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Christmas lights

By @MeaningfulMee

Christmas lights

Headphones in block the world out,

the hurt out.

Listen to the cliche teenage punk rock,

hope it works now.

Hope that you don’t cry now,

hope that no body notices you now.

Hope that you can get home safe today,

unlike to many times before.

Those’s boys,

sorry correction men.

Loved your pinafore and school cardigan many times before so what’s to say they won’t like it today.

They might have liked it but the other girls don’t.

They don’t like anything about you your hair, your tights.

No matter how hard you try it’ll never be right.

You’ll always be left crying in the girls bathroom.


Do it quiet enough and no one will ever know you were gone.

are going.

Just hold it in for a little longer.

It’s still light those’s men can’t be out yet,


Hop off that bus and take the long way home just to be on the safe side.

But nothing is safe on this side of town.

Hold your pocketknife.

keep that blade at the ready cos the police car on the street is not there to protect you.

It is only there to punish you when you react.

When you break and you can’t take it anymore.

That’s the only time you’ll see them in action.

So take out your headphones and keep your eyes pealed, ears listening, weapon in hand.

Cos there is nothing gonna protect you,

if not you.

Don’t be shocked when you see your best mate stoned.

Life catches up with people and if you don’t run from her decomposing yet somehow living body.

you’ll be next.

Don’t have any mercy for the homeless cos give away too much and you’ll be sat right next to him.

Now run.

The bus was a little late and the boys are out,

with there guns.

They hide them well but don’t doubt that there there.

And once you get to the front door you’ll be hearing the bullets.

As another baby’s life is taken away.

Now get inside before you hear them cry cos you probably grow up with them,

and hearing your cousins soul fly away is the kind of **** that keeps you up at night.

Don’t breath a sigh of relieve yet,

you might have got home safe but has your mama taken her last hit,

has the magical white powder finish her this time.

Walk into the living room see her life less body on the armchair.

Give it a shake, she doesn’t awake but she is breathing,

that’s good enough.

Can’t afford a hospital bill.

Now look for some food,

your getting skinny.

Nope, nothing.

Why aren’t you surprised?

No food but

mama’s got some left over powder.

Why not give that a whirl.

You’ve seen so much you deserve it.

You’re in so much pain just stop it for one moment.


your stronger than this.

Go to the shop buy some food.

You can go far if you just keep your head screwed on.

You have plans you want to get out of here.

And maybe with some Christmas magic you can.


You could have got out of there but you forgot your pocketknife.

Left it on the counter top by mama’s left over drugs.

Got caught up in some deal.

Never even touched an once,

but that isn’t what the newspapers will say in the morning.

By the way.

Mama isn’t going to miss you.

She’s dying too.

She’s dead.

Now your the only one left.

Holding your chest,

no ones coming.

So what’s the point in staying.

Take that last breath get it over and done with.

But look up at the Christmas lights one last time.

There beautiful aren’t they.

but the day they take them down will be the day they take your body away.

No one will be down here,

sober before then.

So see the Christmas lights,

then see them blend into one,

then the bright lights,

white light.



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