Bred, Peanut Booter, And Jeely

By @Raven_Reign

Bred, Peanut Booter, And Jeely

By @Raven_Reign

A short story, for kids. It's about how PB&J sandwiches were made...I made this a few years ago. Fantasy and Adventure.

Chapter 1

Joining Together

One day, in a faraway land there were three very different items, Bred, Peenut Bootter, and Jeely. The land they lived in was split into many different counties, but these particular ones were called The Refrigerator, The Pantry, and The Bread Box. Peenut Bootter lived in The Pantry, Jeely lived in The Refrigerator, and Bred lived in the Bread Box. Peenut Bootter and Jeely were all alone, they had no friends or family to play with, but Bred, well, he was selfish and wanted to be like the other breads, but inside there was always something that bothered him, everyone else were snobs, he always tried to act like them and fit in, but he realised that that’s not how he wanted his life to be. He wanted to help…

Peenut Bootter decided that he wanted an adventure, so did Jeely as well as Bred, so off they went, three separate food items on three separate adventures in search of three better lives.

On their adventures they met each other! All of them stood there like statues looking questionably at each other. Hmmm, new friends, new lives…

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