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Bunny and witch

By @Crazyharmless

The rabbit.

Under the cold winter of night, the city of Lacastie was in a calm deep in calm deep slumber

Its people, weary from a hard day’s work, slept peacefully inside their homes, indifferent to the cats and dogs raining outside.

Suddenly, a building door bursts open, as a small figure is thrown out into the storm.

“And don’t come back!” They scream, as the door slams shut once again.

“Tch.” Standing up from the wet floor, the figure shakes off the water pouring into his pants and shirt.

“Once more, no luck.”


“Sorry kid, but you can’t live here anymore, you already owe me three months.” Says the elderly landlady, as she hands him his things; a little suitcase full of stuffed animals, and a white like stone.

“I already told you.” He responds, as he takes his belongings. “Next Monday I’ll pay it all, I swear.”

“I’m sorry son, but I can’t give you anymore credit, orders from the empire”


The old woman’s voice cracks a bit as she speaks, a few tears starting to swell up. “I… I hope you do well out there, kiddo.”

“… I understand, thank you for everything”

With these last words, the drenched figure walks back into the pouring rain.

“Stupid Empire” Sighs the elderly woman, mentally berating herself.

The hatred towards the empire was no secret to anyone, in fact, such distrust had transcended even the capital’s huge walls, to the small surrounding towns and villages.


o one trusted the empire, and for good reasons: twenty years ago, the royal family suffered a coup d’état by one of their closest relatives, wich culminated in the fall of said dynasty, and the establishment of a new government. Since then, sentences for crimes were doubled, prices went up, rules became more brutal, strict and cruel, one wrong step, one wrong thing to say, and you’re dead.

Did someone forget to say that the crime families were given full immunity to do as they please? That’s how the black market was born, the so called Monsters market.

Kemonos and Mutants had it way worse. Being the majority of population, even before the empire’s regime, now most of them worked as servants for the humans, slaves, or directly as ****** in the crimson district.

For a long time, this was life in the empire; the constant fear of getting killed or tortured etc, but then, a small ray of light descended into the convulted city of Alastia.

Over the course of the years, many groups and resistances had been formed, determined to end the tyranny of the empire and the criminal families controlling the capital, some were composed by outcasts with a death wish, others by lonely avengers, and lastly, but not any less important, the assassins. This latter group was especially feared, both by the crime families, the empire, and the people itself, for its methods for justice were cruel and ruthless, not hesitating to kill anything or anyone that standed in their way.

They were warriors who fought for the people, as well as for themselves, at any cost.

While some other groups robbed to the rich, freed slaves, or directly raided on big mansions, the assassins went for the bigger fishes, always.

They were no heroes, just pure blooded assassins.

It was also rumored that the late princess Cupkaik, believed to be dead in the coup, was still alive and leading a secret resistance wich aimed to do another coup to regain power, but more than two decades had passed since the takeover day, and naturally, faith began to wane.


In time, all of these so called Avengers began to deminish, either hunted down by the empire and the families, or either exiting the capital, in hopes of finding a better place to live.

In time, all of these so called Avengers began to deminish, either hunted down by the empire and the families, or either exiting the capital, in hopes of finding a better place to live.

Those who remained, ended up with their “Wanted” posters having a huge bloody cross marked upon. One. By. One. Until there was no one left who dared defy to the empire or their lackeys.




A lone figure sits down at the edge of a desert street, overlooking the dark passageway between two buildings.

Dressed in nothing but hooded sweater and gray slacks, he covers from the rain with a small suitcase placed over his head.

This was not the first time Raylliot had had this sort of thing happen to him, but so far, it had not been his turn to stand in the rain like this, soaked up to the bone.

He leaned his head against the pavilion wall while staring impassively at the sky, waiting for the rain to stop.

He laughed a little at his luck.

Almost his entire life had been ****, except for a tiny part, time where he was happy, but that also had been taken away a long time ago, and now he was stuck in here, at the mercy of a murderous empire and a deadly rebellion/assassin group, trying to find a decent job.

****** life.

In times like this, he kind of missed his old world, at least there he felt a bit freer.

“Naa~ what a life…” He settled down in his place, adjusting the old ragged suitcase, as he squirmed a little. “I haven’t even taken a shower in days… Hey! Maybe I should take advantage of this rain to clean up a bit!” He shouted out loud, with a smile, as he quickly removed his clothes and put them on the side.

Diving his head first into the rain, he tooked in the feeling of cleanness and cold, sadly he didn’t have any soap on him, not that he needed it anyways.

