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Chocolate Chip Cookies

By @MeaningfulMee

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is strength in her brittle bones.

When her heart of gold,


When her skin turned pale.

Snow white.

Stone cold.

When her silhouette,

Became nothing more than a skeleton.

When her happily ever after,

Could only be found on a single-digit scale.

Tomorrow was just two hundred calories away.

She smoked death like a cigarette,


“Try me!”

When she stood there,



The wind blowing through her hair,

Yelling in gusts,

“Just go.”

When the sun began to set.

The end seemed like a well-deserved rest.

A goodnight’s sleep.

“Is all.”

And she yelled through the skies,

“Try me!”

When the consequences hit.

Reality only setting in,

From the white walls and a hospital bed.

She cried,

Through tired eyes and a broken heart,

“Try me.”

Recovering is a road of shattered mirrors,

And you must walk it barefoot and alone.

And the girls in your class are gonna think you got lucky,

Cos they’d die for those collar bones.

Not knowing you could’ve done.

Your gonna struggle to breathe,

filling your bin with half eaten chocolate chip cookies.

until one day,

when you finish it whole.

I know,

it seems impossible.

I know,

Sometimes it just seems easier to fall.

But I’m not scared for her.

For there is fire in her heart and there is strength in her brittle bones.

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