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By @UnknownWriter227


“H-hello? Is someone there? Show yo-yourself,” a young girl cried out, hiccuping slightly from the previous hour of crying. “I’m not afraid of you!” She stood carefully and took a few steps away from the tree she had been hiding by. The girl looked to be around the age of five years, her appearance having been dirtied. She was wearing a now browned dress that once was a beautiful baby blue, her skin had a few scrapes here and there and her skin was covered in small dirt smudges. CRACK! The child’s head snapped towards the sound. Her whole body froze, she called out again. Whatever it was seemed to have moved to the treetops as they were now rustling until they stopped abruptly, directly above the small child. THUMP. It landed behind her. She could feel its aura, it was as if it were what some call a presence. The girl turned around slowly until she met a pair of glowing red pupils staring into her soul. She took a second memorizing its details, she feared it was fake, that it was her eyes playing tricks on her, that it would disappear if she dared close her eyes. She was still curious though, she cautiously outstretched her arm to touch it, to see if it was real. The child’s hand met with a sickly texture the creature had for skin. She gasped, not in terror—but in awe. The creature noticed this and seemed to… smile. It’s mouth was full of needle-like teeth. She smiled back, she blinked and it was gone. As she walked on, she remembered it’s features. She pictured it’s slim, bony body; it’s long, thin limbs; it’s sharp fingers; it’s devilish, glowing red eyes. Most of all, it’s beautiful, needle-like smile. Once she snapped out of her trance, she noticed something—she was no longer in the woods, but a small town. She recognized it as WaterWillows.

“Finally, a new life…”


BEEP BEEP BEEP! I groggily turn off my alarm, looking at the date. Ugh. It’s Monday, back to that hellhole they call a school. I quickly get ready, not paying much attention to my looks. I quickly walk down to the kitchen and make myself a quick breakfast. I make a mental note to get more cereal and grab my bag and leave. I take my usual path through the woods, just listening to nature as it surrounds me. After fifteen minutes I reach the edge of the forest. As I enter school grounds, the bell rings. I quickly pass through the crowd and am the first to class. I always sit in the back corner so I don’t attract any more unwanted attention than I already get. Class is boring so let’s skip through it.


After class, I’m already walking to my locker. When I hear three sets of footsteps I already know what comes next. I brace myself as they approach. Thump. I collide with the metal of the locker, ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.

“Look what we have here, if it isn’t the freak,” their leader, Maya, sneered. She clicked her tongue and the other two grabbed my arms. The one to my left was Dalias, at one point I actually had a crush on him—and oh has that changed. The one on my right was Christy, she wasn’t always snobby, she changed when she started hanging with Maya. I would’ve struggled against their grip but I knew that would end up with my head in a toilet. Instead, I just glared at Maya as if to challenge her. The two holding me down were very athletic, so there was no beating them but Maya I could handle.

“Ha, she thinks she’s tough now. Wanna test it?” As she smirked I simply replied,

“What, you worried I’ll beat you? Ha. I could but you can’t fight. All you know how to do is order these two around and play pretend.” I knew I was in trouble the minute that came out. Honestly, I didn’t care.

“Oh, you little-” She cut off and Dalias and Christy both removed their hands from me. I used that time to roll my shoulders and crack my neck. That is until I realized why they suddenly backed off. I shuddered as I looked directly into the eyes of the Headmaster of Dextor High.

Well shoot.

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