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By @UnknownWriter227

*Flashback* First Kill

(Author’s Note: In this flashback the boy is 12 and the girl is 10. Can you guess who it is?)

Drenched in the rain, the young girl walked silently as she tried to find shelter. She knew she couldn’t just walk into some random house and declare that she’s staying the night… right? She was getting desperate, she was ready to try anything. She walked towards the most abandon-looking house she found and tried the front door—it opened. She quietly—but casually—walked in, she wasn’t going to let them know she was scared. She listened carefully and heard another set of footsteps. It sounded like they were barefoot on tile, she was currently on carpet. She walked towards the sound and peeked around the corner. There was a young boy with jet black hair, it looked almost as messy as the girl’s hair. She fixed her posture and tried to be casual.

“Hello?” She sort of asked-stated. The boy froze, “I- I um…” she couldn’t figure out how to say it. The boy grabbed something off the counter and slowly faced her. She quietly gasped as she noticed that he had had a smile carved into his cheeks, she smiled at him. She wasn’t afraid so she didn’t need to hide it, “I’ll be staying here for the night.”

“Okay. You aren’t going to make fun of me? Or tell me I look hideous and that I shouldn’t show my face,” with that he gestured to his smile. The girl was confused why anyone would say that, but she knew the world was full of terrible people.

“Nope. In fact, I like it. You’re always smiling. I know I can always smile, even when I’m sad. So, we’re super similar. Wanna be friends?”

Heck yeah! We-” he suddenly stopped talking and glared in her direction. (DISCLAIMER: GORE, VIOLENCE, AND MENTION OF RAPE!! PLEASE SKIP TO WHERE THE ITALICS END IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE ABOUT THESE SUBJECTS) The girl was taken aback but noticed he wasn’t look at her, but at something behind her. He slowly bent down and slid what he was holding to the girl. An already-bloodied knife, she looked at him and when they locked eyes, it was like their minds connected and he nodded. She knew what this meant, so she carefully grabbed it and gripped it tight. She looked at the boy again and smiled. She suddenly spun and the knife sank into flesh. She yanked it out and she saw a gun in the man’s hand. He looked at her, shocked, before he fell to the floor. There was a hand placed on her shoulder and she nearly swung until she noticed the familiar smile. She looked at the boy but he nodded towards something down the hall. She looked and noticed another man there with another gun. She stepped back because the boy had to deal with this one. She handed him the knife and as soon as it was in his hands, he was gone. The man looked just as surprised as the other man.

The man’s eyes bore into the girl’s, he recognized her and no doubt she recognized him. He grinned hungrily at her, remembering their last encounter. The girl squeaked in fear and frantically looked around for the boy. She wasn’t going to let it happen again, there was no way. She tried to look scary, as she realized she was no longer afraid, but angry. This man and his friend here that she now recognized, stole her innocence, her purity, now this one was going to pay. She was going to make him suffer, not so swift and clean as his lucky friend did, she slowly inched towards the man. She was so deep in thought about how many ways he was going to pay that she didn’t notice the object that formed in her left hand. She noticed, though, when the man’s grin fell and he cussed aloud and dropped his gun. She looked at the hand now bearing a knife and saw, in its reflection, the boy staring from above the man. He didn’t look too surprised but he certainly didn’t expect that. She looked at him to her knife to the man and back to the boy. He got the hint and slowly lowered himself to the floor. Once the girl was close enough, the boy leapt up and captured the man in a choke hold. He got the man on his knees and held him there. The girl began her revenge.


I ate lunch alone silently, I knew people were staring at me. They knew what happened yesterday, they knew the Headmaster had yelled at me. I simply chose not to care. I was able to do so, that is, until the loudspeakers called me to the Headmasters office.

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