Blue Boy

By @giannu
Blue Boy

A young blue folk drifts in search of something. A fanfiction set in one of my absolute favorite video games, Hyper Light Drifter. Drift with Blue Boy as he uncovers not only ancient artifacts but also bonds that will last a lifetime.

Chapter 7


Blue boy sweetly waves to the Wolf as he takes another big bite of his baby, the Waffle Sandwich.

The Wolf roars in laughter. Swinging her legs up and off of the chair, Wolf snatches up the chilled brown drink on the counter and throws it back in one swoop. The Wolf is a striking creature, she’s tall and lean and has 3 separate drones floating around her. She walks over to the blue boy taking the seat next to him.

“Hiya,” I say, chewing.

“…Whacha got there, Blue?” the grinning wolf whispers. She has a low distorted robotic voice.

I reach into my bag and grope around for one of my many Waffle Sandwiches. I offer it to the wolf. “I call it a Waffle Sandwich! Would you like one?” I whisper back my grand secret.

“Waffle? Yeah, sure.” She pulls on a latch under her mask, the top half of the wolf mask blooms open. Its wide mouth spreading upwards and over her head.

Wolf is a plain looking human, but she has a brilliant smile. Her hair cascades into wavy, dirty layers, she’s sweaty from wearing her mask. Wolf Girl wipes the sweat from her brow and extends the same hand to shake Blue Boy’s hand. Her grip was tight and she let go very quickly. Her drones chirp quietly, two kept at her side while one scanned Blue with visible green lasers.

Both of them sat quietly enjoying their sandwiches.

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