Cabin In The Trees

By @KeeperKitten

Cabin In The Trees

By @KeeperKitten

I wrote a more poem-like extension to the song Cabin In The Trees from Ranger’s Apprentice.

Inspired by: Rangers Apprentice

Chapter 1


Going back to the cabin in the trees

Going back to the creek beneath the hill

There was a girl who used to live there when I left

But I doubt she’ll be waiting for me still

Never thought I’d be gone so many years 

When I left I’d always planned I’d return

But time slips away before we know

That’s just one more lesson we must learn

Going back to the barn in the field 

Going back to the house by the well

I once had a friend so long ago

Perhaps I shouldn’t dwell

I once thought I would never leave

A place that I’d called home

But now it’s gone as I returned

Oh the times I was naive

Going back to the shack on the mountain

Going back to the world of snow

An old dog stood by the door when I left

He always loved the fountain

Once I hated the solitude

The lonely quiet

With only the animals

Now that I left I rued

Going back to a forgotten place

A place where I was raised

A place I left so long ago

A home I cannot replace

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