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Can’t Wrap my Mind Around It

By @tf61449


It is unbearably dark in here, and absolutely freezing! Where am I? Ugh! I can’t even pull myself together long enough to even comprehend what is going on. There’s a ringing in my ear that won’t budge, voices are echoing, it’s so loud almost making it impossible to think. 

I’m completely lost, I’ve been walking in the dark for hours and I hit a deadend every time. I’m starting to get scared though, for the past 15 minutes I keep hearing a screech behind me. It’s been getting louder and louder. Every screech sends a wave of goosebumps throughout my body. Something id coming to get me, something wants my mind. 

After walking for what felt like months I’ve finally come to a door, I reach for the knob but come to find out

…It’s locked.

The screeching is getting closer! I can almost hear it breathing. I struggle with the knob praying for it to open. It doesn’t budge and finally I lose all hope. I turn around waiting for the inevitable but nothing. The screeching stopped, the breathing stopped, everything stopped. 

I turn back around and the door is missing. I’m back to square one. I’ve lost all self motivation at this point. I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere completely unaware of my whereabouts. There’s nothing I can do. 

AFter crying and crying for hours alone and afraid. Suddenly a burst of lights shines through the ominous sky. Wiping the tears I look up, starting to gather my limbs using the little strength I have left. 

The bright light doesn’t shine for too long though. Not long after the white aurora filled the sky a red bloody sky followed. Screams didn’t fall shortly behind. Everytime I tried to scream for help it was as if I was mute. Nobody could hear me, nobody could help, I was just alone. It felt like I was in my own tormented prison, and I was the only inmate. 

My fate had been decided, or so I forced myself to decide. I’m meant to be by myself, there’s nothing I can do, I’m just going to suffer for the rest of my life. This is what I’m destined to do. 

The ground starts to shake, my head still buried in my knees. Suddenly, my body is awakened to the sound of a loud slam. As my eyes start to fixate it’s gaze upon the grand doors I can’t help but pull myself towards it. Screeches, clawing, and fighting fill the walls. I start to turn back but something is telling me to face it. Whatever, if I die I’m gonna die trying. 

I close my eyes praying for a miracle not knowing what awaits me on the other side. Charging into the room I’m knocked back, the ground makes contact with my back forcing any air in me out leaving me breathless. I’m still in complete darkness, claws scratching at me, teeth penetrating my skin. Death seems like a close friend right now, I can almost see it. 

I’m blinded by the brightest white light scaring off the treacherous creatures. It feels so warm, I guess you can say welcoming. The creatures hide, desperately searching for cover. The lights sting them, it’ll kill them as long as you think happy thoughts. I walk into the bright light and it’s my happy place. I finally made it out of the perilous maze of my mind. Anxiety takes me places no one wants to be. It takes strength and courage to journey back. 

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