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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 3: Malaysia

10 Years Later…

A now 17-year old Norman and his sister Advika lives with their aunt Shelia and her 3 children after 10 years of tornado incidents and the loss of their parents. Norman started volunteering and working at the library, Advika keeps an eye on Luther the dog.

“Um, excuse me, love.” said the 19-year old girl. “Yes, can I…” said Norman as he turned to see the girl behind him. Norman looks at the 19-year old with a flirtatious amazement look. “Hey, is there something wrong?” said the 19-year old. 

“Oh, nothing… Um, so, can I help you with something?” said Norman as he snaps himself out of it. “Yes, I’m Malaysia Ramirez. I need to look for mystery books, do you know where they are” said the 19-year old who is named Malaysia. “Um, sure. They are right over to the left corner where the mystery books are. They are next to the Goosebumps books.” said Norman. “Ah, thank you. Wait, are you the boy who lost his parents in a tornado incident that I just saw the news in the past?” said Malaysia. “Yes, I am. I’m Norman Hammerton. I lost my parents in a tornado when I was 7, it’s hard to tell about my late parents.” Said Norman, feeling down. “I see, I’m so sorry about your loss. I lost my parents in a war, both of them are soldiers. I’m living with my older siblings after my parents died. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel better, if there’s something wrong, call me.” said Malaysia, giving Norman her phone number before going to find the mystery books. “Okay, thank you.” said Norman.

“Gosh, I’ve never this girl taller than me. She barely knows about the loss of my parents, she told me that she saw it on the news after the tornado. I really hope that I will be getting to know her. She gave me her phone number, and I will let her know.” said Norman’s thoughts.

“Ooh, Norman. I see you talking to the girl over there.” said Advika as she came by from outside after playing with Luther. “Oh, Advika. She just wanted to find the mystery books.” said Norman. “What else did she say?” said Advika, teasing Norman. “She told me that she seen the news about the loss of our parents after the tornado.” said Norman. “She seen the news about it?” said Advika. “Yes, she told me.” said Norman. “Gosh.” said Advika. “Yep. And also, she gave me her phone number.” said Norman. “Ooh, she likes you.” said Advika. “Oh, quit it, Advika.” said Norman.

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