably just unconscious’

I hear her groan and her eyes soon start to flutter awake

“Hey Elo you okay?”

“ What does it look like?”, she asks sarcastically

yup she alright’

I lift her off the ground and we go our separate ways start scouting. I started walking and I saw something that to this day I wish I didn’t.

Two dead bodies laid on the ground

“Mom? Dad?”, I whispered breathlessly

I kneeled to the ground and started sobbing

‘No. No. No. NO!’ I took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

I stood up I started walking back to the car. Until I heard a gut wrenching scream. I ran to where I hear the scream, which lead to the car.

‘Eloise’ I ran faster until I found her sobbing on the ground. She started pointing at something once she saw me

“ Eloise what-”

My blood ran cold. All the color from my face drained when I looked upon the corpse.

Max”, she sobbed

I knelt down to her and started rubbing her back.

“ He’s gone”, she whispered while she choked down a sob

“ I know”, I say on the verge of tears

“Where’s mommy and daddy?”

I gulped, “ They’re gone too Elo”

I swear my heart broke even more so when I heard her cry even more.

Just then I heard a helicopter propeller.

“ Eloise we have the go”, told her sternly

“No!”, she screamed

“ Eloise if we don’t go we’ll be put in foster care and up for adoption, do you want that?”

She shook her head.

“ There’s a time to grieve and there’s a time to keep going, and right now it’s time to go”

We start running, I hear the helicopter coming closer. “ Faster Eloise!”, I tell her. She tries to pick up the pace, but she starts failing. We start going into the woods and losing them when something weird happens. Out of nowhere an adrenaline come out of me and I speed to the next tree. ‘ What the hell!’

“ Um what just happened?”, she says breathlessly

“ I don’t know”, then my hand starts vibrating

I speed into the other tree leaving a lightning streaks in my path.

“ woah”, my sister says combing her dark brown wavy hair

I start look at her and notice scratches on her smooth tan brown skin. I take the time look at myself and my notice my curly dark brown- almost black- hair is all knotted. Me and sister have the same color hair but if you look in the light hard enough you can see her’s is a little more brown than mine. Our hair types although are way different, she has wavy princess like hair that would love to have. My hair is curly and thick which is why I like to keep it long and so does my sister.

I look further and see some scratches and blood on my arms and legs.

“ Let’s keep going”, my sister whispers snapping me out of my trance

“Yeah let’s go.”, I lean back so she can get on my back

“ What are you doing?”

“ Making you get on my back, what does it look like?”, I fire back

“ Why?”

“ Well I just found out I have super speed might as well use it to my advantage.”

“Are you sure what if we fall?, plus where will we go?”

“ First of all: there’s only one way to find out”, she rolls her eyes “Second: last time I checked if something happens to our parents like right now, we go to our godparents”

“So which one will we go to?”

“ No offence but we are not going to yours”

“Why not?”

“Because your godfather is all the way in Ashburn, Virginia and last time I checked we are in Fredericksburg”


“That’s almost 2 hours away and I might have super speed, but I can’t control it that well!”

“Okay what about Tia Giovana?”

“ Your godmother?, Eloise I love Giovana, but she’s not that responsible.” she rolled her eyes

“ So we’re going to Tia Letty’s”, she says while now getting on my back

“ Yup, off to godmother’s house we go”

After running for 30 minutes in the now rainy streets we finally make it to Letty’s house.

We ring the doorbell and the door opens

“ What Happened?”, Letty gasps

We tell her happened, she rushes us inside. I then tell her about the super speed she starts pacing back and forth.

“Letty?”, I ask

“Hmm?”, she hums

“ What’s happening?”

She stops pacing and looks to the both of us .

“ Let me tell you guys a story”

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