Blood Trinity: The Awakening

By @Morganlee

Blood Trinity: The Awakening

By @Morganlee

Chapter 1

The Mark

Seuna collapsed to the floor. She covered her eyes at the dazzling blue and white waves of light and clutched the leg of her bed as the ground under her rumbled. Her free hand flew to her ear when sound itself seemed to collapse and a deafening crack and humming filled the air. Seuna scrunched her face in desperation; sifting through her memory and trying to remember the spell to muffle sound. But as quickly as the disturbance came; it was gone. The pressure from the sound was gone and she could breathe again.

“What was going on?” she wondered as she got to her feet slowly. Her room was completely pitch black except for the faint glow of the dimming candle on the opposite side of her room.

The “cosmic disturbances” were becoming worse and happening more frequently. No one would explain what the disturbances meant or why they were happening. Seuna had been trying her hardest to see something but her mind was completely dark and empty. Some Seer she was turning out to be. Seuna crossed her room and kneeled down in front of the candle. She pulled a match out of her robe and lit the candle again. Magically the room ignited with light as all the many candles around her room lit up.

“You can’t take her!” came her mother’s voice. Seuna whipped around.

“Your daughter is the only seer we have yet to…“influence” and she may be the very one who can stand in our way,” came a voice. Seuna got slowly to her feet and walked cautiously to the door. She tucked her hair behind her ear and pressed her ear to the door. She felt like a complete idiot. She couldn’t even remember a simple Hollow spell and this was going to be her 4th year at St. Aledurrum’s Academy.

“She’s only 16 what possible powers could she have…”

“You know exactly what kind of power she has or you wouldn’t desperately hide her from the moonlight,” interrupted the voice. “Bring her to us now.” There was silence.

“What are you going to do with her?” asked her mother.

“We are going to make sure she knows where her loyalty must lie. Now bring her to us!” Seuna heard something hit the ground.

“Seuna,” came her mother’s voice weakly. Seuna struggled to keep her breathing and heart steady. “Seuna come out here.”

Seuna turned the knob cautiously. She peered through the crack in the door. She saw her mother laying on the floor; three strangers in long robes stood over her. Their faces were hidden by their hoods. Something told Seuna to close the door.

“Seuna,” came her mother’s voice again; this time more urgently. Seuna let go of the knob. Just then something fell from the ceiling. She looked up slowly. A tiny piece of the ceiling had fallen. And then another. Seuna knew that she should move. If the hole got any bigger it’d reveal the night sky and the moon. Her mother had warned her to stay away from it. But Seuna stood frozen; watching the hole widen. She heard the crack before the rest of the ceiling fell and bathed her in moonlight.

“Seuna!” her mother screamed. Seuna was rigid. Her bright eyes locked on to the glowing orb above her. She wasn’t breathing and her heart was barely beating. She moved her mouth ever so slightly; mouthing inaudible words.

With a loud crack, her bedroom door flew open and tossed her backwards to the wall behind her. Seuna gasped and blinked furiously. It was her first vision in months and it was horrible. Before she even had time to get up the three strangers were standing over her.

“She’s seen,” hissed one. The other grabbed her forearm and pulled her to her feet.

“Let go of her!” exclaimed her mother. The stranger tightened his hold on her arm.

“You attend St. Aledurrum’s Academy?” he asked. Seuna nodded. “And you just had an unpleasant vision?” Seuna nodded again. He pulled Seuna closer to him. “If you want you and your mother to live; you will not repeat what you saw to anyone. You must steer clear of the moonlight.”

Seuna didn’t understand why, but she was to afraid to question it. Seuna nodded for the final time. He let her go abruptly; dropping her to the floor. The three glided out of the room.

“We will be watching you,” he added. Seuna’s mother ran to Seuna’s side. The three strangers disappeared into the night.


“Am I dreaming?” Patrick muttered to himself. He was laying in his bed sleeping soundly, but at the same time was alert. “Am I dead?” he asked.

He touched his face. The sleeping him did the same. Patrick couldn’t understand it. Were there two of him? Or was he having one of those what-do-call-its, an out of body experience? It seemed like such a stupid thing to dream about. He was simply laying in his bed asleep…or dreaming…or dead. One of the three.

The air was very hot and humid. His window was open a little bit and hot wind from the outside summer air blew in. Suddenly Patrick twitched.

He was now looking at a girl. A ballet dancer in ballet class. She wasn’t in the room or anything. It didn’t even look like she was in the same state. Snow was blowing outside the window. He couldn’t talk to her or touch her, but he could see and hear everything. It was like he was watching a movie in his head.

“I have to be dreaming,” he concluded. 

“Ryan, its time to begin,” said the instructor to the girl. She brought her foot back down to the floor and nodded. The look on her face was solemn.

Patrick’s “dream” suddenly switched. He was now looking at a bathroom full of steam. A girl dressed in a white bathrobe and a matching white towel on her hair stood at the sink. Her name was Leah. Patrick didn’t know how he knew her name.

Leah gripped the sink. She was breathing heavily. The steam from the shower filled the bathroom. She wiped the steam from the mirror revealing herself; broken and shattered and crying. Her bright translucent green eyes were filled with tears. The tiny blade lay in front of her glistening, as if calling her to pick it up.

Her hands were trembling violently as she lifted her hand and grabbed the knife. She turned her forearm over and looked at the veins pulsating in her arm. They seemed even larger and greener than usual. She could hear her chocolate lab Choco scratching at the door, but she drowned out the sound.

