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Blood Powers Betrayed

By @Amaj101

The Discovery of a Lifetime

After getting milkshakes with Rivver, I head home. As I walk up to the door, Kysa bursts out yelling, “HELP! HELP! MY MOM IS HURT! SHE’S…..she’s….” My heart pounding, I push Kysa aside and race through the house to Mom’s bedroom. I push through the door. “Mom? Mom? MOM?!” I shout. She’s on the floor, and she’s not moving. She’s not breathing. I crouch down next to her. “Mom?” I whisper. I lay a hand on her chest and feel nothing. No movement. No warmth. No…No. She can’t be dead. She was perfectly fine hours ago.

 I look around the room for something that could be used to kill her. But she has no marks on her or signs of a struggle. No blood, no signs of strangulation. Man, those crime shows really paid off. The only other way she could have been killed is……poison. 

Kysa steps into the room. “She hadn’t come out for hours. Hadn’t said anything after you left. I assumed that she was asleep, but she hadn’t come out when I finished dinner, so I went to check on her, and….” her voice fades.

“Kysa, listen to me,” I choked out, “You said she didn’t say anything after I left. That was hours ago.” She takes a deep breath and asks, “Do you know how she died?”

“No blood, no signs of strangulation. There’s no pillow over her face or nearby. So it’s not suffocation. Did anyone stop by while I was gone?” She shook her head. I was stumped. Then….

“She must’ve been poisoned. But how?” I ask. She looks around and then points at an envelope. “It’s open,” she states. I look at it. “Okay, and?” I stare. She stares back, determined. I lean over to grab the envelope. It’s the envelope. I look inside, but there’s nothing. It doesn’t smell like anything either. What in the entire world?  It doesn’t look anything out of the ordinary. But what envelope can kill? There had to be some type of gas here. But there was no odor, nothing. No boils on her face or neck, like…..What the heck?

“It’s the envelope,” I confirmed. “The envelope was the poison.” 

“Then why are you touching it?” Kysa cautioned. 

“The poison was inside the envelope.” 

“What makes you so sure?” 

I ponder that thought. What if Mom died because she just touched the envelope? But then, I’d be dead if all you had to do was touch the envelope. “It has to be inside. Or else I would’ve died too, just by holding it.” There’s a little silver container, and it was open. So the poison must’ve been in the envelope in that container. I think …and think. I remember Rivver saying that his mom got a letter too. And she also didn’t come out of her room for hours. “Call Rivver,” I say. “Now.” Kysa doesn’t even ask why. She goes to call Rivver, and I go to my bedroom to start packing my things. We can’t stay here. If this person wanted my mom dead, there’s a chance they want us dead as well. We may be wasting time just by still being here. Kysa calls my name. “Rivver wants to talk to you.” I walk into the kitchen where Kysa is and grab the phone. “Go gather some clothes and pack. We’re leaving.” She turns out of the room, leaving behind a cold feeling of dread. I press the phone into my ear. “Hey.”

“What happened?”

“Did you check on your mom when you got home?” I stutter. 


“Please go check on her.” He’s silent for a few moments until a hear a strangled cry. “No …No,” he says ever so softly. “Please, hurry up and come to my house. Please.” 

“Of course. Be there in at least ten.” I hang up. “Kysa! You ready?”

“YES.” I look around for Mom’s car keys. We’ll need transportation. I’m not trying to kill us off through exhaustion. I find them next to the couch on the floor. Mom could never remember where she put the keys. We’d spend hours trying to find them. It hurts. Thinking about the things we used to do. It hurts.  Kysa comes stumbling into the room with her bag. “What were you looking for?” she inquires. 

“The car keys.”

“You don’t have your license, yet.” 

“So? Do you want to stay here? Do you want to be afraid to go to sleep every night? Or do you want to be safe?” I retorted. She doesn’t say anything back. I go grab my bag and usher us out the door. 

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