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By @UnknownWriter227

Headmaster’s Office

I shuddered as his eyes bore into mine. I could last a while, but that would be challenging him, which is not something that would do me any good right now. I turned my gaze to the ground, admitting defeat. I heard Maya scoff behind me.

“Oh shut it. You didn’t even have the nerve to look me in the eyes.” I jumped as the Headmaster called her out so sharply. He turned back to me, “What’s going on here?”

“It’s really nothing, sir. Everything’s fine.” I say with bleak confidence, considering I don’t really care that I go through on a daily. I just see no reason to complain.

“I’ll ask again, what the hell is going on here?” He demanded with a terrifying tone of power.

“Yes sir. It was just the usual, sir. I.. I..” I wasn’t sure how to say it. I certainly couldn’t say anything here, too many people had stopped to watch when the headmaster raised his voice. “S-Sir, may we please take this someplace more… private?”

“Ah, yes, my apologies.” He seemed to just have noticed the crowd, and gestured for us to follow him, he motioned me to walk beside him and whispered, “What really happened? I know that wasn’t just ‘nothing’.”

Well, sir, it’s just that since 3rd grade Maya, the ringleader, has hated me. I could never figure out why—I never had anything she didn’t. About two years ago, the other two were dragged into her hatred. Today was just another day of nasty insults and getting shoved into a locker. Please, sir, don’t do anything I’ll regret.” I tried to keep it as quiet as possible so that no one would overhear our conversation as we walked.

“I see, well, thank you for telling me.” He cleared his throat, “You may go, Miss Everest. Maya, Dalias, Christy. Meet me in my office” With that, he was gone.

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