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By @NyratOcnarFiD310748


Hey there! I saw some other people have something similar to this. But this is somewhere where you can say pretty much anything! I know its frustrating to post writing and no one react or comment to it. If you ask me to look at you writing, I will comment and/or react to it! Or maybe you just want to talk with someone about anything, and you can comment here. I will reply to everyone as soon as I can. You can honestly write anything you want. I just thought this would be a good way to reach out to me! (If you know who I am or not : ) )

Pretty much say what you want here. No judgement! : )

Thanks for clicking here and I look forward to receiving some comments!


Update: I will follow anyone who comments so I get notifications when you post new writing! (Unless you don’t want me to, of course) : )

Update 2: I’m adding another chapter because the comment section is getting full! (Which I love!!)

It’s just like a fresh start : )

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  1. Sarahisdaname

    Jun 6, 2021

    Hi Taryn, I started another writing competition if you’re interested! 😀

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    0 Replies Jun 6, 2021
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