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By @UnknownWriter227


   I sat on a low tree branch, listening as Slender explained that it was he who had summoned Jeffery and taken him from me. He’d been having Jeffery stay with him and not go back to anything from the past. He said that he did know that Jeffery had asked for a pair of enchanted mirrors but he had no idea what for. He was explaining what Jeffery has been doing and dealing with for the past 5 years. I wanted to climb the tree to the very top and just disappear. I didn’t want to dislike this new man who understood me so well and could give me the answers I so desperately needed. I had to stay, though, he was giving me some answers I didn’t even know I needed. He kept glancing at me as he told his story as if he were looking for some sort of hint that I was or wasn’t angry with him. I don’t know how to control my power all that well and it seems he saw what had happened when Rake and Ben didn’t listen to me earlier. I was upset, but I wasn’t going to hurt anyone or let that get in the way of getting my answers. Ben was staring at me and the Rake was glaring at him for it. I had my tentacles out and wrapped around the tree to support myself as the tree swayed. I had figured out how to use my tentacles without causing the horrid static that could have deafened my friends. I looked at Slender as he finished his story.

“So, you’re telling me that Jeffery has been living with you. In what is supposed to look like an abandoned mansion. Within the exact woods I live in. And he had no idea that I’m even still alive. Correct?” Slender nodded solemnly and I continued, “What about Ben? He was sent by you to keep an eye on me because Jeffery was on a killing spree and looking for me? How’d you expect to explain that one to him? Did you expect to say ‘Oh, and your partner from 5 years ago is still alive and with Ben’? How do you think that would go?” I was frustrated, Slender wanted me to understand his intentions and that it was only to keep me safe. He had no idea what was going on in my life. I’d honestly rather go to their place and live with that bunch of “pastas,” as Slender had called them. I’d rather live with serial killers than live with society. 

“Elizabeth, I’m sorry. We- We had no choice. If you’d like, I can introduce you to my pastas but you need to have either Ben or the Rake with you at all times. I will need the other on guard duty to be sure that Jeff doesn’t come back,” Slender explained. 

“If we’re going to do thissss, we’d better make it quick Ssslender,” the Rake hissed. “Besidesss, at leassst one pervert ssseems to have been tamed by thisss girl,” at the end of his statement he cackled. Pervert? I looked at Ben and when I saw his scowl, I giggled.

“Do you want to do this, child?” Slender asked before he made the final decision. I nodded and he continued, “Very well, we shall leave now, before Jeff figures out what’s going on. Elizabeth, may I?” He had a tentacle reached out for me, I retracted mine and reached out with my arms. It wrapped itself around my waist and placed me on Slender’s shoulders. We walked quickly and quietly through the woods.

“Slender, are there more octopus people?” It was a question I had since I saw that he had the tentacles like I do.

“Yes, child, there are more… octopus people.” 

“Cool, how many? Oh, please don’t call me ‘child’, I got enough of that in middle and elementary school,” it was true. I literally did not get called by my name, not even by other students.

“Sorry, chi- Elizabeth. There are three others that I know of, they are my brothers. There is Splendorman, he always is up for some fun. You’ll distinguish him by his polka dotted suit. There’s Trenderman, who loves to design clothing and accessories. You’ll distinguish him by his clothing choice, ‘casual but classy’ as he says,” he chuckled at the memory. “There is also,” he hesitated to say anything more, as though it would either scare me or scar me. 

“Offenderman,” Ben cut in to save Slender the trouble. “Just keep your distance from any ‘octopus’ person that doesn’t fit Slender’s descriptions,” he said it with a disgusted tone.

“Okay,” I wasn’t sure who Offenderman was, but no one seemed to like him. I decided I would have to figure out why on my own since obviously I wont get answers from these people. We kept walking and then we passed through an arch made of two trees crossing each other like an uneven ‘X’. After that, a huge mansion appeared and I jumped off Slender’s shoulders and ran to the huge building they called home. I waited a few yards away from the front door and in seconds the Rake was beside me. I noticed that the door already was cracked open, why? As Ben approached us, he and Rake started discussing who would walk me. That soon turned out to be an argument. I used the opportunity to sneak away and get inside. My plan was successful. I was able to get to the door and push it open. I remembered my discussion with Slender as we were walking after Offenderman was brought up: 

“Will I ever get to meet them?” I had asked oh-so-innocently. 