Tears were flowing down her face as she lifted the blade over her wrist. Closer the blade came. Leah bit her lip, tears still streaming down her face, trying to fight back the urge to scream. She balled her hand into a fist. The veins in her arm raised.

His dream switched yet again. This time to himself.

The window across the room was slightly ajar allowing the dry summer air to seep in. A horsefly buzzed noisily around the room; spiraling in circles around his head. Patrick fought the fly as he slept. Suddenly everything came flooding together.

Ryan winced at the sudden sharp pain in her side. Just then her instructor screamed.

“Ryan you’re bleeding!” cried Ms. Kelly. Ryan looked down at her stomach. She saw the blood that had stained her pink leotard and hand. The sight of blood made her breathing spastic and her legs start to quiver under her weight. 

The blade came an inch from Leah’s skin when blood started to ooze out of it.

Leah let out a terrified scream and dropped the blade. Immediately Choco started barking frantically. Leah clutched her wrist as the pain continued. It felt as if an invisible hand was using the blade to slice into her wrist. Leah collapsed on the bathroom floor. She was holding her arm trying to stop the blood.

The fly landed slightly on his hand the same instance as a horrible pain shot through his hand. Patrick cried out and sat up bolt right cradling his left hand in his right. Hot, blinding tears stung in his eyes. He gritted his teeth; trying not to cry out again. He felt his cold hand warm with his blood. His breath was short and quick. He raised his right hand shakily. It was covered with blood and dripping on his steadily on his bed.

Back and forth, back and forth the dream went. Patrick didn’t understand what was happening or if it was real.

The pain was unbearable. The other dancers and Ms. Kelly all crowded around Ryan trying to see what had happened and to keep her on her feet. Ryan pushed them away wearily with her other arm. Her vision blurred by her tears she tried desperately to push through the crowd and head for the exit.

“Ryan stay still! I’m going to go call the doctor.” Ryan moaned and shook her head. She continued to the door, slowly gaining her strength back. The other dancers didn’t know whether to follow her or let her go.

Choco continued her frantic barking. Her mother had come to the door. She was pounding on it and trying to get into the bathroom. Leah’s eyes were blinded with tears. She tried to stand. Looked around frantically for a towel, but she had no luck. Each line the invisible blade was drawing caused new pain and more blood. Leah lay writhing on the floor clutching her arm.

Patrick wiped his hand on his pant leg and jumped off his bed. His feet made a splashing sound as they hit the linoleum floor. He rushed to the bathroom and grabbed his wet towel. He washed the blood away from his hand. The pain in his hand was slowly dissipating.

They stood back and watch Ryan hobble to the dressing room. Ryan grabbed her bag quickly and hurried as fast as she could out of the studio. It was freezing outside but the crisp air felt good on her wound. Ryan sank to her knees in pain. Slowly it was subsiding.

Slowly the pain was subsiding. Leah calmed down a little; her breathing less hostile. Choco and her mom were still outside of the door screaming at her to open it. Finally Leah grabbed the towel from the side of the tub. She wiped her wrist clean and gazed in awe at her newly formed scar.

Ryan pulled her pocket knife out of her dance bag. Her hand trembled as she cut a hole in her bloody leotard. She threw down the knife and ripped the leotard to reveal the wound. The pain was gone but there was still a white hot burning sensation.

She used the fragment of leotard to clean the blood away. Her eyes widened in astonishment as she gazed down at a very defined mark. Six snakes were intertwined into the shape of a triangle with a circle in their center.

When his hand was clean it was shining white. He squinted his eyes and put his hand closer to his face; trying to make sense of what he was looking at. There on his hand was a mark and it was identical to the both girls Ryan and Leah. Patrick let out a breath, looking at the mark in amazement.


And Patrick’s dream changed yet again. The very air was different. It was thick and lush and smelled full of life. This place was unlike any other he had ever dreamed about or seen when he was awake. It was one of those dreams where you know you’re dreaming, but can’t seem to wake up. Patrick was surrounded by trees. It was night and the sky was pitch black with no moon in the sky. The ground crunched under his feet as he walked through the winding trees of the forest.

 He started to hear voices. He quickly changed directions toward the voices.

“Sir, we have found the location of the ones we’ve been searching for,” said one voice. Patrick stopped abruptly and hid behind a tree. There were three people dressed in robes; their faces completely covered. They were standing around a small purplish fire.

“Well where are they?” asked another.

“They’re in the human world.”

“You’re sure?” exclaimed the first.

“Yes sir. They have all just been marked with the symbol of the Blood Trinity.”

Patrick turned his hand over and rubbed the mark.

“We can’t wait any longer. Kalvair is fading faster and faster with each passing day.”

“I know,” said the second. “We have to get them all here at any and all costs or Kalvair may not survive.” Two of the strangers nodded to the other. “Do you know their names?”

“Yes. Leah, Ryan, and Patrick.” Patrick gasped at his own name and the two girls he had just “dreamed” about.

“I want you two to assemble three teams to go and collect them. We must work fast.” The two bowed. “Get going,” the first hissed. Like magic the two men disappeared. Slowly the dream was fading away.

Patrick awoke with a start. He turned his hand over to see if the mark was really there. There it was glowing brightly just as it did last night. Patrick couldn’t believe it. His dream had been real. He rubbed the raw scar on the back of his hand.

“The Blood Trinity?” he asked himself, before slowly getting out of bed to get ready for another unsatisfactory day of high school.

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