After cleaning the back and inside of his bunny ears, as well as his greyish hair, body and ****, he finally grabbed back his clothes and he walked out of the alley, totally naked.

He had pride, even if he didn’t show it, and something like this wouldn’t put him down, no señor, not in a million years.

After all he had been through, it seemed like he was still himself.

This thought made him smile once again, as he clutched the sides of the rock between his hands.



After walking for some time, Ray finally sat down at a bench on the city park, Equestria.

Equestria had the peculiarity of having vast open spaces, with forests, jungles and water rivers that stretched for several kilometers, giving the feeling of really being in nature.

Luckily for him, this particular spot was a very comfortable one; a small bench placed under a huge tree, which covered most of the waning rain.

He laid down there for some time, waiting for his clothes to dry on a rock.

… Their senses were alerted to the presence of something, prompting Ray to quickly get up.


“Hey you! Don’t you know that sleeping in protected spaces is prohibited?” A man’s voice suddenly echoed.

Two guards, one smaller than the other and both dressed in knight armors, appeared before him through the forest foliage.




Imperial guards.


His luck had runned out.


Everyone feared them,


In this place, acquiring a job as a guard was, in part, considered a great privilege, for the pay was more than enviable, but at the same time, becoming an empire dog meant leaving aside your social and even marital life, to turn your back on your people.


“What is a Kemono doing outside this late?”


“… I’m not a Kemono” Ray retorted indifferently, internally shaking in fear.


“Huh? You said something?” Said the second man, rudely poking Ray’s cheeks.


“… No sir” he said looking to the ground.


“Good… Now tell me” He said, harshly lifting Ray’s head.


“Don’t you know that sleeping in protected spaces such as this, is prohibited?” The man’s eyes had the blackest void Raylliot had ever seen, even before arriving here.


“But…” Said Ray, small tears threatening to come out.


“… But? Did you just say but?!” Lifting him up by the ears, the guard delivered a large punch to the bunnies stomach, two or three ribs cracking on impact.


“Aaagh-” Ray wanted so badly to throw up, but his common sense and survival screamed againts it.


“Hey, hey, wait a minute…” The tall man said to his companion, stopping his fist mid-way to another blow. “This species… I haven’t seen it before…”


“Oh, there you go again! With your stupid circus ********!”


“Oh come on, just look at it, it would make a nice addition to Mr. Markisses collection, aaaand…” He said, stopping mid-sentence and signaling his partner to come closer. “It would mean extra paaay~” He rubbed his fingers againt’s each other.


“… Hmm, I like the sound of that.”


“Good, now put him to sleep quickly, as we don’t want you damaging the merchandise any further.”


“Ugh, fine.”


The pure iron fist hitting Ray’s face, caused him to black out.



“And what the hell is this supposed to be? Said the man clownish man, pounds makeup almost replaicing his face.


“We have brought to you yet another addition for your market, mister markisses”


“Hmph, It better be good. I’m a busy man, you know?”


“Believe us, that I’m sure this won’t dissappoint you, sir”


“It’s high quality, we assure you”


“It better be, because if you brought to me yet another low life demi-human, the next fenomenoms to show off in my cirques, will be the two of you” Said Markisses pointing at them contemptuously.


The brown bag covering the “possesion” was lifted, showing to light the face of the potential new addition.


Mister Markisses eyes opened in genuine surprise, as he examined the unconcious bunny.


“Fascinating…” He said, scrating his chin. “What species is this?”


“We don’t know, and we hoped you could tell us, sir”


 “He looks like… a bunny…? so far there are no records of rabbit demi-humans, am i right? Dimitri”


“That’s right sir” Answered Dimitri, a huge, seven feet, muscular, bear faced man.


“Hmm… Well done, my boys, this will indeed be a fascinating addition to my collection” He suddenly snapped his fingers. “Dimitri! Make sure this gentle man get paid for their services, the usual, plus a little extra, for their outstanding find”


Dimitri nodded as he signaled both guards to follow him, a huge grin plastered in both their faces.


“Ugh, but he’s in such a bad shape” Poking his bare stomach made Ray give a howl of pain. “And his ribs are broken! Animals”


The clown man signaled one of his nearby maids to take the merchandise away for treatment, wich she did without objection.


Now alone in the large warehouse Markisses noticed something laying on the ground, next to a bloody chair; It was a small, white, silver like wistle, with red patterns on the sides.


“How magnificent…”



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