Carrie and the Hidden Scroll

By @wolfcubwolfcub15

Carrie and the Hidden Scroll

By @wolfcubwolfcub15

This book is going to be about a girl named Carrie who wakes up one morning feeling very powerful; more than she ever has before. She starts to get ready to go to college, like any other day, then a voice in her subconscious mind asks her to go to Whistling Woods (beside her house) and search the 120th tree of the 24th row for a Secret Scroll, that has top secret information in.

Chapter 1

Waking Up

I sit up, rubbing my eyes. Something feels really weird, I think. I swing my legs out of bed, sliding my feet into my slippers. I go to my dressing table, and sit down to do my hair, when I notice a letter fly through the window to land on my bed. Weird, I think. None of my friends would do this. I put my hairbrush down and go to fetch the ‘Mystery Note’. It reads:


From the information we have gathered about you, when you are given something to do, you do it and don’t let yourself be distracted or disrupted from your tasks. Funnily enough, this is just the sort of person we are looking for. This mission isn’t dangerous at all, but it is to be kept TOP SECRET. Do NOT let anybody find this note, don’t tell anybody about what we have said to you. You must do as we say. Meet us in the Whistling Woods tonight at 12.45.


I fold it up, sliding it into my backpack. A course of adrenaline floods through me. I do like adventures, I smile to myself. I finish doing my hair, pick out an outfit for the day and get dressed. I gather all of my workbooks, slide them into my bag and ****** up my boots. I go downstairs and make myself some breakfast.

“Hey, Rosco! Here, boy!” I scratch my dog Rosco behind the ears, grabbing a piece of buttered toast. I sit down to tie my boots, then I walk out the door to my dorm room. College is gonna fly by today; I have an adventure to go on after!! I have to stop myself from skipping down the stairs; people can’t know something’s up.

“Carrie! Omg, I’ve missed you! How was New York?! Tell me all the deets at break; gotta go!” I see my best friend Rosa briefly. I walk to my first class; Social Development. The reason I got put into this class is because I struggle to make new friends, but most of my friends here I have known since elementary school and preschool, so I was able to get on pretty well with them.

“Franco?” Mr Maorca calls out. Maorca is our SD teacher; he’s pretty funny, but on days like this, he is very boring and blank-faced. I have to stop myself from grinning, and walk to my desk.

“Ah, Carrie; you’re here at last! Welcome back from New York,” Maorca says, looking at me with a half smile. I raise my hand and wave; I have only been at this college for a while and I’m still trying to get used to the people around here.

“Psst! Hey, Carrie, right?” I turn around. I haven’t spoken to this kid before, but I think his name is Rufus.

“Hey, Rufus, isn’t it? Sorry I haven’t spoken to you, I am really socially awkward and you’re actually the first person I have spoken to since I’ve been here. You okay?” I say, turning back around to unpack my things.

“Yeah, just nervous. This class always pushes you to your limits, even when you’re not able to be pushed. That’s incredible; I feel honored!” Rufus grins at me. He’s pretty cute, I giggle to myself. The teacher coughs, and I turn back around, blushing. Today might not be so bad after all, I think.

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