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Children of The Winter

By @IsabellaAnn125

The War That Changed Everything

Chapter 4

“Your brother seems to not be so fond of me.” Kallier said to Miyuki who was walking next to him as they exited the building where her father was.

Miyuki laughed. “He is my big brother. He is just being very overprotective of me. There have been some of your kind that have tried to cause me harm, especially being the chief’s daughter.” Miyuki replied.

Kallier stopped. Miyuki also stopped when she saw that Kallier wasn’t next to her.

“I don’t understand. My kind is very sweet and kind. Why would they treat you wrong?” Kallier asked with an expression of confusion on his face and sadness and disbelief at the same time.

Miyuki looked to the ground, breathed in and out slowly. She looked at him and smiled a sweet smile. “There is a lot for you to learn, Kallier.” Then she waved for him to follow her. “I’ll explain everything.” She finished and turned around and continued walking.

“This village has been here for thousands of years, Kallier.” Miyuki started to explain.

“Wait, how has this village been here without anybody from my kind noticing?” Kallier asked shocked.

“Well, they kept your people away by telling them stories. Anybody who ever ventured in here was never seen again by your people, but it was because they were killed, Kallier.” Miyuki continued to explained.

“What?!” Kallier suddenly was lost in the memories of all the stories he heard as a kid and still to this day. “I grew up with stories of people who were killed by monsters that were in the forest. So they told us to stay away at all cost possible.” He said lost in thought.

Miyuki didn’t look at him, but said, “Oh Kallier. That is the truth.”

“So they really are monsters here that kill my kind?” Kallier said, stopping infront of Miyuki. She stopped. She had a sad look on her face.

“Kallier, the monsters that I am talking about that killed your kind are indeed beast. But I’m a talking figuritively. Who I am talking about is your own kind.”

“Wait what?! My kind? What do you mean?” Kallier asked confused.

“Kallier, the Children of Summer, Spring, and Fall don’t want the Children of Winter discovered at all. If anyone ventures out here, the reason that they are never seen again is because the people who monitor us from your land, killed them before they even get a change to tell anyone.” Miyuki replied.

“But why? Why do that? Why keep you all a secret? So much that they will kill their own kind?” Kallier asked, anger and sadness overtaking him.

“Fear, Kallier. Fear.” Miyuki replied. “Fear of us. Fear of what chaos it would cause between the people again.”

“Again, what do you mean?” He asked puzzled. Miyuki continued walking. Kallier followed.

“There was once a time that your people and my people used to live together in harmony.” She said.

“Really? Then why not anymore?” What happened?” Kallier asked curiously.

“…..War, Kallier. There was a war that almost killed all your kind.” Miyuki said straight to Kallier’s face, whose eyes went wide.

“War?” He asked. “When was this?” Kallier asked shocked.

“Exactly 3,000 years ago. Only a few people from your land know, and by that I mean the government. But even only some of them know. The ones that come into the land to monitor us that is. Your kind, if they ever told someone, both the teller and hearer were killed, so they stayed quiet out of fear and we got erased from your history and peoples memories for all this years. That is why they made up these stories about monsters, when the real monsters is your government Kallier. They killed anyone who ventures out here. You came at the right time and you were blessed to have me find you and not them, or else you would have been dead by now.” Miyuki explained.

Kallier took all this in and was again lost in thought when he asked, “Monitor you, I don’t understand why?” He said. Miyuki continued walking.

“There are other differences between us other than just our appearance.” She said.

“Like what?” He asked.

“Powers. We were born with powers. Your kind doesn’t have powers.” Miyuki said.

“Really. That cool!” Kallier said excited. “Wow! You all have powers?” He asked.

“Yes we do.” Miyuki laughed.

“Can you show me? Which one do you have?” He asked like a little boy in a candy store.

Miyuki continued laughing. “Unfortunetly I can’t.” She said then raised her left hand and for the first time Kallier noticed a bracelet. It was made of metal and it looked so futuristic, unlike anything he ever seen before. It had a barcode on it, which he thought it was a bit strange.

“They monitor us if we do. They would know. Plus this bracelet kinda tunes down our powers so we would be under even more control. But if we even used the little bit left they would know and come after us to kill us.” She said a little saddened.

“Wait they will kill you?! But why? I see no harm in any of you.” Kallier said.

“Well, remember what I said before? That my kind almost killed all your kind during the war? It was because we had an advantage. So they built better weapons and captured us. Especially with their new technology where our powers get blocked and we can’t used them 100%. They put these bracelets on us and we are well controlled since we are children.”

“Wait, but why would there be a war between us in the first place? Why couldn’t we just coexist?” Kallier asked.

“We did. We were hired to do the jobs that your kind couldn’t do. We used to work for your government. Some were working in your stored lifting objects with our minds that were way too heavy for your kind to lift. Things like that. But like I said, fear. Fear is a great enemy. Fear stirred amongst your people. We truly are peaceful, but some of your kind had fear of us and stirred up the people agaisnt us, and soon the majority of your people wanted to get rid of us. They began killing us, but we began to defend ourselves and since we had an advantage your kind was easily killed. But that did not stopped them. They began building better and better weapons agaisnt us until they built the one that could stop our powers. Then they seperated us and exiled us into the land of winter, for they realized that we continue to be born no matter what.” Miyuki responded.

“Born, what do you mean?” Kallier asked, staying quiet as he was listening to Miyuki’s every word as she revealed to him the truth.

“Kallier, where do you think we come from? Just from us?” Miyuki asked. After a few seconds pause. “We come from your kind.”

“Wait! What? What do you mean, I’m confused.” Kallier said.

“We were born from your kind Kallier. We didn’t use to exist before. Maybe we are an evolution of your kind, not so sure. We began to be born about a hundred years before the war. From your kind. Babies looking completely unlike your kind began to be born by the numbers. Later they found out that we had powers. We began using our powers and strengthening them and soon jobs for us were appeared too. Some of us even worked for your government at that time. We coexisted for a while like that. But even thought were on exile, we were still born from your kind.” Miyuki said. “Our village is still growing, cause we are still being born from your kind, Kallier.”

“But how do they hide you if you are born from us? Don’t the parents see you all?” Kallier asked.

“When we are first born, the difference is obvious. You know how the father’s are not allowed in the delivery room? Well the mother is alone. The pale skin, blue eyes, and our tattoo are there since birth. We are taken into another room immediately and the mother is told that we were born with a very contagious disease. When the nurse comes back, the mother is told that we died immediately, and since the disease is contagious, we cannot even be seen but burned immediately. If the mother sees the child, they give them “medicine” immediately but that is only to killed the mother to cover up their mistake.”

“That’s horrible! So there are so many children whose parent’s think they are dead but they were just exiled into this land?” Kallier asked, anger rising in him.

“Yes, exactly. Our parents think that we are dead. We never even met them. We may also have brothers and sister who were born normal and we will also never get to meet them.” Miyuki said sadly. “The babies are kept by the government for a few days and they are brought here weekly.” Miyuki said, trying to comfort and calm Kallier down who you could see had anger in his eyes at his kind.

After a few seconds, “Want to see the nursery?” Miyuki asked.

Kallier looked at her and calmed down. He smiled and nodded.

“Come on. I’ll show you.”

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