Buddha and Amor

By @Quinnie
Buddha and Amor

Amor, a volunteer to test time machine and explore history, crossed to ancient times for many times. Fate in the mediation, she met a monk. What stops them from loving each other is not only the thousands years, but also the wars, the policy and the Buddha. Ups and downs, meets and partings, you are my destiny. Is there a way for both good? Is it a must to make a choice on letting you down or letting other people down?

Chapter 1

Crossing To Kucha Kingdm

Sitting on a dune, I’m in trance. Looking far into the distance, all I can see is sands. It’s a desert. A few wild camels are swaying leisurely, before I approaching them, they have already ran away quickly.

I am tired to die. I have been walking for three hours and I think I lost my way. Without GPS or maps, I don’t know where to go. Fortunately, it is autumn in October. Although the environment is dry, the temperature is moderate. However the sunset is coming. I have no equipment for camping. If the sun goes down, even if I don’t starve to death, I’ll be frozen to death in the cold night.

I’m still a little bit dizzy, haven’t recover from the feeling of landing. Look the watch on my left hand and sigh, it seems like the third crossing is a failure, again. Anyway, compared with the previous Crossing experiments, this time I can arrive on a land.

I have joined the Crossing Project for over a year. At first, I didn’t plan to join the project, I thought it’s better to be a student in the College of History. But after a medical examination, the professors think I am the best person to perform the crossing task. Other volunteers who has tried to cross, never did it successfully. So the professors persuade me that I should cross back to ancient times and uncover the mysteries of history. So I was flicked into the time machine by these professors.

In the first test, I crossed back to Han Dynasty for less than 30 seconds and then came back quickly. Except for the nausea that caused by time machine, I can remember nothing. Also, the equipment I take, such as camera and Carbon 14 detector, were all broken. So the professors came to a conclusion that no electronic devices can be carried. So I take three months training to learn how to use ancient tools, including a shovel!

The second test improved a little bit. I crossed back to Tang Dynasty for about ten minutes. I can remember some streets and crowds but they are blurred. However, s great suction pulled me back before I can see more.

This time, finally I made it. I didn’t get hurt as I fell on the soft sands. But landing in the desert is worse as I am unable to find human, not to mention accommodations. I don’t even know if I had traveled to ancient times. All I’m sure is that I have left the laboratory.

I don’t have water, food and medicine. There are only some clothes, a Swiss army knife, a compasses and some simple archaeological tools. None of them can help in this situation. It looks like I have to give up this crossing and go back. I have to find a place to charge my time machine, otherwise the machine is unable to work without enough solar energy.

Running to a dune where there is strong sunlight, I point the time machine to the sun. Press the button and keep number in my heart: 1. 2, 3…

Counted to ten, the machine didn’t react. Fine, continue counting… 20…50…100…

No! What happened! It’s so terrible! I stared at the **** time machine, re-point it to the sun, the indicator light was still gray.

Suddenly the wind blows, and the sun is hidden by the yellow sand. **** it! Without solar energy, I’m gonna to die in this who-know-which-dynasty desert! I jumped up and blame the professors on giving me golden stuff instead of food and water. What’s the use of gold in such a situation?! After swallowing a bit of sands, I ended my scolding.

The sun sets quickly,and it becomes very cold shortly after. I’m trying to find a place to spend the dark night. Squatting down and climbing up to the closest dune to have a bird view. Suddenly in the darkness, there is a glow of light. Thanks god, I never seen a brighter light than this…

I barely remember how long I walked in the dark and terrible desert, I just know I stumbled into the camp with fire light. I see several tents, with voices and camels. Rushing into a tent, then I fell down and come into a comma.

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