“You are in luck, my brothers are actually visiting this week. They arrived yesterday,” Slender had responded, not catching my hidden meaning. “Remember to stay away from the one who does not fit any description Elizabeth,” he’d warned me so clearly.

Ha, as if he expected me to listen and take that into consideration. Clearly, he should get to know me better. If someone says not to do something, my curiosity gets the best of me—especially when they won’t answer my questions. This is something that would let my curiosity beat my common sense. I stepped in the door and quietly closed it behind me. I looked around and noticed there was no one in the room. I could see that there was what seemed to be a living room and further down the hall, was the kitchen. I didn’t feel hungry and even if I was, I wouldn’t take it. I moved past the two areas and continued down the hall, to the left there was a staircase leading to another hall, to the right the hall continued on ground level. I continued down the hall and saw two tall double doors and figured I shouldn’t go in there—it was probably Slender’s office or something. I kept going and came across an archway, inside it held what looked like a library. I walked in and saw that it seemed empty. There were so many books that made me smile. It smelled like old books, I loved it. I twirled around in the one place I knew I’d be most of the time I’m here. I giggled as I spun, I felt like a child again. Like there was nothing I ever had to worry about ever. I was so filled with joy that I tripped when someone spoke. 

“You seem to be enjoying this,” the deep voice spoke as his white tentacle shot out and caught me. He helped me up and when I looked at him I knew my curiosity bursted. “I do like the quietness here, it saddens me that only my brothers and I visit. That comes with the exception of EJ and now you of course,” he slowly approached me as he spoke. “What is your name, girl?”

“It’s Elizabeth Everest, sir,” I breathed.

“Aw, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” leaning in he asked, “Tell me, do you know who I am?”

“I- I do know who you are, I just don’t know what’s so bad about you that I keep being told to stay away from you. I ask but I don’t get any answers. That’s why I snuck off to find out myself,” I had to tell the truth because I won’t get any answers if I don’t. Before he answered, he leaned in so close, I swear I could feel his breath on my neck. It made my hair rise. 

“Why don’t I show you dear?” Nope. My silver tentacles shot out of my back and I wrapped all 8 around him and released more energy so that he could not use magic to escape. I gave him an innocent look.

“Sorry, I think it’s time to go ‘show’ the others what I found. No hard feelings,” I giggled and held him above me as I walked. It was funny. As soon as I was at the hall where the kitchen is, I saw Ben pick up his phone and run outside. I laughed again, this is going to be great. I walked out of the house and saw their exasperated faces. I saw Ben floating above Slender’s head while recording on his phone. I had to watch it after this. I dropped Offenderman on the ground and retracted my tentacles. I kept my face as straight as possible and looked at Slenderman. I could tell by the shadows on his face that he is angry with someone but I don’t know who. 

“Brother,” he started sternly, “why have you threatened another of my pastas?”

“I did NOT touch her, I swear! She asked why she should stay away from me and I was going to show her. She attacked me,” Offender tried to defend himself. As he spoke, he stood up.

“Oh, keep the opinions to yourself brother. We know what you would have done if she’d been defenseless. Besides, she’s been through enough of that. To properly introduce you two, Brother this is Elizabeth Everest. She is the one Jeff is looking for.”

“This is the girl he speaks of so highly? Pathetic! I’ve heard of the things you’ve done and I expected some sort of—” I cut him off by slapping him across the face, making him stagger. Everyone flinched, even Slender. 

“Do not, I repeat, not speak of me so badly. Ever,” I was so sick of it. I stamped my foot on the ground and felt a slight shake. When I looked up, though, it clearly wasn’t a ‘slight’ shake. In fact everyone else was falling to the ground, even Slender was having difficulty keeping himself upright. Soon, he regained his balance and everyone stared at me, terrified. “What?”

“That- That was a bloody shockwave.” 

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