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By @aye_its_alana3

I Feel...

I feel as limp as a noodle cooked for 10 hours.

I feel as happy as a child who just got a bowl full of candy.

I feel as strong as a superhero who can lift a building.

I feel as silly as a clown telling me jokes.

I feel as sad as a baby who dropped its blanket in the mud.

I feel as angry as a bee who’s hive was disturbed. 

I feel as excited as a person who won the lottery 10 times.

I feel as frightened as a child being chased by a tiger.

I feel as light as a sack full of feathers.

I feel as grumpy as a child who hasn’t taken his nap. 

I feel as slow as a snail going across the lawn.

I feel as hungry as a lion looking for its prey.

I feel as sleepy as a child who was awake all night.  

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