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By @UnknownWriter227

The New Kid

(Author’s note: Sorry my dearest readers for taking so long to update, I tried to make this chapter extra long to make up for it. First to comment can send the description of any creepy pasta OC (with the description and bio) that they want to be added to the story. Enjoy!)


I ate lunch alone silently, I knew people were staring at me. They knew what happened yesterday, they knew the Headmaster had yelled at me. I simply chose not to care. I was able to do so, that is, until the loudspeakers called me to the Headmasters office.


Practically frozen in place, I sat there with a shocked expression plastered on my face. I stood as naturally as possible and straightened myself out. Acting natural is hard. I calmly walked out the cafeteria door—or I thought it was calmly—and to the Headmaster’s office. As soon as I heard the doors close behind me, I ran for it. I ran until the office was just around the corner. As soon as I saw the door I stopped and caught my breath, wanting to not make my panic obvious. As soon as my breathing steadied I cautiously rapped on his office door.

“Come in!” A voice from inside called, it sounded like there was a conversation going on behind the closed door. I thought it was going to be just me or that I would be in trouble. These voices didn’t sound like they were ready to get someone in trouble, more like a casual conversation. Pushing the handle, I entered. I was right, there was another student that was unrecognizable to me talking to the principal. Realizing this, I tried to figure out if I’d ever seen this face in the halls. Nope. Not even with my constant observing did I recognize his face, posture, hair, or voice. He must be new.

“Ah, Miss Everest, there you are. No time waster, are you?” My headmaster asked. I shook my head to answer his question. “Even better, then. I’m sure you must be confused why you’re here, right?”

“Uhm, yessir. I am. One question, though, if I may.” He gestured for me to go on, “Please excuse my rudeness, but he’s new here, right? I’ve never seen him before.” I motioned to the boy sitting at—no, on—his desk. The headmaster looked relatively surprised by my observations.

“Yes, this here is Ben. I called you here so you could possibly give him the tour? I also wanted to see if you’d be okay with having him… puppy dog you. Like follow you around for a while, just until he grabs the ropes of the school. I think it will be beneficial. To both of you. What do you think, Miss Everest?”

Surprised, I had one more question. “Why not have Jessie give him the tour like usual, sir?” Jessie was our ‘official’ school guide. “She’s more experienced with this kind of thing.” I can tell that he didn’t expect that response from me, he almost looked hurt. Feeling sorry, I quickly added, “But either way, I’ll be glad to take the offer!” I smiled to cheer him up. As usual, he smiled back. He called Ben over and introduced me to him and him to me. 

“Miss Everest, this is Ben. Ben, this is Miss Elizabeth Everest. I’m sure you’ll get along well. Off you go, you two,” he rushed us up and out the door. We stood outside his door as we tried to comprehend what just occurred. I used this time to take in Ben’s appearance. He was about 5’7’’, Light blonde hair, a green eye that seemed to have a devilish glint to it, an eye with a black sclera and a red pupil. I thought this was weird but decided I’d ask that later on. He was wearing a green t-shirt with light blue jeans and white sneakers. I noticed he had also been taking in my appearance. I was wearing a pale blue shirt, deep blue jeans, with black and white running shoes. I have white-blonde hair that is up in a ponytail, light blue eyes, and am about 5’. I literally must look tiny compared to him. I had to look up slightly to look him in the eye. It made me feel vulnerable and weak. I did not like that, so I will make my position clear and set boundaries. 

“First of all, do you have a last name?” I asked to break the silence. 

“Yeah, but I’d rather keep that to myself” I gave him a look that said to at least give me something. Sighing, he said, “Fine, it starts with ‘D’. You’re Elizabeth? Imma call you… Chipmunk,” he finished with a smirk. 

“Fine. But I get to call you Ben the Doofus,” I responded. We had a good laugh after that and I gave him the tour of our hellish school.

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