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Girl Boss VS Ordinary Women

By @dark_flames96

Are you a Boss?


Qualities of Boss Babe:

1) She’s determined towards her goals

2) She’s compassionate

3) She’s going to fall for the wrong person, then she’ll cry a river and build a bridge afterwards she’ll move on

4) She forgives herself for making mistakes

5) She’ll never make the same mistake again

6) She’ll make herself the first priority

7) She’ll become her own king too

8) She’ll not be afraid to put up her point of view

9) She is going to be confident

10) She is going to listen to her inner self rather than the noises of people

11) She believes in her

12) She is independent

13) She is not going to grief over others success

14) She will not be afraid of choosing her own path rather than just following the people

The choice is yours to make, and do remember it’s never too late to do the right thing. Be sure of which path do you want to choose and boom you are half way there, girl! The ordinary women is the complete opposite of a boss babe. So, are you now ready to become your own boss or you just want to cry in the corner that your life is so miserable and you are no good. Let me tell you a thing that, you are responsible for everything whether it’s your happiness or your sorrows. Everything is in your hands. Choose wisely, do you want to become a victim or be a boss.

If you like my blog then please do comment and do write my mistakes as I’m a newbie here. I’ll be very grateful to you if you take out time to comment, with that also tell me topics on which I should blog that is if you want me to blog.

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